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1and1 hosting review
$4.95 Month

  • Web Space 50gb
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Email Accounts Included
  • MySQL 5 Databases (10)
  • Platform Windows/Linux

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1and1 Hosting Review and How It Can Benefit You

1and1 Hosting has a multi-million client base giving them a very strong position in the hosting world. They offer reliable hosting with the ability to take on new clients without any hiccups. The staff at 1and1 Hosting is highly trained and very professional. They even have over 1,000 developers on staff to help you with anything you may need.

One thing to keep in mind is that it takes a long time to get a lot of clients and gain a good reputation in the hosting world. The reason why is because of all the competition that is going on and so if a hosting site has a lot of customers that continues to come back again then that should show you right away that they are good and that there is a reason as to why people like that hosting company so much. You will soon find out as to why 1and1 has many repeated customers and why a lot of people decide to host with them.

We rate 1and1 Hosting as one of the top choices for shared hosting and they also offer a new product called dual hosting. It is supposed to give you more security and more speed, while being a much greener type of hosting.

Currently 1and1 Hosting is offering up to 6 months of free hosting if you sign up for a one year contract. After the free hosting, you will only have to pay between $4.99 and $9.99 per month depending on the shared hosting package you choose. Take advantage of the free months of hosting from 1and1 Hosting by clicking below.

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Be sure to check out the dedicated server options from 1and1 Hosting as well. They have some of the lowest dedicated prices out there. If you look online and at other prices you will be shocked at how some of them might be very expensive but you won’t find that with them. They try hard to make all of their prices very reasonable and that is one of the reasons as to why people decide to go with them instead of someone else. You can tell that they care about the customers that they have and watch after their needs.

What you Get with 1and1 Hosting – Our 1and1 Hosting Review

Top Choice for Dual Hosting – The Full 1and1 Hosting Review

Dual hosting is something many < ahref=”http://www.webhostingmasters.com/top-web-hosting/cheap-web-hosting/”>hosting companiesdon’t offer, but 1and1 Hosting not only offers dual hosting, they excel at it. This is a type of hosting that is twice as secure, much faster than regular hosting, and powered by green energy. With 1and1 Hosting, you get over 1,000 developers in-house to ensure your hosting is running at the optimal level.

They also give you the ability to back up all of your data with dual hosting and your account will be hosted in two separate locations within their data center. This means if the first location is interrupted for any reason your site will automatically continue to run from the second location. You won’t have to worry about losing any data and this will keep your site’s up time at the absolute maximum.

The best part about using dual hosting with 1and1 Hosting is the security. Since you are located in two separate places within their data center, you get twice as much protection. On top of the security, you never have to worry about downtime due to maintenance. 1and1 Hosting can perform the necessary tasks while you are running your site from your second location.

Free Mobile Website Software (The Best of the 1and1 Hosting Review)

Another benefit you get when you choose a package with 1and1 Hosting is the free mobile website software. It is no secret that more and more people are searching the internet from their smartphones. This means you have to find a way to make your website ready for these mobile devices. If you choose hosting with 1and1 Hosting you will get both Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition for free.

The software is included with every single hosting plan and you don’t need any programming knowledge to use it. You can have your site up and ready to be viewed on any mobile device in a matter of minutes. You get free mobile templates along with everything you need to make sure your customers can find you from anywhere in the world. You will be amazed as to how this software can help you with getting your website started and going. If you are new to hosting and having a website up then this should really put your mind at ease because of the software making things very easy for you.

Free Domain Name from the 1and1 Hosting Review

There are so many added benefits of using 1and1 Hosting and they even give you a free domain name if you choose one of the more expensive packages. The only hosting package they don’t offer a free domain name with is the $4.99 package and it is the lowest price and smallest amount of space and features, anyway.

With both the other shared hosting packages you get a free domain name for as long as you keep your hosting account with 1and1 Hosting. The free domain name can be a dot com, dot org, dot net, dot info, or dot biz extension.

Customer Reviews (1and1 Hosting Reviews)

1and1 Hosting review - 5 star rating

“I can recommend 1and1 faithfully…”

“I first registered a couple of domains years ago. I pointed 2 at Hardhathosting no problem at all. I then registered a few more.
This year in January I took the plunge & took out a VPS package for £14.50 p/m. I can do virtually anything there and host my own domains (up to 30)
Any problems and I can contact server support via phone,email, or their support contact. These server people really know their stuff.
I don’t usually do reviews, I came here looking for something else & felt I should reply.

This is my honest experience.”

1and1 Hosting review - 5 star rating

“I’ve been hosting with 1and1 for about 7 years now…”

“They’ve had some growing pains in the past when the created new data centers but overall they’re quite good. I host multiple sites with them and their features are good and getting better. They just increased the MySql DB size from 100MB to 1000MB at no extra charge. I’ve tried others in the past but ended up going back to 1and1. I host about 10 sites w/them.”

1and1 Hosting review - 5 star rating

“Support could be better…”

“If you ever Imagined have domains in one package for manage and tried to making it in each one by it self for any purpose and you can’t and asking with several email support and you can’t if you understand basic of what it a domain. also,now i try to transfer and i can’t with second one 101domain.com told me when and 1an1 say to me your domain it lock while i see my domain it unlock. way! before that a 1an1 girl i talk made a statistic air by phone and she can’t hear me and hang off me so i call again and 1and1 guy talked very loud asking me ask your other registrar to star the transfer or if was like that. finally, it a period of time to transfer so i am looking for options and i found this site.”

1and1 Hosting review - 5 star rating

“After being with them with 3 months…”

“from the start it’s ok. But after getting their WebBuiler Plus, it was nothing but a glitchy WebBuilder… and their “Basic” CGI’s? WORST CGI Interface EVER

Had to cancel the WebBuilder Plus, it took me a month to get a “pro-rated” refund in Customer Service, they didn’t even knew that I cancaled my product and they tranfered me to dozens of their agents to consult me if it’s canceled or not, but after the moment it was all fine and I could pay at such a low price instead a overpriced package/products.

I’d recommend this because of their hosting, but Customer Service can be a bit more better 1and1…”

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Check back often for new special rates and more free stuff from 1and1 Hosting.

1and1 Hosting Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

5 Responses to “1and1 Hosting Review – Dual Hosting Protection”

  1. 5
    Victor Says:

    1and1 is the hosting company we use for our business hosting at the moment. 1and1 is quite reliable but they do have their periods when the site was down for about 15 minutes. This happened only about 3 times the last year though. Site loading speed is fine and the site loads in about 3 or 4 seconds most of the time. The only issue is that uploading files via their Cpanel is a bit too sluggish. Using FTP is faster and would solve the problem if you have a lot of files you need to upload onto their server.

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  2. 4
    Maxime Says:

    1 and 1 is really good at what they do. 1 and 1 web hosting has some of the lowest rates seen for this type of shared web hosting for businesses. Really like how they do things and it works fine.

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  3. 3
    Sam Jeffrey Says:

    Good company overall but there’s some things they should make better. Their waiting time for support has gotten higher as of late. Last time I waited 15 minutes before I was answered. They need to improve the response times but the quality of the support is still there. 1and1 is great but if something breaks you need to be patient with calling them it seems.

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  4. 2
    Archie Says:

    We’ve been with 1and1 web hosting for over a year now on the unlimited plan after switching from another hosting company that gave unlimited plans but was always causing problems for their users. Even though we now run 3 sites on their account and they each get more than a hundred visitors a day we never heard anything bad from 1and1. At least they recognize that websites are meant to receive as many visitors for those who are in business. Speed and performance is also there. Uploading files and making changes in the control panel goes a lot faster than anywhere else. If you make a change it will be reflected right away in your account. Good to see that our business now has the best web host available for its websites.

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  5. 1
    Benny Says:

    I had an online business that used 1and1 hosting in 2010 so I’m not sure how much they’ve changed since then. From what I can remember the web hosting at 1and1 was good. It was shared web hosting that I used with them, the site was small enough to fit in their less expensive plan. My needs weren’t too demanding there. Only negative thing I remember is that the support, while efficient in most cases wasn’t too friendly towards the user. You would often get an agent that sounds like he would rather be doing something else than helping you. Maybe its better to use live chat when contacting them, but I don’t remember if I ever did that. Sorry if I can’t give any more detailed impressions of them but it was quite a while since I used them and now the website I had is closed.

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