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Bigcommerce review of top shopping cart
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Bigcommerce Review

Bigcommerce is not as much a hosting company as they are a shopping cart provider. They will allow you to host your shopping cart with them and they are considered one of the top choices for this. However, if you are looking to start a blog, website, or you need hosting for any reason, this is not the place for you.

Those looking to sell on eBay, Facebook, and many other places with their online stores can do so with the options they get from Bigcommerce. This is one of the biggest names in the game when it comes to shopping cart software and they do more for you than most other choices.

Currently you can try Bigcommerce with their 15-day free trial to see if you like it. After that, the packages range from $24.95 up to $299.95 based on how many products you want to list in your store and how much space you need. If you are looking to get your store in front of more buyers, then using Bigcommerce is the way to go. Click below to start your free trial today.

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Don’t forget to check out their design services if you are looking for the best design possible for your store.

Bigcommerce Review of the Free Trial

Our Editor’s Choice – Bigcommerce Review

Many times when a product gives you a free trial it may be a trap to get your credit card information and hope that you forget to cancel. This is not the case with the Bigcommerce review, since they don’t ask for any credit card information to start your free trial. They simply want to you check out what they offer for 15 days, completely free, then make a decision about whether the service is right for you or not.

Bigcommerce services over 20,000 online stores currently and is the biggest in the business. They know if you try them for 15 days, you will fall in love with how easy it is to use their services and all the different things they offer. All the features are included with each and every package and you can even import information through CSV files.

Bigcommerce Review of Store Design

With every package from Bigcommerce you get the ability to create a store design from over 90 professional templates. You can edit your entire store in Dreamweaver and you can use the drag and drop layout customization to make your store look the way you want it to look. There are many very user-friendly features you can use to make sure your store is designed properly.

If you don’t want to design your own store, you can hire the Bigcommerce design service to do it for you. This is not included within the packages, but is a nice add-on for those that don’t know how to do design work or just don’t have the eye of a professional. Many choose to have their stores designed by the Bigcommerce design staff and the results are amazing.

Bigcommerce Review of Their Security

Since Bigcommerce will host your store for you, it is important to know they are doing so in a very secure way. They have a Level 1 certified PCI complaint and they will make sure you are protected throughout the entire time you use their services. Their security also includes a SAS type II certified data center, redundant networks, hacker deterrent provisioning, and many more security protocols to make sure you and your buyers are always protected.

SEO and the Bigcommerce Review

Many store owners are concerned with search engine optimization (SEO), and they should be. With Bigcommerce you don’t have to worry about whether or not your store will be SEO ready. You get custom URLS that are SEO friendly for all your categories, products, and more. Bigcommerce is recognized as the top solution for search engine optimization for your online store.

You will have access to everything you need to make sure your store is set up perfectly for the search engines. You can edit the robot.txt file, set up all your META sections, and even create an XML sitemap for your site. This will help you to make sure the search engines find you and rank you very high for your keyword phrases.

Customer Reviews (Bigcommerce Review)

Bigcommerce review - 5 star rating

“I recommend you to take BigCommerce for sure…”

“It is a superb web host and that too for land based businesses as you can easily add shopping cart using the web hosting services. The web host has helped me to increase my business revenue and this was visible after I connected to the web host. BigCommerce is also easy to use and user friendly host that I definitely enjoy hiring the services from.

I got to know about BigCommerce from the Internet and thought of trying their services. After using the services for some months, I eventually found that the web host is truly reliable and worth hiring services from.”

Bigcommerce review - 5 star rating

“Any web hosting company amuses me so much…”

“that I love to have atleast one experience with the company so it becomes clear which one is worth the money! Being an Internet marketer, I tried using the services of BigCommerce. First, it’s a highly recommended hosting company for those who are looking for perfect e-commerce solution! Second, it has a great potential to fulfill your dreams if you want to open up your own online store. Yes, it indeed does it! BigCommerce makes it possible for you to initiate your online store. I started with this but once I was done with my process and the site was actually up, I realized how professional it looked, exactly like the big brands! I was surprised and happy. I tried to find out the reason behind such a professional approach. I soon found out the reason-BigCommerce has worked with some really big and professional names like Kraft, Virgin, Dell, TicketMaster and many more!”

Bigcommerce review - 5 star rating

“Big Commerce has helped me a great deal in my projects…”

“and aims to earn huge amounts online. With their hosting plan, I was able to take my business on top position. I am really happy with their services, facilities, staff and other things.”

Bigcommerce review - 5 star rating

“Switched from Volusion…”

“Do yourself a favor, use Big Commerce. Our organic traffic (in 90 days) passed our numbers at Volusion after 4 years.

Page load is 100 times better.

Software is good. The bad thing is that their new version upgrades are rarely ready for their customer when they release them. Think long and hard about upgrading to their newer versions sooner than 6 months after they offer them.

My business is great now, I love Big Commerce!”

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Check back often for updates and current discounts from the Bigcommerce review.

Bigcommerce Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

6 Responses to “Bigcommerce Review – The #1 Shopping Cart Solution”

  1. 6
    Alexis Calvo Says:

    A good shopping cart solution. Only thing is that Bigcommerce is a bit expensive. But if your site is profitable it should more than cover it. Plus remember that your hosting is a business expense and so it can be deducted when you file taxes for your company. Reliability is A-OK and they are even more reliable than GoDaddy which has 2 of my blogs.

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  2. 5
    Lamar Says:

    Bigcommerce is good for hosted e-commerce because they’re built for an e-commerce website. A lot of the hosts offer an e-commerce software in their Cpanel but the problem is that very often they just can’t handle the demand that a full shopping cart installation would bring on to their servers. This is why it’s much better for you to use a specialized e-commerce hosting company like Bigcommerce.

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  3. 4
    Eduardo Diaz Says:

    I did the free trial of BigCommerce for 15 days and honestly I don’t think I will be staying with them. Don’t get me wrong, their service is fine and the package that I’m on right now costs $39.95 per month. It includes 500 products, and 10 logins for administrative usage….. buuuutt there’s a huge problem. With $40 a month, I thought I would be getting some unlimited or at least some very high limits. Sadly this is not the case. You only get 300 MB of storage and you only get 3GB of bandwidth. Sounds like a lot? Umm… no. Now, let’s say that an average visitor would transfer about 3 MB of data, because he only visited a page or two on your site. You get 50 visitors per day. Do the math: 3MB x 50 x 30 and you get 4 500 MB, which is 4.5 GB which is over the limit already. If you want more storage space or products or bandwidth, then be prepared to pay. BIG time. Their highest plan, which, by the way does NOT have unlimited bandwidth or storage, has 45 GB of bandwidth at $299.95 per month. That’s right, you pay $300 for your e-commerce store. There’s nothing really spacial about their software. Yes, it’s easier to use than Magento or some of the other shopping cart interfaces out there, but for $100 a month dedicated server, and buy any of the powerful shopping cart software for a few hundred bucks and it does the same thing. Then you get about 100 times the bandwidth that they offer. Heck, even Go Daddy offers Terabytes of bandwidth with their shared hosting accounts plus the ability to install OS Commerce or Magento. This is a company that I would avoid. Not impressed by their limitations. Unless your online store will have a maximum of 10 visitors a day (how do you even expect to sell anything then?), there are better hosting companies for you that aren’t so damn limited.

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  4. 3
    Terry Says:

    Trying Big Commerce now. So far after 1 day it’s going good. Building my website is easy with them/

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  5. 2
    Scott Says:

    I’m trying them now to build an e-commerce website. The interface is much easier to build a site than what I’ve seen in all other places I’ve tried before. Site is not live yet so if there’s anything wrong I will tell you later. But for now it seems like Bigcommerce could be a good choice for me. If anyone needs e-commerce web hosting rather than the standard shared hosting this is a place to try.

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  6. 1
    Carson Says:

    Bigcommerce is a good shopping cart provider if you want something simple to begin your online store with. I’ve previously used Magento on my own hosting and there were numerous problems with getting it to work the right way. Bigcommerce was very helpful. Their plans are not cheap though, so be warned that it will cost you more than you would pay for just shared web hosting. But it will be worth it in the long run especially if the online store that you build becomes very successful.

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