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$3.95 Month

  • Price $3.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Support 24/7
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  • Domain Free
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  • Technology SSH, Perl
  • Technology PHP, SSL
  • Technology CGI, MySQL
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Bluehost Review

Since way back in 1996 Bluehost has been providing web hosting solutions to thousands of businesses and personal websites across the world.  They’re still going strong today, in fact stronger than ever. These guys are one of our top web hosts, and have been for several years.

Starter plans help small businesses and individuals get their websites up and running smoothly at a very reasonable price indeed. They are also known for providing some of the best hosting for personal and business blogs.

We know that most people who need web hosting need it for their small business, and that’s why we like what BlueHost offers and their approach to hosting.

Our rankings of the best web hosting services puts BlueHost hosting within our top hosting choices.  Through, you pretty much get all the disk space, bandwidth, and domain hosting you need. They also give you a domain at no charge. All of this for just $3.95 each month.

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However our research and analysis of the BlueHost reviews shows some customers are complaining lately of down time and having to pay more for additional bandwidth beyond 1GB.  Of course, we don’t like hearing those complaints, but it’s our duty to report them.  This company has had a difficult period in the last quarter of 2010 when a lot of these complaints started to crop up.

(*Update 2011:  We’ve been hearing from new hosting reviews that BlueHost has definitely cleaned up their act as far as their support and bandwidth.  Here’s the real insider scoop on bandwidth — every hosting company claims unlimited bandwidth, in reality that’s just not possible.  The larger your site is and the more power you need, and the more you’re going to pay in hosting fees, eventually.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.)
Prices as of Today:

$3.95 each month for two years with our BlueHost Coupon

$4.95 each month for one year

BlueHost Makes it on Our Top Blog Hosting Page

BlueHost remains in our top ten hosting choices because of their great service and the awesome blog hosting they offer.  This is a great website hosting service overall and is one where you will get good customer service, good hosting products, and very attractive prices.

In addition, BlueHost just hosted its one millionth website, which is an amazing feat for any website hosting business.  So, yes, they are one of the big boys.  We believe that they may be experiencing some growing pains right now and that they will get their act together in 2011.  (Our reviews have definitely been better in the last few months, so we do feel like they have addressed concerns brought up by reviewers at the end of 2010).

(*Update 2012: As of right now, May of 2012, BlueHost is completely out of the woods and back to offering amazing service at a very low price. They went through some growing pains and with the addition of new servers and staff members, they have climbed back to the top. We rate them as the top choice for blog hosting and give them two thumbs up overall)

Every hosting company goes through some growing pains and drops the ball from time to time, what matters is to they improve and fix the situation quickly.  We can honestly say that these guys are always working on their game and that is what we like to see.  No hosting company is perfect, no matter what you might read, but handling complaints and ugly situations with class is the right way to do business. 

Bigger Not Always Better

When compared to other website hosting companies BlueHost may be a bit more expensive than the competing companies. Many of the user opinions seem to think they are very similar to HostMonster, and we agree that their business models are similar. This is not surprising since they are owned by the same parent company.

You will want to watch this hosting website closely, as they might earn a higher spot on our list very soon. **Thanks to its high customer satisfaction level, just jumped onto on our list of top 10  web hosting websites.  We hope to hear much better things in the future about their up time and leveling with new customers about the web hosting packages.

The Small Business Site Builder Offered at BlueHost

Bluehost’s site builder seems to be a good one, not any better than any of the other web hosts in our top 10 but certainly serviceable.  If you need a site builder to put a few quick sites without buying any additional software then you can certainly do that with their application.

Sure it won’t come close to a DreamWeaver site but we realize that many people, especially small business folks, don’t really need anything too slick. They just need to put their cyber shingle up and service existing customers.  Well, this site builder is definitely good for that.  The site builder that Bluehost has is perfect for a new small business, and we know there are a lot of folks looking for something like this, if that’s what you’re looking for, this could very well be your host.

Customer Reviews about BlueHost

bluehost review 3 star rating from reviewer

Bluehost could be better…

The servers have been sort of up and down lately, which scares me.  I’ve been with the company for a few months (since Oct. 2010) and I have noticed that the customer service is great, they are very responsible and responsive…but I’m worried about performance.  I have been adding new domains lately and everything is fine, no bandwidth problems on anything like that at all.  I’m a patient person, and I hope that these outages are just a minor glitch, I believe that they probably are, this is a very old and respected  company.  But, I can’t in good conscious give them a 5 start review at this point.”

bluehost reviews - another 3 star rating from a customer

Sites Have Been Down A Bit Lately.

Ok, so my sites on Bluehost load fast, and that’s great because as we know site load time is important in rankings now, at least for Google…are there any other search engines that really matter?  LOL.  But, here’s the deal my sites have been going down for an hour or two a day for last several days.  Sure, I’ve got the shared hosting packages so I realize that it’s not going to be perfect, but I expected a little bit more than this.  When I contacted customer service they were pretty helpful and patient, however their suggestion was that if I wanted perfect uptime that I upgrade to a dedicated server.  I’d love to, but I just don’t have the money right now.  Maybe this is how it is at every web host, but I’m a bit disappointed.”

bluehost review - 3 stars, average to good hosting company

Bluehost Under attack??

Is this some sort of wiki leaks conspiracy to bring down the internet or something more?  I’m a web developer so I need good hosting for my client’s.  I’ve got a fairly large reseller account and a lot of websites up with Bluehost…but lately I’ve been experiencing more down time problems.  It seems to me that they are ungoing maintenance during regular business hours — that is a big no-no in my book.  They have been a solid business partner for me for many years, and I appreciate that, but lately they have been dropping the ball.  I’m going to stick with them for another month or two and see what happens!

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  1. 10
    Lee Says:

    Bluehost have been a great webhost company for me. The technical support has been excellent and overall performance has been very good. They have a great selection of features – I can create sub domains and try out any of the applications once installed. Set up has been a breeze. Highly recommend them.

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  2. 9
    Nicholas Says:

    Bluehost is great for me! I have not had any problems with them so far even after using their service for around one year. I can’t comment much on their technical support as I never had to deal with them, but all the other aspects of the service are extremely good and I am satisfied. Good job Bluehost on keeping my site running at all times.

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  3. 8
    Shawn Says:

    I’ve recommended a lot of clients to Bluehost and have used them for several years. But recently there have been a lot of issues with down time and pages loading slower than molasses! I’ve called and tried live chat – only to be told either (a) someone’s hacking their system (b) they’re just doing regular maintenance or (c) they just don’t know. So no real resolution and then lo and behold everything’s fine again. I’m giving them a few more months but I may be moving my sites and those of my clients very soon.

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  4. 7
    Janda Says:

    I stayed with BlueHost for just over a year and then switched. BlueHost misrepresent their bandwith space and they’re down a lot. Customer service has been really poor and tech support is just not supportive! And I find their billing methods really sneaky and it’s pretty hard to get them to reverse charges – even when they’ve screwed up. Tired of the stress of dealing with them.

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  5. 6
    Maureen Says:

    I’ve got eight websites hosted with BlueHost and they’re all running really well. Their pricing is great and what you get compared to the other providers out there – it’s good value for the money. I will admit that there have been some downtime issues of late, but tech support have always been quick to respond and really helpful. So I for one will give them a pretty positive review – I’m really quite happy with what they do for me.

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  6. 5
    Misty Says:

    I have used Bluehost for close to 2 years and I am quite surprised that some people weren’t satisfied with their hosting. I have hosted many different domains and websites with them and all seem to run fine. Yes, I will admit that there were some periods where there was some brief downtime, but remember this is something that could happen with any webhosting company and not just Bluehost. The prices were good and so were the customer and technical service. Back when I started I didn’t have much experience with web development and could barely upload my site to their server, but their crew was very helpful to me. Therefore I would recommend Bluehost.

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  7. 4
    Tannis Says:

    I’m confused with some of the bad reviews for Bluehost. I’ve been with them for the last 5 years and I’ve had great service. All of my domains, blogs, galleries and databases are running great with no problems whatsoever. Sure, there have been a few outages – but I think that’s pretty normal. The one time I did use tech support they were really responsive and helped me in minutes. I use my site for my business and I run into colleagues all the time that are having way more problems with their web hosts than I’ve had to deal with. Bluehost have been great and I’d recommend them with no hesitation.

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  8. 3
    Josie Says:

    I’ve been with BlueHost for years and have had six sites with them and I never had any trouble – everything was just great. And now for some reason I just can’t get anything done. I don’t know what’s going on with them but I can’t even seem to access my webmail – not good! After talking with their customer support the tech guys tell me they just “don’t know what the problem is”. So they told me to use another computer – whatever – it still doesn’t work. They were so reliable and I don’t want to go – but I may have no choice. I hope they smarten up.

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  9. 2
    Amelia Says:

    We’ve been with BlueHost for about 6 months. Their customer support has been really good and always responsive. We just added another domain to our account and are generally pleased. Lately their server speed has been a little slow. We’ll be patient with them and hope they resolve the issue with their servers – which I’m sure is just a little glitch. Happy to recommend them for now.

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  10. 1
    Jacquie Says:

    What’s with the bad reviews for Bluehost? I’ve been with them for the last 5 years running several sites, etc. and I haven’t had a single problem – not one. Their customer support has been great – tech people are really helpful and always respond pretty quick. I use my site for my business and other people I know use different hosts and run into problems all the time. Bluehost has been great for me – don’t listen to all the bad stuff.

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