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Coolhandle Review

Coolhandle hosting was started in 2001 by a group of IT professionals and is still growing today. They introduced a new standard of hosting back then and are still changing as the hosting environment does. Coolhandle hosting prides itself on providing the best possible service for business and personal hosting needs.

Coolhandle hosting is one of the top choices for hosting because they have been providing a high level of service for over 10 years. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting (very cheap price), reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. If you need hosting they have a package that will fit your needs just right.

Currently you can start with a dedicated server for under $60 per month. This is very powerful and will give you some of the most secure hosting you can get for a fraction of what other companies charge. If you are not ready to spend $60 a month, they also offer three shared hosting packages starting at just $3.95 per month. Click below to find out more about Coolhandle hosting.

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Make sure to check out their Dedicated Server hosting prices.

Speed and Reliability in the Coolhandle Review

Our Editor’s Coolhandle Review

When you are trying to find the right hosting company for you and you read a Coolhandle review you will find that the speed and reliability are second to none. They provide hosting on rock solid servers with a higher amount of up time and stability. Their first priority is keeping your website, blog, and hosting account live.

The servers are monitored 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. The technicians at Coolhandle hosting are proactive and help to solve problems before they disrupt your service. They also backup your data frequently and have skilled security experts on staff to guarantee you don’t get hacked and lose any of your data.

The speed is another benefit you will find in any good Coolhandle review. They provide one of the fastest networks for your hosting with connections to many of the major Internet backbones to ensure the fastest response times possible. Coolhandle hosting is constantly upgrading to provide even faster performance to their customers.

Coolhandle Review of the Pricing and Customer Care

With Coolhandle hosting, you never have to worry about whether you are getting a fair price or not. The shared hosting prices are very competitive and most hosting companies cannot offer the low rate they do on dedicated hosting. Since they are not trying to manage hundreds of different packages, they can keep their prices down by offering three shared hosting packages, three VPS hosting packages, and only one size of dedicated server.

They are committed to customer service and Coolhandle hosting’s main goal is to create long and sustainable relationships with their customers. They offer customer service assistances along with technical support all year round without a single hour being missed. No matter if it is a holiday or just a regular day you can get in touch with the person you need to help you with your issue.

CloudFlare Hosting from the Coolhandle Review

When you are looking for ultra-fast load times coupled with the reliable service of a professional hosting company, you don’t have to look any further than the Coolhandle CloudFlare hosting. They offer it with each hosting package to ensure you get the fastest load times and the highest level of security. Whether your site is hosting videos, audio, or anything else you don’t have to worry about it slowing down.

CloudFlare content delivery network service is very easy to set up and will take less than 90 seconds to get up and running. It will provide you with the stats and reports you need to see where your traffic is coming from. You also, get the protection of the threat control dashboard to help keep spammers and hackers out. Plus, with CloudFlare your site will always be online even if your server goes offline.

Customer Reviews (Coolhandle Review)

Coolhandle review - 5 star rating

“I’m happy with the choice to Coolhandle…”

“It’s an affordable web host. And their customer service is excellent. Whenever I have a question, they can respond me in very short time.”

Coolhandle review - 5 star rating

“I’m a happy customer for their powerful servers…”

“fast network, strong reliability and stability but I’m not satisfied with their customer support. They provide toll-free telephone but it’s hard to connect with at the peak time. They should provide live chat support. This is especially important to international users whose mother language is not english, like me…”

Coolhandle review - 5 star rating

“What more can i say about coolhandle except…”

“they are great, I’ve had them for over 5 months, and every month has been a breeze. I never once worried about placing my website in their care, keep up the good work coolhandle, EXCELLENT!!!!

I recommend this web host!”

Coolhandle review - 5 star rating

“It’s a very excellent webhoster…”

“During the time I have used CoolHandle Web Hosting’s service I have found them to be reliable, efficient, affordable and they have provided excellent support and customer service. I have been very happy with this Web Hosting Company and would highly recommend them to anyone requiring a fast, efficient and reliable business partner. I paid it only for $1/year,and they hava a good customer support when i have some questions.”

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Check back to see what new offers and upgrades are added to the Coolhandle review.

Coolhandle Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

6 Responses to “Coolhandle Review – Reliable and Fast Hosting Service”

  1. 6
    Panda Says:

    We use CoolHandle for our business called Panda Distributors. The main site and an info blog are hosted on the same account. Even if there are periods where the websites receive a lot of traffic CoolHandle has never complained about this. They also keep their servers running consistently, there’s never any slow down or down time whatsoever.

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  2. 5
    Edward Says:

    If I could compare them to all the other hosts I’ve been using so far, Coolhandle would really win first place as the best web host. Fair pricing for their services and above all excellent support make them a company worth dealing with. If you’re doing commerce online they’re the best web host you can find.

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  3. 4
    Tim Says:

    Coolhandle has excellent quality of web hosting. At a low price of $3.95 per month, you get everything included for free like unlimited data transfer and storage. They don’t put too many restrictions on their hosting like the other web hosts do. They also provide you with the Cloudflare service which gives you better protection for your website. Nothing went wrong in a year of hosting at Coolhandle for me and my business. For the low price of $3.95 a month this is really a good bargain.

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  4. 3
    Thomas Wadsworth Says:

    Coolhandle Web Hosting company are thief’s and liars. They illegally charged my credit card and will not refund my money. They say they have a money back guarantee and I filled the paper work out and still no refund. I called them over ten times, sent them more than fifteen emails and no reply from them. So Coolhandle is not the great company you think it is. I am disable and now without that refund I had to deside should I eat or take my meds for my heart. I’m now going with out my heart meds. So look some where else for web hosting and not at Coolhandle for it.

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  5. 2
    Peter Says:

    Not the cheapest web host that you can find if you need a more advanced hosting but very reliable. In fact Coolhandle is much more reliable than other companies I am now using like Bluehost and Godaddy.

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  6. 1
    Lariat Says:

    For anybody looking to get an affordable web hosting service Coolhandle is really really “cool”. For less than $4 per month for shared web hosting you get unlimited everything. Support is and has always been fantastic with them. They never dropped the ball on me or made me run around in circle unlike some of their competitors that don’t know how to provide quality support.

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