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Dot5 Review

Dot5 hosting was founded in 2002 and has built the majority of their success on very well packages hosting choices. They have two data centers in the Boston area and occupy over 2,400 square feet of space. This space is filled with over 800 servers and a half a Petabyte of storage. Dot5 hosing is capable of providing hosting for the small business, the individual, or even the larger business.

Dot5 hosting has won many awards over the years for excellence in customer service, support, and overall hosting. They are considered one of the most helpful hosting companies for the beginner and they will be there every step of the way.

Currently hosting with Dot5 hosting is $5.95, which is a steal for everything they offer within their package. If you are looking for hosting and you are on a budget, then choosing cheap hosting from Dot5 hosting is a great way to go. Click below to find out more about their hosting and what you will get with your package.

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Make sure to look at all the freebies they give you with your hosting package.

Friendly Support From the Dot5 Review

One Editor’s Dot5 Review

Hosting is a vital part of any online business or online portion of a business. It is necessary to get all the tools required for your project. With Dot5 hosting you not only get the tools you need for a highly affordable price, but you are backed by one of the most friendly customer service staffs in the hosting world.

Dot5 hosting is well-known and has received many awards for their excellence in customer service. No longer do you need to feel stupid or get talked down to when you call up support. They treat every customer with respect and their service is unlike any other out there. It is hard to believe how friendly they are, but it is the truth.

Even if you don’t need their support very often it will be a pleasant experience compared to the ones you may have already experienced with other hosting companies. Customer support is very important to Dot5 hosting and they only provide the best.

The 5 Star Script Library – A Dot5 Review Classic

When you decide you want to put up a blog or you want to have a content management system in place, you turn to your hosting company. Most hosting companies provide some type of script library to give you choices when it comes to your content management system and blogging platform. Dot5 hosting offers a 5-star script library that has won many awards.

From WordPress and Joomla to phpBB and Gallery2, you get every tool you could every want or need for any project. Whether you are a photographer trying to gain an online presence or an individual looking to start a blog, you will find all the tasks you need to perform easy and if you are unsure of what you are doing, the friendly support staff can help.

The Dot5 Review of Freebies

With every single Dot5 hosting package there are a few freebies they throw in just to help you get the ball rolling in the right direction. You will get the Google Webmaster Tools to help you get the most out of your website along with a $50 advertising credit with Google. That could translate into a nice amount of free traffic to your blog or website.

On top of everything they give you from Google you get a $25 Yahoo ad credit and a free 60-day membership to RatePoint. Combining this with all the other things included within the hosting packages from Dot5 hosting you will have everything you need to get your website or blog off the ground and headed towards success.

Dot5 Review of Their Guarantees

Most hosting companies offer similar guarantees on their service and products. Dot5 hosting is no different with the 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee. This just helps to give you the added satisfaction to know you are able to test out the support, hosting, and everything they offer for a full month before you have to decide to stick with them for the term of your contract.

Customer Reviews (Dot5 Review)

Dot5 review - 5 star rating

“Good for what it is…”

“Its an ok hosting. I had many times of off-line time. Few times took few emails to acknowledge why the hosting is down for hours. You have to pay for extra Customer Support and other add-ons features.”

Dot5 review - 5 star rating

“Good Hosting Service for Small Businesses…”

“Dot5hosting is good small and medium type of businesses. Server uptime is nothing bad. Customer Service is Great! Teachnical support is also Good. Best price with their service. Friendly service and American support customer service. Totally GOOD!”

Dot5 review - 5 star rating

“They aren’t that bad…”

“I had dot5 for two years. They aren’t as bad as everyone else is making them out to be. Then again I know what I’m doing. And as far as changing the password thing, that’s no big deal. Really, I bet you are one of those people that has the same password for everything you do. That’s weak. There are better companies, but this one isn’t the worst. ”

Dot5 review - 5 star rating

“I have been with Dot5Hosting for a few months…”

“and have experienced fast customer support, brilliant features and more than enough disk space and bandwidth. I reccomend Dot5Hosting to anyone who is looking to make a website for a low cost.”

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Dot5 Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

4 Responses to “Dot5 Review – Friendly Support and Service”

  1. 4
    Lionel Washington Says:

    I know that no host is perfect and if you look through the top ten web hosts you will see users that have had a few problems with each but it you ask my personal opinion I can honestly tell you that Dot5 is as close to being the best web host as you can get. Rich features and unlimited web hosting. A lot of helpful resources especially if you’re building your own ecommerce hosting site on their servers. Since everything works fine I give this host a perfect score.

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  2. 3
    Achille Says:

    Dot5 is a nice host. Helpful when you need them.

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  3. 2
    Davey Says:

    I was looking for a web host that’s easy to work with. Dot5 was a good match for what I was looking for in a web hosting service. They have only one plan and they’re easy to get started with. When I signed up I didn’t have too much knowledge of websites so that simplicity helped me a lot. I want to thank their staff for the excellent support given. The $100 Adwords coupon given was also very beneficial for me.

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  4. 1
    Jack Harris Says:

    A big thank you for the help that Dot5 gave me with my website. There wasn’t anything wrong with their server it seems but I was having trouble putting together an image gallery for my website. When calling them they answered in less than 5 mintues and were extremely helpful in making my site go up. I’ve used maybe 5 different web hosting companies and none were as friendly and helpful as Dot5 web hosting was when I needed them. Really happy to be dealing with such a high quality web host like them.

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