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Dotblock review of vps hosting
$1.00 Month

  • Bandwidth Redundant
  • Type Cloud Hosting
  • IP Address Dedicated
  • Storage 40GB
  • Platforms 40+ Choices

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Dotblock Review

If you are looking for VPS hosting that is considered one of the top choices in the industry, then you need to look into Dotblock hosting. This is one of the best choices for VPS hosting, which is a nice step up from the normal shared hosting. You will find that Dotblock is affordable, packed with features, and has some of the top processing speeds out there.

Many of the features you get with Dotblock hosting are much better than some of the other VPS hosting choices in the industry. You get the maximum amount of storage space with a large amount of bandwidth compared to the Dotblock hosting competitors. They specialize in providing affordable hosting that is also high quality.

The best part is you can test one block of VPS to see if it fits your needs by using the promo code “30DAY” during the check out process. This will give you an extended VPS trial for only $1. It won’t have any of the add-ons, but it will give you the opportunity to give their hosting a try. Click below to claim your trial offer with the promo code.

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Don’t forget to look at all the powerful add-ons they offer with each VPS hosting package.

What you Get From the Dotblock Review

The Regular Dotblock Review Package and the Trial Package

With VPS hosting you, get more security and speed compared to shared hosting and this means a more powerful website. If you start with just the trial, you will be able to test out the hosting with 2 GB of RAM, 40 GB of RAID storage, and 500 GB of Bandwidth. This is plenty to test out the hosting and see if it will do the job for you.

Those that skip the trial or they just want to step up to the best choice out there will get guaranteed CPU share, instant upgrade and downgrade capability, Xen Virtualization Technology, DDoS Protection, a Dedicated IP Address, the necessary speed for high performance, and so much more. Their packages are packed with great features for a successful website.

You can start out with the trail and get everything necessary to try out the hosting. Then, if you decide it will do the job for you, it is easy to upgrade to the package that fits you best. You can easily get everything you need for a very reasonable price. This will help you step up your hosting to the next level.

The Dotblock Review of Their Reliability

Many wonder if Dotblock is reliable with the service they provide and the good news is they are one of the most reliable VPS hosting companies out there. Many customers have provided a very positive Dotblock review about the reliability. This is good news as they provide such a featured packed hosting service that reliability could be an issue, but it certainly is not with Dotblock hosting.

The customer service from Dotblock hosting is also top notch. They have won a few awards for the way they take care of customers and with a dedicated United States based staff for the daytime hours and overseas representatives for off-hour calls, you will always be able to get ahold of someone to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

Cloud or Not? From the Dotblock Review

Cloud hosting is a new form of VPS hosting that Dotblock offers and you are able to choose whether you want to use cloud hosting or not. The good news is the cloud hosting from Dotblock hosting is scalable and you can pick the package that fits your budget and needs just right. Unlike with many other VPS hosting companies you are not locked into just one package size.

You have many things to think about with your hosting and if you know VPS hosting is the way to go, then getting a scalable cloud hosting package from the Dotblock review might just be the best choice for your needs. These packages come in many sizes and will give you everything you need to get the job done just right.

Customer Reviews (Dotblock Review)

Dotblock review - 5 star rating

“DotBlock Vps Hosting is awesome…”

“I like their support services fast and quick reply. their Vps service is great Fast server and dedicated speed. They install ssl for me in free. thanks Dot block Service.”

Dotblock review - 5 star rating

“Service is very poor…”

“My site has been down three times since using their service. Tech support is slow. Their servers are down at the current time, Dotblock.com is now inaccessible, who know why you can’t reach them. That is the second time in 30 days this type of event has occurred. Phone service is sporadic. Would not recommend this company, far better choices available.”

Dotblock review - 5 star rating

“The customer service is Amazing…”

“I was totally clueless as to what a Vps was and the differences between Vps and Dedicated. The rep assisted me with information, setup and walked me through everything. The customer service here is amazing and I Will be putting a banner on my website.”

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Check back often for new discounts form this Dotblock review.

Dotblock Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

5 Responses to “Dotblock Review – VPS Hosting for the Professional”

  1. 5
    Francis Landry Says:

    Finally a vps web hosting service fit for professional users who want nothing short of the best web host to run their server on! Dotblock is a million times better if compared to the cheap vps hosting provider I was with before. I may be paying a few dollars more but at least there’s no random hiccups with the server anymore. Controlling the vps is extremely easy with their interface and I’ve never had one single incident where something didn’t work as planned.

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  2. 4
    Quan Says:

    Dotblock’s web hosting services are based on a better business model as you only pay for the services that you need. Many VPS web hosting solutions are a bit inflexible compared to them. For the 2 times that I was in touch with the Dotblock support services all of my questions have been answered very fast and completely. I got the information I needed in a professional and efficient way. Very satisfied and happy to see that I found what I needed in my hosting search 🙂

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  3. 3
    Eric James Says:

    So far, so good. By the way, the company isn’t called Dotblock anymore, but they’re now known as Eleven2 hosting. I have the cloud hosting package and I got a coupon for 30% off, you can find the web hosting coupon at the bottom of the page by clicking the ‘dont click here’ link if I remember correctly it leads you to a apage that gives you a discount code. Very happy to see that you can pay monthly for the service. I pay about $12 per month for my cloud server at this time. They haven’t raised their prices in a while and I’m happy for that. Another great thing about this company is the advanced help material you can find. That way, there’s nothign that you will find confusing even if it’s the first time that you use a cloud web hosting server for yourself. I highly recommend them for their low prices and excellent cloud hosting service.

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  4. 2
    Gaetano Says:

    I really wouldn’t recommend Dotblock. For some reason I now get the irony in their name, since they seem to block everything from advancing in my business. First, they suspended my site for no reason while they were conducting “verifications”… but they couldn’t tell me anything about these supposed “verifications”. Then, the service went down twice today. I tried to call them and the first time the call dropped after 15 minutes of hold time. The second time, I got an agent that didn’t seem to be quite there (wasted? or just distracted?) and who didn’t even want to get the ttrouble of looking up my account simply saying that “it happens sometimes” that the service goes down and that I should call again in 3 hours if it’s not fixed. Took about 4 hours to finally get the site back online. Would not recommend.

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  5. 1
    Bantar Says:

    Used Dotblock for over a year. Cheapest cloud hosting I could find. Monthly billing cycle and prices starting at $12 a month. But you need to know that Cpanel license and additional IP is not included so if you need these there’s an extra fee. Still excellent pricing.

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