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EasyCGI Review

You will find that EasyCGI hosting is nearly always ranked in the top ten when it comes to performance and reliability. They have demonstrated their ability to give customers the type of hosting service they need for a website or blog. The custom shared web hosting platform from EasyCGI hosting allows more flexibility than most.

They are able to offer more features and the best possible technology for shared hosting due to their state of the art control panel and platform. You control everything from anywhere you can access the internet.

EasyCGI hosting offers three different packages starting at $7.96 per month and going up to $21.56 per month. These are suitable for any personal website need all the way up to business hosting needs. Click below to find out more about the EasyCGI hosting packages and what is offered at each different level.

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Our EasyCGI Review of the Hosting and Support

Top Editor’s Choice EasyCGI Review

When you decide to host your website with EasyCGI hosting you are doing more than just putting it somewhere for others to access. You are choosing the newest and best technology along with the most experienced staff to help you through the process. Whenever you need help the EasyCGI hosting staff is there ready to assist you.

They only hire the most knowledgeable staff members and train them properly, so that every customer gets the resolutions they need fast and easy. No more waiting on hold or waiting for that email to come through. When you need the support staff just pick up the phone and you will have a live person on the other line before you know it.

All your problems are solved with the EasyCGI hosting support staff. You don’t have to worry about downtime or technical issues with the experience and knowledge the staff has at EasyCGI hosting. This means you can concentrate on what really matters and work on growing your business online.

The Hosting Package from the EasyCGI Review

There are three levels of hosting we must discuss within the EasyCGI review. First, the smallest package with 3,500 GB of monthly transfer, 350 GB of storage, and unlimited domain hosting. This is enough to get you started online, but if you plan to build a large site or you want to build more than one site you will need a better package.

The second package gives you 5,000 GB of monthly transfer along with 500 GB of storage. If you are up and coming with a few website, this may be the perfect package for you, but if you need more space, there is one more package to look at. The final package offers you 7,500 GB of transfer per month and 750 GB of storage. Those needing plenty of storage or those with a higher traffic site will need this package.

What Else do you Get with the EasyCGI Review?

Every single package is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and includes 24/7 support from one of the best support staffs around. You also get access to many scripts including WordPress and phpBB forum. They will also include a $75 ad credit with Google, $25 ad credit with Yahoo, and the Google webmaster tools to help you get your site out there.

This means for your few dollars every month you get every tool you will need to put up a website, blog, forum, or anything else you need to do. The best part is you have the support staff and the reliable servers to make sure you get the most uptime for your money and if you do have an issue it will be solved very quickly.

Customer Reviews (EasyCGI Review)

easyCGI review - 5 star rating

Easy CGI has been one of the best web hosting companies I have ever used…”

“Pricing is good for a budget host, and there doesn’t appear to be any hidden things they will make u to buy.

I have hardly experienced any problems with them at all – no crashes, no downtime, and they are always helpful if I ever have a question about any scripting issues, or any of the coding I have used on my site. Easy CGI customer support is awesome – whenever I call, someone always answers the phone almost immediately. The people are very friendly, and helpful, and will do whatever they can to help you with your problem.

There’re no separate billing systems – the billing functions are straight forward, easy-to-update, and simple enough. One can add/remove services, upgrade plans/features, view invoices, etc. all from the control panel. From what I observed, everything seems pretty conventional with the Easy CGI.”

easyCGI review - 5 star rating

“EasyCGI has incredible connectivity and speed of data maintenance…”

“It’s not so simple to get across such level of professional integrity as EasyCGI features.

Also EasyCGI support is extremely good. They help me figure out problems with my coding, and they know what they are talking about thus they have the most friendly customer support team I have ever dealt with. The prices seem very good considering all the programs they do offer. A nice thing is that EasyCGI supports lots of databases (MySQL, MsSQL, ODBC).

They had no noticeable downtime, or dips in speed. In my experience, this past 2 years the network has performed very well. I highly recommend them as a hosting company.”

easyCGI review - 5 star rating

“EasyCGI has a very good customer service…”

“I asked questions by e-mail on the weekend and got several replies. They also have a toll free number 7 days a week (that is new). But only from 9 till 5. The help files on their web site are useless but if you know what you are doing this should not be a problem. As I wrote, their customer service is the best – once I had a problem with MS SQL Server database. But they worked it out very quickly.

The only downside to EasyCGI is their lack of unique features (e-commerce, promotional, etc.)

In conclusion, I should say that EasyCGI have good database support, excellent customer service and fair prices. That’s why we r planning to host our site with them in the future.”

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easyCGI Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

4 Responses to “EasyCGI Review – Personal or Business Hosting”

  1. 4
    Jay Davidson Says:

    This is a host I used in the past. I let my services expire not because of a problem with them but just because I didn’t need to have a hosting anymore. My impressions of EasyCGI are very positive. Never any down time and they have very good spam filtering for your email too.

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  2. 3
    Igor Says:

    If you need some more powerful web hosting EasyCGI is the best web host you can find, ever. This isn’t a company for people who always look out for the cheapest web host or who try to cut a few cents every month. They put reliability and good service over cheapness. People here need to understand that if you want support that is attentive to your needs and if you want a place that uses servers that are well maintained, then paying a bit more often becomes a necessity.

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  3. 2
    Giovanni Says:

    I use the EasyCGI service for blog hosting. There’s two blogs installed with WordPress hosting right now in my EasyCGI account. Their name suits them well as everyting was easy to do with their services. I didn’t run into any kind of difficulty at all. After WordPress was installed I was able to work on my site right away. The set up process was easy and my hosting account was ready within a few minutes after completing the registration. Perfect web hosting for my blogs.

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  4. 1
    Marc Says:

    EasyCGI has advanced Windows based hosting at its finest. If you’re in search of Windows web hosting they’re a good option. Their plans are not unlimited but they give you plenty of space and bandwidth. You can contact their customer service after if you need additional bandwidth or something that’s not included with the standard plan. I’ve always been very satisfied with the service this company gives me for 2 years. They dont advertise all over the web and have a flashy website but their good web hosting makes it always worth it to stay with them.

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