Price $3.67
Disk Space Unlimited
Domain Free
Editor’s Rating
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Ease of Use Not Rated
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Reliability Not Rated
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FatCow review of hosting
$3.67 Month

  • Price $3.67
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Script Fantastico
  • security Top notch
  • firewalls Double
  • Control cPanel

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Editor’s Rating

FatCow Hosting Review

FatCow website hosting company won the Top Web Hosting Award from in 2013. As we always do, here is the least inexpensive and best FatCow promotional pricing available. As well as a deep analysis of FatCow and how they stack up against the other top web hosts.

As of right now…they are our #1 web host! Best over all value…hand’s down (although we like Hostmonster a lot as well).

Fat Cow web hosting is what most website hosting users are really looking for, small business (or personal) web hosting that really delivers on value and customer service. These guys rock the socks.

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The FatCow Oath

These guys put their money where there mouths are and will give you 1 month of FREE hosting if you call up their support team and somebody gives you attitude or geeks out on you. You don’t have to deal with temperamental nerds at this company…sweet! If you’ve never had to deal with a hosting company before, trust me, this can happen to you and steam your grill faster than a big tank of propane. Jerks.

We want non-techy, don’t have to think about hosting and that’s what this company provides to it’s customers, set it and forget it, with no attitude, so you can focus on building your site and not scripts and tech junk.

Today’s Exclusive FatCow Price

With our review of FatCow we are able to offer you the exclusive price of $3.67 each month for one year with the FatCow Coupon. Visit FatCow for their latest deals and Coupons

Our Complete Analysis Everything FatCow Offers

When it comes to any FatCow hosting review you have to make sure you are getting the information you need. We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, including the newest FatCow reviews from real customers found below.

Approximately 2,000 new clients register for FatCow website hosting on a weekly basis. Since FatCow hosting is expanding so quickly, they must be providing excellent web hosting services (and they are). Within our analysis of FatCow, we discovered that you will get as much disk space and bandwidth as you need, in addition to a domain name at no extra charge, for just $3.67 each month!

Unlimited Domain Hosting from FatCow

Affiliate marketing, blogging, and Adsense sites need to be produced in a decent quantity in order to make a full time income, right? And paying web hosting costs cuts into our bottom line, so it’s very nice to know that with FatCow you will get unlimited domain hosting at no extra cost. If you want to build 100 niche Adsense sites and host them all on FatCow…go for it.

If you want to create niche affiliate sites with Amazon products, and Clickbank products, FatCow has you covered. You can grow your online business over time and keep your web hosting costs the same as your revenues grow. Definitely nice to know that you have a least one fixed cost for your business. Of course if you need to upgrade you can always do that as well, for a reasonable price.

Don’t let anyone fool you either, once your business grows to a certain size online you’ll need to upgrade to a larger package. Of course, if you don’t need a big site or a lot of sites you may never hit that ceiling. Whatever the case this company will take care of you.

Claiming your Free FatCow Domain Name

If you’re just starting your online business, it pays to keep an eye on every penny. FatCow gets you started off right by giving you your first domain name absolutely FREE. Hey, that’s really cool. As you know, with one profitable site you can pull down some serious dough, provided you put the hours in. It’s really nice little gift when you think about it.

This really appeals to the folks just wanting to put up a site for their small business. However, as those who know online marketing, having multiple feeder sites is smart, you may want to think about branching out eventually, there’s a lot of web traffic out there.

Our Exclusive FatCow Hosting Review Bonus

At the time of this writing this FatCow review, they are also offering new clients a $75 marketing bonus. If you need to market your business with Pay Per Click (PPC), this is a great enticement. Sure, you can blow through seventy five bucks pretty quickly, but it’s nice testing money, giving you time to refine your advertising campaign for FREE.

FatCow will give you a special method of website hosting advertisement in addition to superior service. When you buy their web hosting service, will give you a variety of free bonuses. All web hosting members get a $50 Google Adwords credit, a $25 Yahoo PPC credit, free software downloads, such as WordPress, and free shopping cart applications. We have given our opinions about a lot of web hosting services over the years, and have not found many as great as FatCow.

Customer Reviews of FatCow Hosting

fatcow review - 5 star rating

Great service with a low price – completely satisfied customer.

When looking for small business web hosting we’re all pretty much looking for the same things — low pricing and great service. I’ve been with FatCow for three years and they give me both. I”m not a technical person and I’ve never used web hosting before I got involved with my small business. So, I needed a lot of help, the company’s tutorials and knowledge base are well written and easy to understand, but when I hit a roadblock and really need some special help I have no problem calling them and getting my issues resolved instantly. They are that good. Yes, with their oath you better believe that those guys are friendly and well mannered, no snobbery over there. I’m not give the run around and transferred from person to person over and over again like we sometimes get with other companies. I don’t usually give recommendations but I highly recommend this company for overall value and service…no brainer.”

another 5 star review - fatcow

Super hosting and super support, all I could ask for.

Ok, sure, I admit it I started with FatCow because I had a coupon code and they were really cheap…I’m guilty. But, thank the lord above that I chose to work with these guys because web hosting for the newbie ain’t as easy as it looks. The guys over there walked me right through the easy stuff and the hard stuff (ok, a lot of it was hard for me) and everytime I contacted them they were awesome. It seems like I got to know these guys on a first name basis. Hahaa. True story. If you get stuck they will jump in and help you while you simply watch them, sort of like remote help, and you don’t need any special software or anything like that. I am a raving fan, and I go out of my way to tell people about FatCow, I mean so many people are looking for quality web hosting…so I have a lot of opportunities to tell people. And I do. Great job guys, buy you a steak dinner when I’m in town.”

fatcaw reviews - 4 stars for this review

Friendly service with a smile!

I haven’t had too many issues and the pricing is very good from what I’ve seen from other companies. Whenever I have had an issue and called (like twice), I feel like I’m getting the gold star treatment. I never feel like an idiot which is a change from my old host. I’ve give them five stars but…nothing major has ever happened yet. Maybe I’ll upgrade my review though.

fatcow review - 5 star review, top of the class

Won’t switch…

People everywhere, I have been at Fatcow for about a year, and I have had not one problem, ever. I love the pre-built templates that this company has, as I am NOT a designer…hahah. There is no limit to the size of my sites, even with the shared hosting plan, and uploading files is super easy. The pricing is overall right in the middle, not cheap and not expensive…but most importantly you get what you pay for. I don’t think I will ever switch companies. I recommend Fatcow to everybody that I know, sincerely.”

reviews stars - fatcow

Love Fatcow…

Me = very satisfied client of Fatcow, been with them for about two years and every thing is smooth as silk. Everything at this company is truly unlimited, you get a ton of value for your money, hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I do recommend them to the folks that read this and to people that I meet in my industry, unless I don’t like them, then I recommend the other guy. Their live chat is the bomb, if you have any questions, you can get immediate answers in so many different ways, it’s incredible. If you need professional hosting at a price that is super reasonable for all that you get this is your company. Unlimited really means something here.”


Rock solid…

Hi folks, year number two with this company and we do not plan on trying another hosting company, that are rock solid in every way that I can think of, I’m not some techo nerd, but I don’t have to worry about my web hosting and that’s all the matters to me, I know that this is technical world nowadays and that things break down, well not with this company. Using their cpanel is super easy even for an old fuddy duddy regular guy like myself…which is awesome. Give Fatcow my highest recommendation.”


Or, check out the rest of our Top 10 Web Hosting Picks For 2013 and compare other companies to this FatCow review.

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  1. 349
    Francisco Benitez Says:

    We now use fatcow for a small business website. very satisfied with the offering right now. the site and the web based email are working very well right now. we don’t really use their other features at the moment. however for the basics fatcow remains our number one choice. simply fatcow is one of the best or even the best web host you can use if you just need something simple that will be reliable at all times like it was in our case. congrats to them for the good services.

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  2. 348
    Jason Keys Says:

    As a former Fatcow client I will leave a comment saying I was satisfied with their service when I used them. Had to move to a VPS web server after I was having too many websites and using shared hosting would end up costing me much more money as I would need multiple accounts to make it all work. But during my 3 year stay with Fatcow the experience was very positive for me. I never needed any help from them because the service worked all the time.

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  3. 347
    Shane Says:

    Don’t have too much to say about FatCow’s web hosting services as I mainly use it for e-mail hosting right now. Main thing I needed was my own domain name and a simple page that has a form mail script. I built the page myself using Dreamweaver and then inserted the necessary code to add the form mail script which was available in the control panel. It was really easy to use in Cpanel as all instructions were there to keep me from making mistakes. Right now it works at a hundred percent and I never saw anything going wrong. Maybe i’m not the best person to rate their hosting because I use it so little now, but for email hosting FatCow exceeded my expectations so far. I was expecting at least a few small things to go south but surprisingly nothing like that happened.

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  4. 346
    Isabelle Robert Says:

    My website had a problem a few weeks after I started my services here at Fatcow. For some reason there was a security breach and someone hacked it then changed the main home page so that it redirects to a spam website. I’ve tried to fix it myself but had trouble restoring everything back to normal. Fatcow was extremely useful with their customer service. In less than an hour the website was working again. The support agent restored everything completely. He also gave me some very useful advice on security and told me to update some of the WordPress elements to prevent this issue from happening ever again. I was extremely satisfied with their service and their very human approach to customer service. Many other companies just try to rush you off the phone or try to pretend that security is not their problem but the responsibility of the user. Great thing that they took a very different approach that was very positive for me. My site is now back up and I’m definitely going to keep Fatcow as my webhost for a long time now.

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  5. 345
    Jacques Dubeau Says:

    Perfect web hosting from Fatcow.

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  6. 344
    Leon Fugazza Says:

    FatCow is an excellent web hosting company. Affordable and unlimited hosting. Free domain for the first year even if you just signed up for 1 year. No set up fees or additional charges like the other web hosts try to charge you all the time.

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  7. 343
    Claudio Romero Says:

    One of the highest quality web hosts on the net, period. Fatcow’s web hosting service has always shown excellence in my opinion. The best features that they can offer is their 24 hour a day support. When I was building my website I had a few problems getting everything to work as planned. The Fatcow tech support was surprisingly efficient and they took a genuine interest in helping me get everything working fully. Now this is what I would call quality web hosting support. Wanted to give a big thank you to their support team for all of the assistance I’ve been given so far.

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  8. 342
    Alan Jenner Says:

    I’ve just signed up for the FatCow web hosting solution through your website. The things that attracted me to their service was the very low price of under $50 per year, free domain included and also the very positive reviews that they’ve received on this site. Upon registering with them, I really wasn’t disappointed at all. Everything went very smoothly from the very beginning. I uploaded my main site with ease, it just took a few minutes to get the whole thing started. Their instructions were very useful for uploading files as I hadn’t used FTP in a while and forgot how some of the things worked. Right now I’m adding a blog to my website and I’ve added another domain with them, plus installed the WordPress system. Added a few articles to the blog already and it worked at 100% fine. So I see that FatCow is also an excellent hosting choice if you need blog hosting. Because everything worked so well for me I highly recommend FatCow’s web hosting to you as well. FatCow is really the best web host I’ve had to deal with in quite a long time.

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  9. 341
    Rich Fox Says:

    With their really low prices, FatCow has surprised me as the host also gave me really great services. The control panel was always very easy to use and I managed to learn all of the features in just a few days. Simply excellent web hosting.

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