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GoDaddy review of Domain Hosting
$3.49 Month

  • Disk Space 10 GB
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Email Accounts 100
  • MySQL Databases 10
  • $100 Google credit
  • $50 Bing/Yahoo credit

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GoDaddy Review and What All GoDaddy Does To Help You

GoDaddy is not just a place to purchase your domain name, but also a place to get your hosting. In fact, if you purchase and host your domain name with them and they will give you a special discount. Many choose to go with that website hosting every single day and it is not just because of the convenience of purchasing a domain name with them along with hosting.

The site was originally established in 1999 and nearly everybody has seen one of their commercials during the Super Bowl or just while watching television. They specialize in 4GH hosting, which they claim is the best out there for the price. The good news is they do offer phone support and the average time on hold is around 3 minutes, which is pretty fast.

Godaddy has awesome customer service and support. They have an up time guarantee of 99.9 percent which is really good. Another thing that is important to note is that it has technical help support around the clock. If you suddenly have a question or run into some problem with your website then it doesn’t matter what time it is they will be there to help.

It does not matter if you own a business or if you just want to have a personal website. You do not need a license in order to have your domain and your hosting with them. The cost is often times around $11 per year. They do have options on how you can pay for your account being that you can pay for the year at once or you can do payments monthly. You can also pay for several years at once depending on how much money you have. Sometimes these changes depending on what sales and discounts they have going on.

You can have many sites and sign up under the same plan with hosting and it won’t cost you extra money because of it. If you are planning on getting in the business of reselling your sites or flipping websites then this could really be a great advantage to you since you won’t have to pay for multiple hosting accounts.

Since we have become partners with GoDaddy we are able to offer a very low price on each of the packages they provide and we highly recommend them with this GoDaddy review. The cheapest package will start at $3.49 and will include 10 GB of space. Whether you are looking for professional hosting or you are a beginner then they have the right package at a very affordable price.

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GoDaddy Review – 4H Hosting with Three Packages

You can choose three packages from including the Economy, Deluxe, and Premium. The prices currently range from $3.49 to $9.99 depending on the package you get. Instead of paying for an entire year of hosting up front like you, have to with most hosting companies you have the choices of paying monthly or buying a package for multiple months.

Our Expert GoDaddy Review

One thing to talk about with this GoDaddy review is that the GoDaddy hosting is becoming more and more popular for both beginners and those looking to build more than one domain name online. The Plesk control panel used with hosting is very user friendly, and if you don’t care for it, you do have the option to download your own FTP client and skip right past the CPanel.

With all of the packages from the hosting you get access to their world-class data center along with the state-of-the-art security offered that they have. This is a very important part of the review with Godaddy and the security is better than most other hosting companies. They also give you access to the best routers, servers, and firewalls. It’s important to have access to the best of these because this ensures that your website will be protected around the clock.

With 4H hosting you get the ability to be hosted across many servers. Most hosting companies will only host your account on one server, whether you get shared or VPS hosting. The hosting will even provide you with free email addresses, daily backup, 24/7 support, and free setup. You can use your email address for the website and for other personal needs. You can still use another email address if you don’t want one with GoDaddy but the option is there for you.

Our GoDaddy Review and Their Added Applications

The customer GoDaddy review out there talk quite a bit about how they provide you with WordPress and other blogging software, if you need them. They have the hosting that puts these applications under their section called “Value Added Application” and they provide full support for WordPress and the other blogging software you have access to.

By using the power of GoDaddy hosting and WordPress you will not only be able to put up a great website, but you can also put up the perfect blog. Blogging is becoming highly popular and will help you get the power you need to drive more traffic to your website without all the issues of having more than one hosting package.

Hosting Bonuses Exclusively from this review of GoDaddy

A few little bonuses that comes with this is that the hosting supplies you will actually include, a free domain name, $100 Google advertising credit, and 10 Fotolia image credits. These bonuses will help you get off the ground and running much faster. There is nothing better than getting your domain name for free and free money to add to your advertising budget.

In no time at all the budget that you have with advertising can get very expensive and this is why you should really watch after your money. You need to go ahead and plan out things in advance so this way you will not go over your budget. If you find yourself going over your budget then you need to go back and re-examine the plan that you have and see what you can do to adjust it so that way you end up actually saving and earning some money.

Customer Reviews with Godaddy

GoDaddy review - 5 star rating

“I’ve been with GoDaddy for about 8 months…”

“I have 3 other sites with them as well. I have almost never had a problem. Their customer service is generally great, although some of the reps are not as knowledgeable or as dedicated as others. But I guess that happens at any business. I would recommend (and have recommended) them to others.”

GoDaddy review - 5 star rating

“They are the best….”

“Not only when things go right! The also stand out when things go wrong. I ordered their shopping card and it is a great product but I couldn’t use it for my very specific needs……it was unbelievably easy to cancel the shopping card solution AND the SSL certificate and get a FULL refund. GODADDY!!”

GoDaddy review - 5 star rating

“GoDaddy hosting is known leader in web hosting…”

“With it’s great prices, huge market share, and excellent support it’s no wonder it’s so popular but how’s it’s security? Today we’ll take a look into the internals of GoDaddy and whether it’s safe to Go with the Daddy.

GoDaddy hosting is clearly paranoid about security (with good reason) the five servers we reviewed were all heavily secured with all the ‘dangerous’ PHP functions being disabled in some way or another. Directory traversal is subverted by a non-readable home directory and all sub-directories to sort users non-readable as well however with the first and second letter of the domain your looking for along with the server it’s hosted on being your own you can bruteforce for readable files and folders (This is the security of the user themselves and they should be aware of the implications of this before signing up for Shared Webhosting).

As far as security of the actual OS goes the linux boxes were all the latest kernel updates with what seemed to be custom patches added. Kernel symbols weren’t exported (that we could find) in any publicly readable files and backups were nowhere to be found. There were absolutely no suid/sgid binaries known to be vulnerable and all users were securely jailed to their respective home directories when given shell access.

In-conclusion this hosting is clearly a safe choice for the paranoid user but for the average user it’s a bit overkill as a lot of functions needed for some webapps today are disabled in someway or another. As far as rating goes this one gets a solid 10/10 for security, an 8/10 for pricing vs quality, and a 9/10 for customer service. It seems Going with the Daddy is a safe and effective choice after all!”

GoDaddy review - 5 star rating

“I am always curious of what caused people to have poor reviews of GoDaddy…..”

“I have been with them, on dedicated servers and with 20+ domains and find they have been consistent and reliable.

Reliability-wise, in the past 4 years my server has been down, 2, maybe 3 times and one of these times for about 36 hours. So for the other 1400 days, it has been up and that is great.

When I call their sales or technical support, 19 out of 20 times what I call about gets taken care or, billed, explained, fixed, upgraded, etc. I find them to have consistent and very positive customer service – some of the best customer service out there. So I would have to wonder what issues some of the negative reviews are regarding.

On the rare occasion – very rare – that I did not get something taken care of, I have just called back and the next person resolved it. This really impressed me because they did resolve it fast and they understood exactly what I was talking about before I had to go into much details about the problem I was having and that really impressed me.

The only thing I am not a huge fan of is their trouble ticket system. That is the only reason I could not go 5 for 5 on the customer support. I find their ticket system slow and hard to update. But if you call their technical support, they tend to be able to deal with most matters. And they respond to emails.

I would call their customer service and see what you think. I like ’em.”

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Always make sure to check back for new specials including GoDaddy Hosting discounts and coupon codes.

GoDaddy Review
2011-08-18 12:28:34

9 Responses to “GoDaddy Review – A Domain Registry and Hosting Company”

  1. 9
    Dan Savard Says:

    I still keep one hosting account with GoDaddy as this is the place where I also registered about a dozen domain names that are hosted with plenty of different hosting companies. I didn’t run into any difficulties with them so far. Just had one case where I needed to update my billing information and restore my service, which took a bit longer on hold than I expected. I was interested in becoming a reseller of their service and what they got is attractive. But the problem is that they want you to pay for the reseller web hosting package at least a year in advance with no monthly billing option. I trust their service, sure, but it just isn’t affordable for me to pay all of that in advance right now. This is something GoDaddy should consider changing as I’m sure it will bring them more business from resellers and advanced users who need accounts with a Cpanel for each website. Other than this I have no further criticisms of them.

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  2. 8
    Jeff Says:

    Very good for domain names. I don’t use their hosting, even though they offered me some free basic hosting with my domain purchase. But they have a good control panel and excellent service for domains. Godaddy also has a lot of promotions and a godaddy coupon can save you money when you register a new domain.

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  3. 7
    Boree TA Says:

    I’m a current GoDaddy customer. In my opinion they’re the best web host you can find. For $6.99 monthly, I got a plan with 150 GB disk space, unlimited websites and bandwdith, plus 25 databases, which is great as I’m using a Joomla hosting site and I’m going to build several more websites that run on Drupal. Customer service is good here, with true 24/7 support available always. If you call during business hours, be prepared to wait about 5 to 10 minutes. But I found that if you call them at night or later in the evening, you will get much faster answer on the phone. Never had any server problems or anything going down. Really happy with what GoDaddy has done for me so far and I will continue using them in the future.

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  4. 6
    Lars Says:

    Currently, I have the GoDaddy virtual private server hosting with Linux CentOS. The economy package is $29.99 per month and you get 1GB of RAM and 1TB of bandwidth. I own a small membership site and it works well for my needs. Site gets around 100 visitors per day and about 10 signups. Everything worked really well for the past month. The best thing about GoDaddy vps web hosting is that you can pay for 1 month at a time for your web hosting there. They have a lot of information on their website about how you can set up your server and get it running immediately. In the time I was with them so far, I haven’t had any trouble at all operating my server. We’ll see what the future holds for them, I guess, but so far they have shown that they’re a reliable host and most professional. Just like any other very large company they probably have their share of people who weren’t 100% satisfied with the service that they got, but for me everything is going well so far. This is why for vps web hosting I recommend using GoDaddy.

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  5. 5
    Tyler Smith Says:

    I’ve had a reseller account with them 2 years back. I wasn’t actually selling the hosting but just providing it to some clients as a bonus for those who subscribed to one of my sites. GoDaddy seemed like a good choice at the time as they were quite affordable. Their options were a bit confusing at first as they have a lot of products. So you should take the time to navigate through everything they have to select the best option. I needed to talk to their tech once. Issue was resolved on the phone call, but it took about 30 minutes in total, about 20 minutes of waiting and 10 minutes for him to fix it. I guess thats what you have to deal with when you use a very large company like them. They also like to send you full of promotional offers when you log in. A bit annoying if you want to get something done quickly in the control panel as you have to go past their ads. But the product, which is hosting, works very well. Nobody complained about their hosting to me so at least they got this right and it’s what really matters in a hosting choice.

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  6. 4
    Jacques Says:

    I don’t use the GoDaddy web hosting service as I already have my own web hosting with a cloud hosting company but I use them for domain registration sometimes. They always seem to have good prices and promotions for domains. The control panel makes managing your domain names very easy. Once you make the purchase usually you can use your new domain within a few hours. Had an issue once where an update of the nameservers didn’t go through in the control panel and wouldn’t change for several hours. They emailed me back the next morning to show that it was fixed. This was the only issue I’ve had with them during all the time I’ve been using them.

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  7. 3
    Rick Says:

    Relatively good for domains. Great promotions are available at GoDaddy to get a domain cheaply and we bought a bunch of .info domains for $2 and even less with the GoDaddy coupon. Some downsides is that they’re too profit oriented. Tired of receiving their spam emails about their special super promotions and they even called our business to ask if we wanted to buy more domains. Constantly trying to sell you more and more and more services that you probably won’t need but are still a big profit maker for THEM. Perhaps this is their strategy to compensate for the cheap domains. If your eyes don’t start bleeding after seeing their cheesy advertisements and flashing banners on their website, you can make it through buying a domain with them. Just be careful to uncheck any useless items such as additional email hosting or domain privacy if you don’t need it because they have a nasty tendency to add these to your order and hope you don’t notice before completing the process. Not a dishonest provider in the sense that they deliver what they promise but watch out for their upselling tactics as they get annoying.

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  8. 2
    Mitch Says:

    For domain registrations, GoDaddy is simply amazing. They have some of the best deals around and if you’re able to find a GoDaddy coupon somewhere you can get a very good discount price on their .com domains or many other types of domains too. They are definitely popular for registering domains so they have good prices. Never was there any negative issue with the domain registration in about 3 years. Over that time our company registered over 40 domains with them without anything going wrong. There is of course a hosting service which comes with their package of services but this is not something that we use at the moment as our firm has its own cloud hosting service and VPS web hosting. So no comments about the web hosting at GoDaddy but the domain part of their service line up is of course satisfactory.

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  9. 1
    Lunnd Says:

    Very popular web host and this is definitely the most popular web host in the world due to their endless advertising. Does popularity equal greatness? In their case the service is so so. Servers are always up, which is kind of expected from a company of their size. But the speed is not always up to my expectations. I often notice slow downs that happen during peak times during the day. Low prices as well so they’re not too bad. Would rate as slightly above average. There’s better than GoDaddy in terms of the cheapest web host but they do a “good” job at hosting now.

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