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GreenGeeks review of hosting
$6.95 Month

  • Price $4.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Guarantee 30 Day
  • Phone Support 24/7
  • Email Support 24/7
  • Domain Free
  • Site Builder Free
  • Space Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Unlimited

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GreenGeeks Review

Can you say 300% green hosting?  That’s GreenGeeks.  They are the greenest web host that we know about, and we know them all.  They are as committed towards protecting the earth as they are to making money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro looking to switch to a greener host, these guys stand ready to deliver a bang up job for everybody.

Greengeeks website hosting company recently won the Green Award from Web Hosting Masters. You can always count on us to provide you with the best promotional pricing available and best analysis of web hosts like Greengeeks as well.  Our duty is to allow our visitors to make the best possible choice regarding their web hosting.

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Prices as of Today

$6.95/mo each month for 2 years (with our GreenGeeks coupon)

$7.95/mo each month for 1 year

$4.95/mo for 3 yearsHere

How Green Are They Really?

Well, as indicated in other reviews we have written, we prefer website hosting businesses that offer professional products, as well as being leaders in green technological advances. We truly believe that Greengeeks is one of the greatest, and perhaps the best website hosting company that works to protect our environment and it is evident in the reviews by real customers.

How do we know?

The owner of the company, Trey Gardner actually buys three times the wind energy credits as the electricity he uses to power his servers!  Now that is green energy commitment.  Greengeeks realized that by 2010 the web hosting industry could be as big a polluter as the airline industry scary, and true

Imagine all the increase in servers and electricity usage that the information age is producing.  The time to get ahead of the game is now, not in ten years when the problem is already so big that the special interests are juiced in.  Makes sense, and we applaud Trey and his vision.

We definitely believe that creatives and people that are very green savvy will really enjoy the peace of mind that Greengeeks provides.  And there services are top notch as well.

Expert Support from the United States provides a green website hosting package in addition to providing their clients with the best possible support and lots of server features. Many customers have raved about them in the many GreenGeeks customer reviews out there.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to getting the best support. If your hosting company doesn’t offer support day and night, all year long, you need a new company. Support is a necessary function of hosting and with GreenGeeks support team, you will never be left in the dark.

Pricing – 30 Day Guarantee – Free Migration

The features you get for just $6.95 each month are: as much disk space, bandwidth, and domain name hosting as you want, backup services every night, a 30-day refund policy, and, in contrast to other hosts, you will also get site migration at no charge in the event that you want to move your website to a new company.

We love the 30 day guarantee and the FREE migration, especially if you’re considering switching hosting companies. This way you can stick your toes in the water with no risk.  If they don’t meet your standards after four weeks, you can migrate back to your old servers and web host without dropping a dime. It seems that in the web hosting industry everyone promises the world, but it’s these types of guarantees that give us peace of mind that if we do make a mistake we can quickly recover.

This host is wonderful, and you are not going to regret choosing because you are going to get excellent service from them.

Customer Reviews of GreenGeeks Hosting

greengeeks hosting review - 4 star rating

Super Drupal Web Host

We were experiencing a lot of downtime with our old hosting company, and I was informed that this was probably due to the fact that Drupal needs more power and has different memory settings that other platforms. Ok.  Why doesn’t every web hosting company know this?  We made the switch to Greengeeks.  All of us have had nothing be wonderful experiences with this company from upper management to everybody on staff.  The memory limit issue — fixed.  We can up the limit on the memory no problem.  The knowledge database that we all have access to will solve about 98 percent of our tech issues and if we need them we just call them up.  These guys have all the tools…and we do like the fact that they’re green like us.”

One of the Best Web Hosting Providers

Once we heard about the fact that the web hosting industry is primed and ready to become a huge polluter in the next 15 years (bigger than the airline industry) we decided that it’s time to think green.  After doing my homework I decided on Greengeeks because they demonstrated a willingness to ready take environmental issues on despite losing some money on the front end.  Migration to this new host was free, gotta love free, and it was about 100 times easier than I thought it would be, I figured we’d have to do something.  Nope.  Just sent an email.  Done.  They’re the best host I’ve used.  No big complaints.”

greengeeks hosting reviews - 4 stars, good but not perfect

Definitely get what you need here…

After reading a lot of reviews online I decided that this was the company that I should go with.  You never know until you try a company, however.  After being with Greengeeks for one year, it was a no brainer to renew with them.  Everything is really easy, and they definitely put the customer first, you don’t have to do much to keep your web hosting running flawlessly.  Service is good.  I do wish that they were a little more pro-active with their alerts and reporting, but over all my Green Geeks review is that they are very good.”


Feel free to browse other hosting reviews or even find another GreenGeeks hosting review to compare this one to.  We know our GreenGeeks review is accurate, up-to-date, and provides you with the best possible information to make a sound decision about your hosting.

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  1. 180
    Al Radcliffe Says:

    As a shared web host Green Geeks is good but not excellent. Had some trouble with the uptime as of late. Support was below my expectations for a professional web hosting company. Very long waiting time although this could have been because many other sites would be down at the same time. Answer provided not too satisfactory. Was simply told to wait some more while they evaluated the problem.

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  2. 179
    Bellen Says:

    Green web hosting. GreenGeeks does a lot for the environment and it shows through their website that they take more measures simply than buying carbon credits or using clean energy for their data center. They try to use clean energy for their entire operation and not just their servers. Customer support is fantastic. Super FAQ database and help manuals are available to guide the user into finding a solution for all of their problems instantly without having to battle for hours trying to find an asnwer to a common question.

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  3. 178
    Tom Says:

    Quality service and quality technical support. Just like any web host should be! The staff at Green Geeks really should use a reward for their high quality of customer help that they give. There are hundreds of resource materials available on their website to help you if you need some help setting up your website or anything else. Plus support is always there for you 24 hours a day. This is the kind of web host I wanted to get and I’m very happy that I found them now.

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  4. 177
    Harrison Says:

    My experience with GreenGeeks has been absolutely amazing. I use their web hosting services for WordPress hosting and it’s just perfect. I know that the cheap web host you can find will often give you a big problem if you use a system like WordPress and have a bigger site but with them at least there wasn’t any problem at all!

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  5. 176
    Gorman Says:

    I will tell you one of the things about the green geeks is stay away! Not professional at all zero for that in this business! I try to sign up and pay by pay pal from my business account. For a reason not known they say that my order is rejected. Maybe they think that because I am based out of USA I must be a thief. Whatever they want to think is fine for them I dont really care. But problem has happened that they say my money is refunded in 24 hour put this is not happened after 3 business day. First they believe my order is of fraudulent but they don’t even want to refund money after I asked and they tell a lie? So now if you look you tell me who is the thief? Me or them? This is a host you must avoid people I am telling you they are not up to any good.

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  6. 175
    Pierre Boudreault Says:

    All I can say about them is that they provide good quality eco friendly web hosting at a reasonable price. I can’t rate them too much on other aspects since I don’t use my website too much, its just an information site and not running as a business.

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  7. 174
    Pietro Says:

    No problem at all after 1 year of hosting at Green Geeks. I have VPS web hosting with them and host 4 active sites at the time. 2 of them are e-commerce websites which get quite a bit of traffic. Always reliable and the servers are always up top 100% of the time. This company needs to be in best place among the top ten web hosts list you have. I noticed that their VPS web hosting is not the cheapest in terms of price but in terms of service reliability and quality it’s the best in the world. If you need a web host because you’re doing business in the online world then you need a VPS web hosting that really works all of the time. You will lose more money on reliability problems than you would by investing in a better hosting package. Green Geeks should be the number one choice of any serious web master.

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  8. 173
    Mathis Says:

    I have an account here at GreenGeeks as I host a number of sites for a client on it. I don’t know how “green” they are in reality as now there is a great number of hosts that claim they use clean energy, recycle everything and what have you not. But for the small account that I maintain with them, they are very good at what they do. I only had one outage that I noticed and it was just about 3 hours in a 6 month period. Other that that no other issue to report with them.

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  9. 172
    George Says:

    A superb host! I love Green Geeks. Price is good and the plan is very simple, all unlimited website hosting so there’s nothing to worry about. Everything I needes was already included in the package I got from them.

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  10. 171
    Rodolfo Says:

    I have some relatives that host their small business web site with a Dreamhost shared hosting plan and almost never in four years had their system down.

    Looking for a drupal-friendly and ecologically conscious similar option, I decided for GreenGeeks shared hosting.

    After less than one year I decided to cancel their service because their server had a downtime of around 1% (which means one potential customer of ever 100 will never get to see your site, no matter how much he want to wait for it to load) and they had an “average” response time (which doesn’t include the time spent downloading the web page) of more than double from the other sites hosted at Dreamhost. That also means many customers loss that simply don’t want to wait more than the usual time.

    All the attempts to solve the issue with technical support were usless. I had no interest in making the effort to migrate my site. But they always gave me excuses and didn’t make any effort to improve those response times.

    I have been monitoring my website with and all the response times and outages come from those statistics (which are very reliable)

    Now that I finally moved my site to Linode, the response times had decreased to around half of what I had with GreenGeeks.

    To sum up, if you want to run a business (no matter how small) don’t trust GreenGeeks.

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