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GreenGeeks review of hosting
$6.95 Month

  • Price $4.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Guarantee 30 Day
  • Phone Support 24/7
  • Email Support 24/7
  • Domain Free
  • Site Builder Free
  • Space Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Unlimited

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GreenGeeks Review

Can you say 300% green hosting?  That’s GreenGeeks.  They are the greenest web host that we know about, and we know them all.  They are as committed towards protecting the earth as they are to making money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro looking to switch to a greener host, these guys stand ready to deliver a bang up job for everybody.

Greengeeks website hosting company recently won the Green Award from Web Hosting Masters. You can always count on us to provide you with the best promotional pricing available and best analysis of web hosts like Greengeeks as well.  Our duty is to allow our visitors to make the best possible choice regarding their web hosting.

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Prices as of Today

$6.95/mo each month for 2 years (with our GreenGeeks coupon)

$7.95/mo each month for 1 year

$4.95/mo for 3 yearsHere

How Green Are They Really?

Well, as indicated in other reviews we have written, we prefer website hosting businesses that offer professional products, as well as being leaders in green technological advances. We truly believe that Greengeeks is one of the greatest, and perhaps the best website hosting company that works to protect our environment and it is evident in the reviews by real customers.

How do we know?

The owner of the company, Trey Gardner actually buys three times the wind energy credits as the electricity he uses to power his servers!  Now that is green energy commitment.  Greengeeks realized that by 2010 the web hosting industry could be as big a polluter as the airline industry scary, and true

Imagine all the increase in servers and electricity usage that the information age is producing.  The time to get ahead of the game is now, not in ten years when the problem is already so big that the special interests are juiced in.  Makes sense, and we applaud Trey and his vision.

We definitely believe that creatives and people that are very green savvy will really enjoy the peace of mind that Greengeeks provides.  And there services are top notch as well.

Expert Support from the United States provides a green website hosting package in addition to providing their clients with the best possible support and lots of server features. Many customers have raved about them in the many GreenGeeks customer reviews out there.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to getting the best support. If your hosting company doesn’t offer support day and night, all year long, you need a new company. Support is a necessary function of hosting and with GreenGeeks support team, you will never be left in the dark.

Pricing – 30 Day Guarantee – Free Migration

The features you get for just $6.95 each month are: as much disk space, bandwidth, and domain name hosting as you want, backup services every night, a 30-day refund policy, and, in contrast to other hosts, you will also get site migration at no charge in the event that you want to move your website to a new company.

We love the 30 day guarantee and the FREE migration, especially if you’re considering switching hosting companies. This way you can stick your toes in the water with no risk.  If they don’t meet your standards after four weeks, you can migrate back to your old servers and web host without dropping a dime. It seems that in the web hosting industry everyone promises the world, but it’s these types of guarantees that give us peace of mind that if we do make a mistake we can quickly recover.

This host is wonderful, and you are not going to regret choosing because you are going to get excellent service from them.

Customer Reviews of GreenGeeks Hosting

greengeeks hosting review - 4 star rating

Super Drupal Web Host

We were experiencing a lot of downtime with our old hosting company, and I was informed that this was probably due to the fact that Drupal needs more power and has different memory settings that other platforms. Ok.  Why doesn’t every web hosting company know this?  We made the switch to Greengeeks.  All of us have had nothing be wonderful experiences with this company from upper management to everybody on staff.  The memory limit issue — fixed.  We can up the limit on the memory no problem.  The knowledge database that we all have access to will solve about 98 percent of our tech issues and if we need them we just call them up.  These guys have all the tools…and we do like the fact that they’re green like us.”

One of the Best Web Hosting Providers

Once we heard about the fact that the web hosting industry is primed and ready to become a huge polluter in the next 15 years (bigger than the airline industry) we decided that it’s time to think green.  After doing my homework I decided on Greengeeks because they demonstrated a willingness to ready take environmental issues on despite losing some money on the front end.  Migration to this new host was free, gotta love free, and it was about 100 times easier than I thought it would be, I figured we’d have to do something.  Nope.  Just sent an email.  Done.  They’re the best host I’ve used.  No big complaints.”

greengeeks hosting reviews - 4 stars, good but not perfect

Definitely get what you need here…

After reading a lot of reviews online I decided that this was the company that I should go with.  You never know until you try a company, however.  After being with Greengeeks for one year, it was a no brainer to renew with them.  Everything is really easy, and they definitely put the customer first, you don’t have to do much to keep your web hosting running flawlessly.  Service is good.  I do wish that they were a little more pro-active with their alerts and reporting, but over all my Green Geeks review is that they are very good.”


Feel free to browse other hosting reviews or even find another GreenGeeks hosting review to compare this one to.  We know our GreenGeeks review is accurate, up-to-date, and provides you with the best possible information to make a sound decision about your hosting.

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  1. 200
    Mikhail Sokolov Says:

    Honest and friendly – respectful of the environment; valuable services priced very fairly in the competitive market that web hosting represents today. Here you can find the values that GreenGeeks stands for. Of course, I like what they do very much. They’ve now become my favorite web hosting company because of these. Then there’s of course the issue of reliability and handling of any errors and complaints. I only had a slight problem getting my email to operate right due to an issue with the MX records and the domain wasn’t bought from GreenGeeks. I sent them a message to see if this could be fixed and expected them to just link me to a page on their help system so I could do it myself or worse make me wait a long time before telling me a completely irrelevant automated answer that was copy pasted. But neither happened in these options. The technician took care of adjusting the settings for me and my email is back to working normally again just like it was before. This is why I give GreenGeeks web hosting a perfect 10/10! Best web host!

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  2. 199
    Martin Marrant Says:

    A couple of days after having my account set up in Greengeeks I had a problem getting Drupal to install correctly. Apparently during the installation I messed up some of the files trying to change some custom settings for an ecommerce theme. Greengeeks helped me rectify the situation with ease. They scrapped completely the install I’ve made and started again with a new one. They even asked if I added any files that would need to be backed up before doing that. Now Drupal hosting is perfectly operational for my website. Thanks Greengeeks!

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  3. 198
    Maneesh Says:

    Terribly frustrating experience and I’m not even a customer of theirs. Greengeeks rejected my order for a VPS server hosting even though I paid with Paypal from a verified business account. They said that for security reasons they’re not able to approve my order. Essentially saying they don’t want my business and this just wasted a lot of my time. But the bigger problem is that they claim they will do a refund in 1 business days. It’s now been 2 days and they didn’t refund me anything yet. First guy I spoke with on the chat said something about them conducting security verifications. What verifications? You already don’t want me as a customer so refunding my money is not any risk to you as it’s going back to the exact same Paypal account that I paid you with in the first place ?! ?!
    Now it’s the end of the second day and I’ve sent them an email. Normally they’re supposed to answer in a few hours. But I guess they’re ignoring me as I didn’t get anything back from them yet. I need to be refunded so I can sign up with another host and they’re holding the money for a nebulous reason. Now if you need a reason never to sign up with them you have one 🙁

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  4. 197
    Jason Briggs Says:

    Before I used to be a big fan of GreenGeeks for a few months since the beginning of 2012. I would recommend them to any client that needed a web hosting service. This was until the end of May when one of my websites stopped working due to what appeared to be excessive usage of memory. The site in question was a simple installation of a WordPress blog. I spend several days attempting to fix the problem while getting very little help from the support department. There are no real answers regarding this. They give you really vague answers to your questions and you can’t really figure out what’s going on even if you’re an experienced website owner like I am. So I did what I thought was the best course of action in that case. I had all my files in backup, so I uninstalled WordPress from my account and deleted all of the related files. Then reinstalled WordPress from their control panel. Still the memory problems kept going on and on. When queried about this the response from technical support at GreenGeeks is that WordPress is a platform that naturally uses a lot of memory and that’s just the way things are. Of course I was given the option to upgrade to a much more expensive shared hosting plan or to upgrade to a VPS server instead. I’ve done my research on the issues and found out some bad things. GreenGeeks recently made some cut backs to their staff so the number of actual technicians working on the servers (not some “support” or help desk guy giving scripted answers) has been drastically cut. They’re aware of the issues on their servers and of the memory problems but don’t want to give an honest answer to the customer when he asks. I’ve noticed that some features in the cPanel are also either very sluggish or not working correctly like the built in backup. This is obviously a sign that there’s something wrong with the server memory. But as of right now GreenGeeks is still ignoring the fact that they have a bad problem. And this also explains why I’m leaving them immediately.

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  5. 196
    Abdelhaq Says:

    Signed up with Green Geeks Web Hosting a week ago because of the good prices and that the host has a very positive attitude towards the environment. I seem to like their concept and was able to get my site uploaded quickly. Cpanel is easy to use and similar to my experiences. So far it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any issues as the web site has been uploaded completely and is working very well as of right now. Email is also operating fine either by using Thunderbird or the web based email interface that Green Geeks has.

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  6. 195
    Mike Says:

    This host is a joke. I registered with GreenGeeks thinking they would be a good host to do business with. Sadly I was very wrong. Numerous problems started appearing from the very beginning especially getting 500 server errors. But they didn’t really seem to care. They always kept mentioning that it must be the way my wordpress site was configured. My blog was just getting 50 visitors a day and they can’t even handle that? Not good for blog hosting and probably not for any type of hosting at all.

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  7. 194
    Ken Porter Says:

    I began using greengeeks a few years ago and the service at this host was amazing from the very beginning. Any time I needed to contact support staff they were available and capable of getting all of my problems resolved very fast. The servers they have are extremely fast too. Everything is available to use in the control panel and the cost is very affordable for what they offer. I’m sure they make a lot of efforts as providing such good web hosting at a low price requires dedication. This is simply a good web host! And all of the green stuff is an added bonus. A big thank you 🙂

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  8. 193
    Jim Says:

    GreenGeeks is one of the best and maybe the best green web host that I dealt with in quite a long time. Everything went very well from the beginning until the moment I had to discontinue my service as I didn’t need the website anymore. During the four year’s I’ve used them for various projects I was extremely satisfied with the quality of their services overall. They’re affordable, they’re reliable and they know exactly how to run a good quality web hosting service. If you want to go green with your web hosting I fully recommend and support GreenGeeks! I know that if I ever need them to host a simple website like the one I’ve had before I will use their services again.

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  9. 192
    Grigori Says:

    Ahh, after all the problems I got with 1 and 1 hosting I switched my sites over to Green Geeks. And now look: no more problems! Green Geeks offers green web hosting at a decent price. The service isn’t the cheapest web host on earth, but it works very well. If they keep their servers running fine and my website works just like it’s working now I will stay with them for a long time.

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  10. 191
    Jerry Says:

    In a year of using Green Geeks green web hosting services our sites stayed up at all times with no delay. This is all that matters: reliability and performance. Green Geeks was able to deliver both so we’re very happy with it.

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