Domain $15.00
Price $4.95
Disk Space Unlimited
Editor’s Rating
Overall Not Rated
Ease of Use Not Rated
Features Not Rated
Price Not Rated
Reliability Not Rated
Support Not Rated
Top Pick 2011
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$3.95 Month

  • Price $4.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain $15.00
  • Guarantee 45 Days
  • Uptime 99.99%
  • Domains Unlimited
  • Space Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Unlimited
  • Email Unlimited
  • FTP Unlimited

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Editor’s Rating

HostGator Review

HostGator one of the largest web hosts in the world. They host over two million domains and that number is constantly growing, so, they must be doing something right.  Rock bottom intro hosting packages and great support keep this web host humming.

They are a green web host, with all of their reseller and shared servers cooled by wind power — a lot of folks don’t know that.

HostGator offers web hosting for only $3.95/month if you use our exclusive “askweb” coupon code. Click below to visit HostGator.

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Also, make sure to look into Coupons for VPS hosting and reseller hosting.

The Bottom Line – HostGator is Cheap and Solidly Reliable

HostGator is one of the latest additions to our top 10 web hosting list. They are a well established hosting provider that offers an extremely reliable service. For only $3.95/Month (cheaper than bigger sites) you will get Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Unlimited Domains, FTP, Databases, MySQL – All the Features of This Large Hosting Company

One of the best things about HostGator is you get pretty much all the bells and whistles, even with a starter package.  In other words, even with their most affordable option, you still get all the features you could possibly want.

Now, if you want to ramp up your business in a hurry and build many sites and blogs, you will need to step it up to at least their Baby Plan to get unlimited domain hosting.  We know that there’s a lot of ambitious people out there who will follow through and build, 20, 50, or 100 domains out in a year.

Having unlimited databases is really nice because modern sophisticated web sites need good reliable databases, like the ones that you’ll find with Joomla or WordPress.  It’s these back end features that allow our sites to be interactive and truly valuable to our visitors on the net.  The days of ultra simple sites is over.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Having unlimited email accounts is nice if you’re building multiple businesses, you can assign everyone company email addresses through the host.  Their system is reliable and extremely easy to use.

hostGator Up Time Complaints

One of the main reasons that customers choose HostGator is because of their cheap web hosting packages and their overall value.  However we’ve heard that some of their customers are leaving the company because of service problems and up time problems as well.  It makes sense when you think about it.

HostGator is a huge company and sometimes when a web hosting company gets too big, their service suffers a little bit.  It’s not their fault even, it’s just that when a company grows fast it’s more and more difficult to play catch up.  This may be the case with HostGator.

We have also heard that their up time is suffering, which is death for any web host.  Once word leaks out that a web host isn’t completely reliable, there’s going to be trouble.  Now, some of the HostGator reviews that you read on the net are going to be BS, made up, fraudulent.  However, we’ve heard some complaints from some reliable places.

We hope that in 2011, HostGator will concentrate on servicing existing customers and businesses instead of trying to capture more market share.  This, we feel will greatly help improve their customer service and any up time issues.  We do feel that they are a great company, and that they are certainly addressing these problems right now.

(*UPDATE – As of May of 2012 HostGator has once again surged as one of the more reliable choices on the net. Most of the buzz about uptime issues was short-lived as many REAL customers have told us they don’t run into many issues, and if they have, the company worked hard to make sure they got the hosting resources they needed.)

If you are looking for a very competitively price web host that places a decent deal of attention on customer support, friendliness, and server reliability…and more importantly has cheap web hosting packages, HostGator might be the host for you.  Make sure to use our HostGator Coupon listed at the beginning of this review to save a little extra cash.

Customer Reviews of HostGator

hostgator review - 3 star, good but not the best

Kinda upsetting…

I’ve had to switch hosts twice in the past year, with HostGator being my third web hosting company.  Unfortunately I cannot fully recommend these guys either.  Their load times where poor…and when load times are poor I know that people are hitting the back button, which means my bounce rates start to fall…which means some of my rankings fall off!  I don’t like the fact that I have to pay the entire year’s hosting fees upfront, even though it is cheap, I guess I’m just not very trusting of web hosts anymore.  The security if fine over here and the support is responding to my inquiries and helping me, but I just cannot give these guys the full thumbs up right now.”

HostGator was great and then…

I used HostGator to host a handful of sites.  And then one day a lot of the links on my sites were broken, including a lot of very important URLS…like form URLS!!  My clients, prospects, and customers were not too happy and neither was I…thank God it was late at night and they did respond and fix the problem.  But, this is just not bullet proof hosting.  I guess maybe I need to upgrade to a VPS or dedi…but I was not happy with this at all.”

hostgator review -- 5 stars, the best of the best

I think HostGator is Great!

Living in a foriegn country with plenty of cheap hosting options (India) I know what it’s like to go with dirt cheap web hosting companies and get absolutely garbage service with tons of errors and lots of downtime.  It’s awful.  I decided to go with an American hosting company and chose HostGator, I could not be happier.  The Live Chat is very helpful and the pricing is still very good…even if it’s not dirt cheap!  Nice work guys, keep it up.”

Visit HostGator

Always make sure to check back for a special HostGator Discount along with more HostGator coupon codes for future deals.

259 Responses to “Our HostGator Review of The Top Pick for 2011”

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  1. 259
    Nestor Says:

    Pretty good hosting. I heard some reports they’ve had problems expanding in the last couple of years but I never noticed anything wrong with my services here. So I will guess that Host Gator stepped up to the plate and deployed the needed resources to accommodate more users signing up with their web host. The web servers they use seem to have improved as all of the web sites I have on their services are loading blazingly fast now.

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  2. 258
    Joannie Says:

    When looking for the best – don’t settle for less. Host Gator is the best !! 😀

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  3. 257
    Junior Marc-David Says:

    I made the switch from Big Commerce to HostGator. The Big Commerce service was really limited and very expensive for the simple e-commerce hosting site that I was using. Instead I started a hosting account with HostGator and made a website by using Magento. Now I pay $9 per month and don’t have to worry about restrictions such as data transfer and disk capacity like I did before. In the next month I’ll be there adding a new website to my account and HostGator looks like it will support that very well. Even during times when there’s more traffic going to the Magento e-commerce site the servers are able to keep up with the demand.

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  4. 256
    Mario Freitas Says:

    Hostgator is also a good option for VPS hosting. Hesitated between VPS and dedi but right now even their lowest VPS seems to be handling my usage extremely well. Virtuozzo panel took a bit of time to get used to as it was the very 1st time that I got my own server to myself but after a few days it became extremely easy to manage the server on my own. As of yet I didn’t need the assistance of HostGator’s support team for anything so I can’t comment how good the support is for VPS clients.

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  5. 255
    Gab Savoie Says:

    Big thank you goes to Edwin of Host Gator support for helping my website get back up after I screwed up in the file manager and deleted some files needed for the site’s system to work. He was very patient and understanding.

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  6. 254
    YF Says:

    Changed to HostGator from a free web hosting service. The free hosting service was OK but it was really limited in features and installing scripts was always a big challenge. As I was in the process of building more websites I needed something that was a lot more reliable than a free host. I chose HostGator as it was one of the very few web hosts that allows you to pay for any of their packages monthly. Prices are really good even though they’re a bit higher for users that pay their service on a monthly basis. Only thing I wasn’t too happy about is the price of a domain. $15 may have been fine 10 years ago but now with domain coupon and promo at several registrars you can get a domain name for $5 or $7 for a .com. Understand that they don’t give a free domain to anyone especially not if you pay monthly but the price should go down as I’m sure they make themselves a nice profit on the domains. But aside from this small negative point everything that you can name about HostGator would be positive in my book.

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  7. 253
    Kristian Says:

    Very good as a blog host

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  8. 252
    matteo da gama Says:

    I am hosting all of my websites with hostgator. I am a user of hostgator for 1 year now. In this duration I never had to deal with downtime. Support is top notch. Whenever I need to get in touch with them I use the live chat option on their website. Every time this got the problem solved within just a couple of minutes. I had no hesitation to recommend their services to friends and they don’t have anything to report that’s bad about hostgator web hosting.

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  9. 251
    Llaurick Says:

    My website isn’t that important to me as most of my business comes from referrals. But I needed a good email hosting solution that allows me to host a lot of different email accounts on different domains. Found the service of Host Gator very well suited for this purpose. I registered the domains on Go Daddy previously but I heard some bad things about their email hosting services. All the other businesses that provided just email hosting seemed to be too expensive for what they offered and usually just let you use one domain with the service. With Host Gator everything is simple and works like a charm.

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