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Domain Free
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$3.95 Month

  • Price $3.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Support Amazing!
  • Site Builder Free
  • Domain Free Forever
  • FrontPage Ext ’00/’02
  • Technology MySQP, PHP
  • Technology Ruby, Perl
  • Technology FTP, CGI
  • Technology SSH, SSL
  • Email 2,500
  • Domains Unlimited
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Space Unlimited

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Hostmonster Review

Since 1996 Hostmonster has been the web host of choice for thousands of personal and business websites. Their initial sharedhosting package helps small businesses and individuals receive oodles of raw server power for a monthly price that’s surprisingly low especially with one of the HostMonster coupon codes.

This web host prides itself on it’s customer service. So you know you’ll get service from a native English speaker 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Hold times tracked at less than two minutes as stated in many actual HostMonster reviews from customers.

For 2 years running, HostMonster has been the recipient of the “Best Web Hosting Award“, and that’s no small feat. They won it because they deserve it — fantastic service, great pricing, bullet proof servers, and more. Here’s one thing to point out about HostMonster that our readers should know, they are a company with the best shared hosting account on the planet (although Fatcow does rival them as well.).

It all comes down to what you get for your money and Hostmonster gives the most resources for the best price. You can run 10 to 15 very large sites on one account at this host. Try that with Hostgator and you’re going to get burned, with slow servers and downtime. Every hosting company promises unlimited this and that, but it’s a bunch of bull. The real truth is that the more pages and sites you have the more hosting your going to need. Duh.

At Web Hosting Masters, we have become exclusive partners with HostMonster so we can offer you the amazing price of $3.95 each month for their hosting. HostMonster hosting services run the gamut from basic hosting plans for beginners to totally professional web hosting for expert webmasters. You can upgrade at any time and you can add an SSL at any time, as well.

Visit Hostmonster

Their website is  Don’t forget to use our special Coupon Code for a better discount above.

Our Review of the Monthly Cost of Using HostMonster

Hosting your website with a Hostmonster shared hosting package will run $3.95 each month on either a one or a two year plan, if you use the coupon code provided. This price is very competitive with all the other top hosting companies and can really help you get started on the right foot with your website or your blog.

What HostMonster Offers for Your Hosting Needs

HostMonster is expanding at an extremely quick rate among web hosting services on the Internet. When searching the Internet, you are going to discover mostly good opinions regarding this reliable and professional web host. Yes, it is possible to find bad HostMonster reviews on the internet, but this is the case with any hosting company. We think you’ll find that on the whole this hosting company is extremely well regarded and people that are behind the scenes know that they’re great.

You can get all the web hosting, bandwidth, domain hosting, and email addresses that you want at a great low price (cheap even, if you want to call it that). Usually, it would cost you $6.95 every month to use their services, but by using one of our limited supply coupon codes for HostMonster, you will be able to get the same features for just $3.95 each month. Get them while you can as they are only available from our review.

Customer Service and Support

This host has given us superior service at all times. If you need help, you will be connected to an extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and English-speaking customer support representative. This is extremely important when one of your site’s is down and you’re losing $50 an hour or more! Plus, you are never locked into a lengthy contract because HostMonster allows you to close your account whenever you need to, without any charges for unused service.

It is easy to use their CPANEL; and every account is set up with 50 awesome website scripts that are extremely usable, including Fantastico which makes setting up WordPress web sites an absolute dream. Let’s face it WordPress, love them or hate them, is the standard today and you must at least have access to this powerful tool. promises your network will be up and running 99.9% of the time, however, I do not think my website has ever gone off line so it’s basically 100% up time. When you research the internet for HostMonster reviews, you are going to learn that the overwhelming majority of people generally have great experiences with this host.

They are a top notch web host, by any measure. We especially love their customer service. Honestly, I have only had to contact their support team a handful of times, but they are always prompt, pleasant and provide me with an accurate answer for the question I ask.

If you have an urgent problem, I’m positive you will get them on the phone super fast, thankfully I never had a problem that required phone support. Yes, we called their support line to test them and they passed with flying colors.

HostMonster’s Site Builder

I do not currently use HostMonster’s site builder program, but they work extremely well and are very user-friendly. Even the newest user will be creating web sites in no time! If you are searching for a very reasonably-priced (even cheap…gasp) and dependable web host, you should definitely consider HostMonster.

Customer Reviews of HostMonster

hostmonster review - 5 stars, highest review possible “This is a great web host! I have never ever had a problem with Hostmonster and I’ve been with them for almost two years now, not one problem. I cannot ever remember having one of my websites be offline for longer than a few minutes…yes, I do independently track this stuff. Their Cpanel is very nicely laid out and easy to use. I find what I need exactly when I’m looking for it and not ten minutes later. This company is so much better than say a GoDaddy where the entire Cpanel is advertisements for other companies, upsells, etc, etc. When I have had technical issues I simply looked into their tutorials and I was good to go. I recommend this company, if you’ve messed with average hosts…like say, GoDaddy and you’re looking for a real web host…a step up…look no further than Hostmonster. I give my full recommendation.” 


“Supa Dupa! hostmonster reviews - 5 stars, another perfect rating customer reviewWe’ve been over at Hostmonster for three years running now, we have three online businesses and lot of client sites that run there as well. Honestly, I don’t know if we have more than 1 or 2 minutes of downtime in a month’s time, many times our uptime is perfect for several months running. And to top it all off the downtime is almost always about 3 a.m…so very low traffic time. If you’re looking for introductory hosting that’s inexpensive and solid I was at least check Hostmonster out for a few sites. Their support is very technical but also very down to earth as well. We once had a problem on New Year’s Day, yeah I wasn’t watching football that day…and they were on the spot. As if advertised I think I waited until 2 minutes on the phone for support. A lot of reviews might bash Hostmonster, but don’t buy it. There’s a lot of competition and fraudulent reviews out there. They have been supa dupa for me…”


hostmonster review - 3 stars, good but a few problems with the companyBuyer beware — cheap isn’t always best. You gotta read the fine print, man. In case you didn’t know it there is really no such animal called unlimited bandwidth or unlimited storage. It doesn’t exist in the world of best hosting. Did you know that they can cancel your hosting contract if you spike your bandwidth too high? It’s true. Be careful. It’s in the fine print. But aside from that they do have good pricing, and they aren’t all that bad. However, if you However, if you have a disk failure at 1 in the morning and all you websites are down you may get through to support in 2 minutes but they won’t have your backups. At least that was my experience. I know, I know, we’re responsible for our own backups, but that kinda sucks. With colocationservers and space getting cheaper in the last two years I say it’s time to ditch (Hostmonster) this giant of web hosting. Done, I’m out.”



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  1. 230
    Panagiotis Markos Says:

    Hostmonster is very good. Their price is fair and service is adequate. Good host for my website.

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  2. 229
    Rodrigue Says:

    I’m sure some here have already noted the irony of their name and made jokes about it, so I’ll keep myself from doing so. But monster would definitely suit some of the people working in their customer service department. I was running a website that provided access to background check services, as well as court and business records that are available publicly online to anyone. A few days after the site went live, Hostmonster shut down my website saying that they received complaints about privacy violations. I tried to explain to them that all my site did was provide links and a search option to the relevant government agencies that provided the information for public search online and there was nothing that violated any privacy regulations. The support rep didn’t seem to understand this and then went on accusing me of posting private information about people online such as their social security numbers and addresses. Again, this is not true. That information is available in county court records all over the nation that my site just linked to. If someone wants to remove their records they need to contact the government agency responsible for that and not me. This rep seemed to be very thick so I called back. Another one told me that they are investigating my site and will contact me in 2 days. It took them 5 days to restore my website. A month later they shut down my website again for the same reason. I just told them to cancel my account and that I’m done with them. They didn’t even make an attempt to keep me with their service. I’m lucky I had a full backup of my site done locally and that the domain was registered at another company. I now use another web host. Hostmonster treated me very badly and they seem to have no human logic whatsoever.

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  3. 228
    Pablo Says:

    This company is better than their competition for sure. When I first went to their website I thought that I wouldn’t be getting much for 5.95 per month as all of the other hosts were a lot more expensive. But I was positively surprised by the speed an dreliability of the Hostmonster service as it was much more better than any previous host I was using.

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  4. 227
    Ed Waters Says:

    I didn’t know anything about web hosting when I started out and was overwhelmed by all the choices out there when I was first building this website. But the great thing is that the customer support at Hostmonster made everything very easy for me. Any time there was any kind of issue, they were always available to explain how to fix it and solve the issue for me. This is really the best customer service of Hostmonster. I would certainly recommend this host if you’re new to web hosting and are looking for something good.

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  5. 226
    Rudy Says:

    Hostmonster is nothing short of a huge waste of time. My website has been down about 10 times in the last few months. Every time they get contacted about this, they make some kind of an excuse, which is pathetic to say the least. I’ve caught them lying to me on several occasions. Once they said that the problem was with my internet connection and not their server. By doing a traceroute, I was able to show them that this isn’t the case. Suddenly, they changed the story and said that the problem is being investigated. The site went back up in a couple of hours but I never got a reply even though I was promised I would receive one from a higher level tech. Is this really the kind of web hosting that you want to be dealing with? If I was them, I would simply be ashamed of my actions. This is no way to treat a customer that’s paying for your service. The only way that I would recommend Hostmonster is if it was a free web hosting provider. But to pay and get such garbage service? No thank you.

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  6. 225
    Kent Says:

    This used to be an excellent service but as of late they’re more interested in forcing people to buy more expensive add ons than providing what they claim is in their basic hosting package. What good is promising a low rate of $5.95 per month with everyting unlimited if you’re not really providing an unlimited service? At least they could make different tiers of service so that the users know what’s included in the package or not. They put way too many limits on the amount of files you can have in your account. They’re not published clearly either. Also, limits on the size of MySQL databases mean that if you’re running anything interactive like a small forum or even a blog where you allow comments and input from users, you will get trouble very soon from them. This is why you shouldn’t go with Hostmonster unless your website is really nothing more than a simple collection of HTML pages. Other shared web hosting companies are capable of giving customers a reasonable service and packages without tryign to overcharge them in buying addons so I’m sure Hostmonster would be capable of that as well… if only they made the effort.

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  7. 224
    Francois Nadeau Says:

    Our e-commerce site used to be hosted with Hostmonster before we moved over to a dedicated host. When the site was still relatively small, it worked extremely well and whenever we needed some support Hostmonster technical support was there to answer quickly. Price for shared hosting was very adequate. Personally, over the cheap hosts with a spotty track record, Hostmonster would be the best web host choice.

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  8. 223
    Francis Ayers Says:

    While I could say that I can’t complain about Hostmonster’s web hosting in itself, I would want to state my opinion on their email hosting as I’ve had way too many problems with it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I also noticed some of the most recent revies about them aren’t that all positive either. First I started getting a lot of spam. Over 25 spam messages arriving in my inbox. Most of it was either blank messages or just random garbage text. When Hostmonster was contacted about the problem, their response was that they recommend that I purchae some kind of add on from them. Not good. Next, I started getting complaints that some of my messages, especially if they contained attachments, werent received correctly by the recipient. Sometimes the message would be delayed, sometimes it wouldn’t arrive at all. The response from Hostmonster was very poor. What they said was that there’s nothing wrong with their services and that it must be the person receiving the email that is having the problems, not them. Yeah, except that I don’t believe that, not one bit. I’m changing hosts because of the email issue. It’s too bad, as If they improved that I would stay as I had no problem with my website at all, just the emails.

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  9. 222
    James Morrison Says:

    For web hosting, it’s all right. You get what they advertise. They put a few limits on the number of files that you can have and the size of the database. So if you run two or more websites that use database like a WordPress hosting site or something like that, you may get close to the limit. Maybe not great for all blog hosting, but for general hosting Hostmonster has served me well in the last 4 years. Their rates increased a bit since the renewal, but I will be staying with them as it still isn’t that expensive and you get a website that works.

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  10. 221
    McDonalds Gutscheine Says:

    I’ve been with HostMonster for two years and hosted a variety of sites over that time. I’ve never had a single problem with HostMonster.

    I have called their customer support number a few times with questions and the staff was surprisingly knowledgeable, even when I asked SEO related questions.

    I plan on sticking with them over the long term.

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