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$3.95 Month

  • Price $3.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Support Amazing!
  • Site Builder Free
  • Domain Free Forever
  • FrontPage Ext ’00/’02
  • Technology MySQP, PHP
  • Technology Ruby, Perl
  • Technology FTP, CGI
  • Technology SSH, SSL
  • Email 2,500
  • Domains Unlimited
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Space Unlimited

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Hostmonster Review

Since 1996 Hostmonster has been the web host of choice for thousands of personal and business websites. Their initial sharedhosting package helps small businesses and individuals receive oodles of raw server power for a monthly price that’s surprisingly low especially with one of the HostMonster coupon codes.

This web host prides itself on it’s customer service. So you know you’ll get service from a native English speaker 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Hold times tracked at less than two minutes as stated in many actual HostMonster reviews from customers.

For 2 years running, HostMonster has been the recipient of the “Best Web Hosting Award“, and that’s no small feat. They won it because they deserve it — fantastic service, great pricing, bullet proof servers, and more. Here’s one thing to point out about HostMonster that our readers should know, they are a company with the best shared hosting account on the planet (although Fatcow does rival them as well.).

It all comes down to what you get for your money and Hostmonster gives the most resources for the best price. You can run 10 to 15 very large sites on one account at this host. Try that with Hostgator and you’re going to get burned, with slow servers and downtime. Every hosting company promises unlimited this and that, but it’s a bunch of bull. The real truth is that the more pages and sites you have the more hosting your going to need. Duh.

At Web Hosting Masters, we have become exclusive partners with HostMonster so we can offer you the amazing price of $3.95 each month for their hosting. HostMonster hosting services run the gamut from basic hosting plans for beginners to totally professional web hosting for expert webmasters. You can upgrade at any time and you can add an SSL at any time, as well.

Visit Hostmonster

Their website is  Don’t forget to use our special Coupon Code for a better discount above.

Our Review of the Monthly Cost of Using HostMonster

Hosting your website with a Hostmonster shared hosting package will run $3.95 each month on either a one or a two year plan, if you use the coupon code provided. This price is very competitive with all the other top hosting companies and can really help you get started on the right foot with your website or your blog.

What HostMonster Offers for Your Hosting Needs

HostMonster is expanding at an extremely quick rate among web hosting services on the Internet. When searching the Internet, you are going to discover mostly good opinions regarding this reliable and professional web host. Yes, it is possible to find bad HostMonster reviews on the internet, but this is the case with any hosting company. We think you’ll find that on the whole this hosting company is extremely well regarded and people that are behind the scenes know that they’re great.

You can get all the web hosting, bandwidth, domain hosting, and email addresses that you want at a great low price (cheap even, if you want to call it that). Usually, it would cost you $6.95 every month to use their services, but by using one of our limited supply coupon codes for HostMonster, you will be able to get the same features for just $3.95 each month. Get them while you can as they are only available from our review.

Customer Service and Support

This host has given us superior service at all times. If you need help, you will be connected to an extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and English-speaking customer support representative. This is extremely important when one of your site’s is down and you’re losing $50 an hour or more! Plus, you are never locked into a lengthy contract because HostMonster allows you to close your account whenever you need to, without any charges for unused service.

It is easy to use their CPANEL; and every account is set up with 50 awesome website scripts that are extremely usable, including Fantastico which makes setting up WordPress web sites an absolute dream. Let’s face it WordPress, love them or hate them, is the standard today and you must at least have access to this powerful tool. promises your network will be up and running 99.9% of the time, however, I do not think my website has ever gone off line so it’s basically 100% up time. When you research the internet for HostMonster reviews, you are going to learn that the overwhelming majority of people generally have great experiences with this host.

They are a top notch web host, by any measure. We especially love their customer service. Honestly, I have only had to contact their support team a handful of times, but they are always prompt, pleasant and provide me with an accurate answer for the question I ask.

If you have an urgent problem, I’m positive you will get them on the phone super fast, thankfully I never had a problem that required phone support. Yes, we called their support line to test them and they passed with flying colors.

HostMonster’s Site Builder

I do not currently use HostMonster’s site builder program, but they work extremely well and are very user-friendly. Even the newest user will be creating web sites in no time! If you are searching for a very reasonably-priced (even cheap…gasp) and dependable web host, you should definitely consider HostMonster.

Customer Reviews of HostMonster

hostmonster review - 5 stars, highest review possible “This is a great web host! I have never ever had a problem with Hostmonster and I’ve been with them for almost two years now, not one problem. I cannot ever remember having one of my websites be offline for longer than a few minutes…yes, I do independently track this stuff. Their Cpanel is very nicely laid out and easy to use. I find what I need exactly when I’m looking for it and not ten minutes later. This company is so much better than say a GoDaddy where the entire Cpanel is advertisements for other companies, upsells, etc, etc. When I have had technical issues I simply looked into their tutorials and I was good to go. I recommend this company, if you’ve messed with average hosts…like say, GoDaddy and you’re looking for a real web host…a step up…look no further than Hostmonster. I give my full recommendation.” 


“Supa Dupa! hostmonster reviews - 5 stars, another perfect rating customer reviewWe’ve been over at Hostmonster for three years running now, we have three online businesses and lot of client sites that run there as well. Honestly, I don’t know if we have more than 1 or 2 minutes of downtime in a month’s time, many times our uptime is perfect for several months running. And to top it all off the downtime is almost always about 3 a.m…so very low traffic time. If you’re looking for introductory hosting that’s inexpensive and solid I was at least check Hostmonster out for a few sites. Their support is very technical but also very down to earth as well. We once had a problem on New Year’s Day, yeah I wasn’t watching football that day…and they were on the spot. As if advertised I think I waited until 2 minutes on the phone for support. A lot of reviews might bash Hostmonster, but don’t buy it. There’s a lot of competition and fraudulent reviews out there. They have been supa dupa for me…”


hostmonster review - 3 stars, good but a few problems with the companyBuyer beware — cheap isn’t always best. You gotta read the fine print, man. In case you didn’t know it there is really no such animal called unlimited bandwidth or unlimited storage. It doesn’t exist in the world of best hosting. Did you know that they can cancel your hosting contract if you spike your bandwidth too high? It’s true. Be careful. It’s in the fine print. But aside from that they do have good pricing, and they aren’t all that bad. However, if you However, if you have a disk failure at 1 in the morning and all you websites are down you may get through to support in 2 minutes but they won’t have your backups. At least that was my experience. I know, I know, we’re responsible for our own backups, but that kinda sucks. With colocationservers and space getting cheaper in the last two years I say it’s time to ditch (Hostmonster) this giant of web hosting. Done, I’m out.”



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  1. 240
    Andy Katz Says:

    I know very little about web hosting and had a difficult time selecting the right host. All of them seemed to be really good but a friend recommended that I use Hostmonster as they are a customer of theirs and were satisfied with the services received. I contacted the sales service at Hostmonster before signing up and I was pleased with how well they answered my questions. Decided to take their deal and it was smooth sailing from there on. I know that there’s many choices in web hosting right now and the other hosts could be good as well.

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  2. 239
    Sagar Says:

    If there’s one thing that I could suggest to the whole Hostmonster services team is that they upgrade their security mechanisms on their servers. Recently there’s been some trouble where two of our websites hosted with them were affected by a virus. This isn’t just an isolated issue as we’ve seen other webmasters complain about this on other forums. As a precaution we’ve moved 3 of our other sites to a different server as these sites were producing the most revenue and having a virus on these would disrupt business too much. We’re now considering shifting the remaining websites to another hosting provider. It seems like there are numerous issues that were reported at Hostmonster and their associated company Bluehost when it comes to hacking and viruses. Until they’ve proven that they fixed their problems, it’s probably better to keep looking. They’re not even the cheapest web host and still despite being priced at a reasonable level they don’t provide the service customers would deserve from a really professional hosting service provider.

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  3. 238
    Morin, L. Says:

    Host Monster web hosting is a lot better than competition. I saw that at 5.95 per month they cost more then the competition and I was really wary of all the web hosts that seemed to promised all unlimited services for like 3.95 per month and lower. I was actually surprised quite pleasantly with the Host Monster services. Speed and reliability are always at their top levels with this web host. This isn’t the first web host that I’ve used and I’ve had other providers in the past. Host Monster would be the best web host of all of them up until now. If what you’re looking for is a very high quality web host and not to waste your time I would sincerely recommend that you change your hosting to Host Monster when you need a better host.

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  4. 237
    Silivio Guerrera Says:

    Nearly perfect web hosting solution from HostMonster. Download times are very fast. This was a much needed improvement over the other web host I used in the past. I’m really happy to see that I no longer have to deal with slow loading times. HostMonster has very good software available in their control panel and making the installation of WordPress was very easy with the Fantastico installer they provided. Was using a cheap web host before and I needed to get it installed manually which was quite a headache to do. Will continue using the HostMonster service so long as they’re able to maintain their high standards of service and keep me satisfied with them.

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  5. 236
    Jay Allister Says:

    After a year with HostMonster’s web hosting services I’m very satisfied with their offering right now. They gave me the help needed when I had some questions. The promotional price was good at $5.95 per month and now it’s $8.99 if you renew after the first year of using them. I also have a second site with them that I use mainly for email hosting and that site works really well too. Recommended based on their good price and high performance of hosting. Websites and the main administration control panels always load extremely fast. Very positive experience with them.

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  6. 235
    Thomas Says:

    Moved my website over to Host Monster web hosting and had a a lot of problems from the very beginning. Receiving database errors all of the time. Support at Host Monster refuses to admit that the problem is because of issues on their site. It took a lot of struggling with them to move my website over to another server. A week later the response time of that server started to get slow as well but they still refuse to admit that there’s a problem on their site. Finally I made the decision to move over the files I got with them over to another company. I’m now making a full backup of the files I have on the server with them. The problem is that FTP disconnects at random times making it difficult to download things completely. Of course Host Monster sees no problem with this and persists in saying that there must be something wrong with my internet connection. Obviously, for this reason I really don’t recommend them at all.

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  7. 234
    Hector Pires Says:

    They used to have a great service but as of late they’re getting progressively worse and this is much much worse. They pressured me and another friend to upgrade to a more expensive service that would end up costing even more than your own vps web hosting server. Unlimited services are a big joke at Hostmonster. They put very restrictive limits on the number of files that you can have with one account so hosting more than 2 or 3 sites that use a system like WordPress hosting is getting impossible with them. If you receive a lot of emails you should beware that all the emails that you keep are going to count towards the inode limit. So if you have 100 junk emails that accumulate each day in each mail box you have beware because you’re going to hit the limit very soon. If you want better spam protection so that all of these junk mails don’t even reach you, they try to charge you even more. Two of the sites we own are Joomla web hosting sites with the e-commerce attachment and they’re now dangerously close to the limit even though they have barely over two dozen products on each site. Hostmonster just sent me a rude email threatening to cancel the account and take the sites offline if the files aren’t removed or we don’t pay for “Professional” hosting. Don’t feel like upgrading as their “Professional” hosting is way too expensive and I doubt they can demonstrate anything known as professionalism at this host. Moving my files away from them is the best solution I can find as of now.

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  8. 233
    Larr E. Lutz Says:

    Be very wary of HostMonster. They recently started a “Terms of Service Compliance Department” and have shut my Web site down three times in the last two months because of what they call excessive database size. The problem is that they have two measurements of database size: CPanel and phpMyAdmin. CPanel routinely reports massively larger database size than phpMyAdmin, often on the order of 2Gb larger. HostMonster has told me to use phpMyAdmin as the more accurate indicator of size, but they use the CPanel figure to shut down the database. I’ve kept a daily record of the differences and sent those records to them on a daily basis asking for them to help me understand what’s going on and how to remedy it. They have responded after an enormous effort. They now are saying that a database with an absolute total of 200Mb of data on teir site often has a total size of 3Gb for an overhead that is 9,999,999,999 the size of the data. They claim CPanel reports the actual size while phpMyAdmin reports only the size of the data. Trying to get them to clarify this only results in tremendous obfuscation. When I call them, they talk nebulously about page cache sizes in CPanel and delays in updating, but never give any real explanantion. Ultimately, every time they have shut my Web site down, they have reopened it — even though I have done nothing to change the size of my database. Somehow it miraculously gets smaller in CPanel just as the result of my calling them. If you don’t want to get repeated, threatening emails about your database size and have your Web site repeatedly shut down, look elsewhere for hosting.

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  9. 232
    Ben Rogers Says:

    Hostmonster is a fine web host if you just build a basic web site. If you need something that is really interactive and multimedia I wouldn’t recommend them as there are some limitations as to the size of the databases and the type of files you can upload to their server. My Hostmonster account is used to host two basic business websites that run on plain HTML so it’s fine for that. Concerning reliability I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary so I would say their service works fine with regards to that.

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  10. 231
    Lass Says:

    We’ve used our Hostmonster web hosting services for a year now and are very satisfied with their services. Absolutely fantastic and speedy support for the customer. Updates are given in case of a planned service outage every time.

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