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Hostrocket review of the company
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HostRocket Review

HostRocket hosting offers a variety of services ranging from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting. They are based out of New York and currently have over 100,000 domains hosted on their 200+ servers. The one thing that makes HostRocket hosting very unique is they are a self-sufficient company. They are debt free and run entirely on profits. This can be accredited to their excellences in customer service since day one.

With the many engineers, they employ in their data center there is always somebody monitoring the servers around the clock. This allows HostRocket hosting to provide the best possible service along with great support for all of their hosting customers.

Currently HostRocket hosting offers shared hosting for $5.99 with 6 months free, reseller hosting with either VPS or Cloud, and dedicated server hosting starting as low as $59.99 per month. You can find out about all the different packages offered by HostRocket hosting by clicking below.

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Shared Hosting – The Full HostRocket Review

Our Editor’s Choice and HostRocket Review

HostRocket offers one shared hosting package with four different payment plans you can choose from. You can pay by the month, twice a year, once a year, or once every other year. If you choose to pay once every other year they will throw in 6 months of free hosting and if you pay yearly they will give you 3 months of free hosting.

Every payment plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited domain hosting. They provide full support for all of their hosting packages any hour of the day, any day of the week. This is the best choice for a package from HostRocket hosting if you are just starting out.

In addition to your hosting package, you can add extra features like a dedicated IP address, SSL certificates, domain registration, domain transfer, and remote back up for a small fee. These are all very important features to consider for your website or blog.

Self-Sufficient and Debt Free HostRocket Review

One of the benefits you get with HostRocket hosting that is rare of any business is the ability to be hosted by a company that does not have any debt. From day one HostRocket decided they were going to start on their own dime and never take out a single penny in financing. They currently have absolutely zero debt and will remain that way.

This means you don’t have to worry about whether or not the company will go out of business or fall off the map. It is no secret that the reason most companies fail is due to the financial structure of the organization. With HostRocket hosting you don’t have to worry about this and your hosting account will be safe for many years.

HostRocket Review of the Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a couple steps up from shared hosting and when you are looking for the best, you want to have a dedicated server for your hosting account. With HostRocket hosting you can start with the smallest server for $59.99 a month or you can go with the largest one for just under $200 a month. It all depends on what your needs are and which server will fit you the best.

The dedicated servers offered by HostRocket hosting from 60 GB of storage all the way up to 320 GB of storage, along with 512 MB of RAM up to 4 GB of RAM. Whether you need a larger server that can handle all your files and information or you just need a smaller one to get started, you can choose from five different prices and servers with HostRocket hosting.

Support and Extras from the HostRocket Review

With HostRocket hosting you get many things just like you will with any other hosting company. You will have access to a script library that includes WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and a host of other choices. You can do everything from putting up a blog or website to running your own store or forum.

The tools you need are just part of the package with HostRocket hosting. You also get professional support with award winning customer service as the base of the company. Many believe HostRocket hosting has one of the best philosophies when it comes to customer service and many have been very satisfied with the treatment they receive when dealing with the support team.

Customer Reviews (HostRocket Review)

HostRocket review - 5 star rating

“Very reliable host…”

“but then again our website is fairly simple so we haven’t had much experiences with their support team. HOWEVER, there have been quite a few instances of where everyone on my shared server, including me, was hacked – our index page was replaced with some nonsensical hacker statement. It wasn’t a problem for us because we keep a backup of our site, but I imagine it may have been for others. But yeah, otherwise – almost zero downtime for us.”

HostRocket review - 5 star rating

“Very good and very reliable…”

“I would recommend this host to anyone looking for a good one. Pricing is good, and customer support has been very helpful and reliable. A+”

HostRocket review - 5 star rating

“HostRocket offers both plenty of space for you to store your web site…”

“and enough bandwidth to deliver. If you have a lot of side projects which require the use of sub-domains, HostRocket is generous enough to provide you with unlimited sub-domains (a unique factor amoung most web hosts). HostRocketis the first host to utilize “rollover bandwidth” that allows unused bandwidth to be used in the following month. This is an excellent value because it virtually eliminates costly bandwidth overage charges often faced by webmasters at some point. An excellent feature, if you have a very popular website.

With faster servers, technical support, and a 14 day money back guarantee, they are an excellent webhost. Watch out for their set-up and domain registration fees ($20/year), which is higher than most webhosts.
So in Conclusion Host Rocket has a nice Customer service team that answers all your questions.”

HostRocket review - 5 star rating

“Excellent support is the biggest reason I’ve always recomended hostrocket.com…”

“When I was first starting out and didn’t know anything I needed a lot of help and hostrocket was answering troubletickets 10 minutes after I’d submit them. Over the years that has remained typical – amazing!
Very fast and no downtime too.”

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HostRocket Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

6 Responses to “HostRocket Review – A Debt Free Company”

  1. 6
    Caspian Says:

    I’m on the reseller cloud hosting package at HostRocket right now and let me tell you that it’s exactly what I was looking for in many years. Great customer assistance and much more reliable than my other web host which seemed to have extreme difficulty just keeping their servers on.

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  2. 5
    Ulmar Jorgo Says:

    A big thanks to Host Rocket for the help given to me so far. My website had a problem when a hacking happened. Full restore of the website has now been completed by a technician at the Host Rocket web hosting center. Because of such good help received from them I didn’t waste time in getting my site restored. Because otherwise I would need to use my local backup and uploading the data plus restoring manually all the configuration will take hours. Host Rocket handled everything well.

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  3. 4
    Warren Says:

    The rocket at HostRocket is really flying high it seems. I have their cloud hosting reseller package. We’re not reselling the hosting itself, but using it to power a lot of hosted applications for some clients. These applications also require a lot of CPU power to work properly and this was over the limit for many of the cheap cloud web hosting companies you have in your list right here. But with HostRocket it works. The package is around $0.91 per hour of usage and at the highest block level you get 54 GHZ of processor and 54 GB of RAM. The storage of 380 GB could havve been higher, as I know some cloud providers who give up to 1 TB, but still it’s adequate as the apps we use right now are not too heavy on the storage requirements. Never had any downtime or any other problem. Just lost connection once to the server but upon retrying everything went fine.

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  4. 3
    Frank Says:

    Currently i’m subscribing to the Host Rocked web hosting services. Relatively good pricing maybe not hte cheapest but the cheap ones are rarely good. Site speed is fine. Not always optimal but still loads fast majority of the times. Cpanel is good with good options and no issues finding the right tool for the job.

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  5. 2
    Harry Smith Says:

    I’m using their reseller cloud hosting at HostRocket. Very reliable. Right now I have 10 accounts with different websites hosted on them for my clients. I needed the most reliable web hosting I could find and so I’m glad that I found them. Extremely happy with my choice of web host with HostRocket. I had a couple of queries for their support and these were indeed answered within minutes. Very few other hosts have such a high standard of service as they do.

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  6. 1
    Martin Says:

    HostRocket is my choice for hosting. They are not a cheap web host as you can see that it costs $5.95 per month instead of $2 or $3 like you would see with the cheap companies. But the quality is there. And it is really there. No overselling that I noticed. No “server error” or “500 error” every day either. Love them and HostRocket is the best for small business hosting according to me.

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