Price $5.95
Disk Space Unlimited
Domain Free
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Overall Not Rated
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Price Not Rated
Reliability Not Rated
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Top Pick 2011
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$5.95 Month

  • Price $5.95
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Tech Support Top notch
  • Uptime 99.9%
  • Plans Upgradable
  • Email Fast
  • Spam Protection
  • Site Builder Top Notch
  • Control Cpanel

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Inmotion Hosting Review

Most industry experts consider Inmotion Hosting to be “World Class Web Hosting” due to their excellent hosting deals and dependable servers. Within our review we will introduce you to this company and their excellent rates.

Inmotion web hosting is one of the premier hosts for businesses, especially ones of larger size, but these guys can do it all.

The only minor problem that we’re hearing about is that there are some problems with their sales chat system, but that’s really not much of problem, in our opinion.  We’ll explain why below.

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Today’ InMotion Rates

Two Years for $5.95 per month

One Year for $6.95 per month

Visit their Website Here:

Saving Even More on Your Hosting Package

If you are able to find one of the Inmotion hosting coupons you can save a little bit off the price of the hosting package.  It just depends on what type of deal they have going on and usually you can find a coupon code right on their website.


What We Think of Hosting From InMotion

A lot of the hottest web hosting review websites have labeled Inmotion Hosting as the most desirable web hosting provider online, and we tend to agree.  There are plenty of different reasons why this particular host is recommended by so many people, and we will discuss several of those reasons throughout this hosting review.

Competitive Pricing

InMotion provides users with some of the most advanced technical support anywhere in the web hosting niche. With rates beginning at $6.95, and a vast array of more affordable hosting packages from as low as $3.00 per month, it’s no wonder people are falling in love with this host. Their business bundles are comprised of limitless bandwidth capacity and endless disk space memory.  Not to mention, if you get your package when they run one of their coupon specials, you can use Inmostion hosting for an even cheaper price.

Hosting Powered By Multiple Data Centers

Why is Google the most important and powerful search engine on earth?  Well, they have an amazing algorithm for indexing content, of course…but they also have multiple data centers which helps their index extremely up to date and powerful.  Well, Inmotion hosting has multiple data centers too.  This is something we certainly like.

Proudly InMotion Offers Only Green Hosting

Sure, it’s true that in the web hosting industry a lot of the major players are going green, in fact it seems like a competition to see who can top the other guy.  It’s a techie thing, but the underlying fact is that people love green technology.  If your web host isn’t green, honestly it is sort of a big deal.  No worries here, since Inmotion is super green and always looking for ways to keep our planet happy and healthy.

One of the Best Site Builders in the Hosting Industry

A lot of folks are looking for a web host that has a free site builder, one that is easy to use and creates a web site that doesn’t look like it was built by a graphic designer from 1995.  This is an area where Inmotion excels. They are often cited as one of the best small business web hosts for that reason specifically.  Many of the Inmotion hosting reviews from customers have stated their satisfaction with the site builder.

If you’re a small business owner and you want to throw up a good looking site without dropping $1,500 or more on a developer, Inmotion is a great choice.  Don’t let anybody fool you, you can build a good looking web site yourself with the right tools and some determination.  If you have the time and you want to save money building your own company site, this is a great web host choice.

We were especially impressed by website builder, their multiple data centers, and that fact that Inmotion is 100% green. If you happen to be in the market and looking for a reliable web host provider with reasonable prices, Inmotion Hosting will make an excellent selection.

Customer Reviews of InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting review - 5 stars, highest rating


Our business is in the hospitality industry, we’re a small boutique hotel…and our previous experience with web hosts was simply awful.  So, after some consideration and a lot of hemming and hawing we decided to start over.  And after we researched things out for a while we decide to go with Inmotion.  It’s hard to believe the difference, it’s like night and day.  Everything that they promised came true, we launched our new site ahead of schedule and we haven’t looked back.  Their support team is amazing, they think of everything.  All of our questions and concerns were dealt with in a professional manner.  What more do you want?  Free ice cream?  Our business is once again kicking ass, even in this recession.  Nice.

in motion hosting - 4 star rating

We like.

There pricing is competitive, so that’s good.  But what’s more important is that their customer support and servers are absolutely bullet proof.  I bet you could call this company at 5:00 p.m. on December 25th and get somebody top notch on the phone.  That good.  And if you’re emergency isn’t that much of an emergency there’s always their chat box.  Guess the pricing could be a tad better…but overall very good.

inmotion hosting reviews - 4 star rating, good

Web hosting on the cheap…and friendly service.

Ok, so I own a boatload of domains, and my old hosting company was crap so I had to switch.  I chose to switch to Inmotion and thought that transferring my domains to this new host would be a big pain the ass…low and behold it wasn’t at all.  I am still just amazed at their customer service, it’s out of this world.  Since I joined with them I have bought about 10 more domains and I just keep building my little empire.  Great service and a great company.  But, it would be nice if they provided one centralized email address for all my domains.”

inmotion hosting review - 4 stars, another good, not perfect

You could switch but why?…

Ok, there is definitely hosting companies out there that have much better pricing, no doubt about it.  But, for the peace of mind and service that InMotion provides I’ll stick with them, thank you very much.  In too mention that the uptime guarantee that that give actually means something.  The spam filters work, the emails I send are devilvered and don’t get lost, so what i’m trying to say is that these guys rock when it comes to the stuff that really matters.  Sure, you could save a couple of bucks going with another company, but you’re messing with a good thing…good business people don’t do that.”


I have loved this company from the start of it…

When I called and spoke to somebody over at InMotion, when I was just starting out, it was fantastic, they answered all my questions and showed me what a great company they really are.  I use the site that I’m running primarily for the email accounts, and they run like a super tight ship.  My site is in the works, but the email works flawlessly and I’m able to get my emails on my phone inside of Outlook when I’m out hustling new leads, which is what I wanted initially.  Thanks to everybody at InMotion who’ve done such a great job to get my business up and running so smoothly and so quickly.”

inmotion web hosting review

Not as impressed, didn’t like the bait and switch…

Not really all that impressed like everybody else, I don’t mean to bring this company down, but my experience wasn’t as glowing, and I’m just keeping it real as we say.  The thing is that they are not unlimited in their bandwidth and storage like the originally said, my shared hosting account is getting too much traffic they say.  I’m hearing that this is sort of the standard in the industry they sucker you in with unlimited this and unlimited that, but I’m just not digging on that at all.  I would think companies would be more upfront.  I think that they think once they’ve got you, they’ve got you…well, it’s not that simple.  A little disappointed.”


As you can see most of the In motion hosting reviews from customer are quite positive.  However, if you found a specific in motion hosting review that bothers you, then check out our Top 10 Web Hosting Picks for 2011 to find a better choice for you.

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  1. 220
    Cliche Says:

    Really at the top of all the web hosts. InMotion needs to be placed at the top of your lists of the top ten web hosts that you have going on. I’ve used FatCow in the past and I can tell you that InMotion is far more professional and of the best quality than them.

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  2. 219
    William Says:

    I was with several web hosting providers during the past ten years and In Motion is the company I’ve used for the last five of these. Their servers have never gone down and they have all of the software and services that I need to use. Every time I needed assistance they were available to do anything necessary to help me. It doesn’t cost too much either. I also helped several clients get set up with In Motion and they’re also extremely satisfied with them.

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  3. 218
    Ben Fuller Says:

    Inmotion is the best web hosting company that I’ve ever used in my entire life.

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  4. 217
    Jean Samson Says:

    I used InMotion for 4 years. It’s still going really strong. I was easily able to install the e-commerce tool Magento with no difficulty or slow down. Also built a blog based on WordPress on the same account. Again, no problems at all at this level. While not the cheapest web host, InMotion is definitely the best in my own opinion. I highly recommend that you use them if you want a very reliable hosting company to deal with.

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  5. 216
    Lewie Says:

    We’re very disappointed with Inmotion web hosting service. Upon talking to other people, we don’t seem to be the only ones even though review sites about hosting seem to be flooded with all positive reviews of Inmotion Hosting. If you asked a year ago, Inmotion Hosting would have gotten near perfect marks from us. But as of late their hosting has degraded quite badly. In fact they went from a very good business web hosting service to being on par with a cheap web host that charges a dollar a month. We’re paying more than the regular hosting to get a business hosting account and don’t see any benefits of this anymore. Inmotion promises that they give business hosting clients better service and faster connections but right now it barely goes higher than average. The website goes down repeatedly in the past couple of weeks. Contacting support about this does nothing positive. The support reps, although friendly and very fast to respond to questions always have the same line that they use: the server that is hosting your website is experiencing technical problems and a team of technicians has been assigned to evaluate the situation. Last time this happened, our website has gone down for over 12 hours. No refund, no apology, nothing from them. When asked if we could at least be moved to a different server as the one our site is based on right now is having issues, support keeps dodging the issue, either changing the subject or saying it will be investigated and they will get back, without doing anything. If this low quality continues we will be certainly changing hosting companies. If this was a free web host we wouldn’t care. But since we’re paying good money we at least deserve to get something that resembles good web hosting.

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  6. 215
    Steve Albertson Says:

    I have a lot of experience working with web hosts and have myself worked in the web hosting and data center industry. Inmotion is a firm that does their job well and they do it completely at 100%. Everything is taken care of and there isn’t a single negative thing that I have to say about them. I want to give a big thanks for their excellent support team as well.

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  7. 214
    Jake Goldman Says:

    I like InMotion because of their superior approach to customer services. With them I don’t feel like I’m just a number, but they treat me with real respect as a client of their hosting service. This is, of course, always appreciated from any company, but I noticed that in the hosting industry, true customer support is very difficult to find. So when I see it offered at a host, I will gladly thank them.

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  8. 213
    Presley Says:

    InMotion is the greatest web host and needs to be on the top ten web hosts list for ever. Their plans may be a bit confusing if you don’t know anything about hosting at first but as you gain experience you will see that it’s for the better.

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  9. 212
    Terry Malton Says:

    Want to give a big thanks to Tim K. from InMotion technical support. Everything is working great on our business website thanks to your very fast response and professional advice. Web hosting companies need more people like you. Great to see that InMotion is the best web host as they take customer support seriously all the time and not just when it’s profitable for them. Rep was very patient and took 40 minutes to explain all the process.

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  10. 211
    Imad Says:

    I see here that a lot of people are extremely happy with InMotion’s web hosting plans. This may be the case with most of you but my experience has been slightly different with them. While their prices are fair and their services operate most of the time, the quality of the actions of their technicians made me doubt a few things about this web host. Our site was infected with a trojan twice and they said that they would deal with it in a few hours, but it took nearly a day to fix. Apparently, this was something that happened on their server where one site was compromised and other sites were affected. Their response was that if we wanted better security we could always move our site to a dedicated web hosting service. A dedicated server hosting plan wasn’t really what we had in mind as it would be way too expensive and way too much for what we’re using the service for. While the issue was eventually resolved and they put an update that they increased their security, they could have handled the situation a bit better.

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