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iPage Review

With over 10 years of experience iPage has been in the business for a long time, and that really counts for something.  There are many fly by night hosting companies that you won’t get much, if any, support from, but iPage isn’t one of them.  They have a reputation for being very flexible and focused on customer service making sure that nobody feels like they aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

iPage has now joined the biggest trend of the last few years — they’ve gone GREEN. Buying wind generated renewable credits offsets their environmental impact from using electricity.  You’ll be happy that you signed on with an eco-friendly company with a great track record.

Seasoned Management Team

iPage has a great management team in place and has carved out a nice little niche in the world of web hosting.  They’ve been around the block, being in business since 1998, and they have excellent up time of 99.9% has been reported by most of the iPage hosting reviews.

Visit iPage

Taking advantage of the iPage promo is something you should certainly do once you are done reading our iPage review.  This will help to save you money and it is a little better than most of the coupons out there.

The bottom line is that when folks are searching for a web host they want a reliable one, and the best hosts are prepared, their servers are pretty much fool proof, and that’s what we all want, right?  We want to know that our company web site or our affiliate sites and blogs are up and making us money.  It’s that simple.

Green Web Hosting from iPage

iPage has grown significantly since it was started and that speaks well to their customer service and quality.  However, there is another factor at play here, they’ve joined the green hosting trend, and with the many webmasters and small business owners being young and progressive this style of web hosting has definitely caught on.  There’s obviously a lot of people that are in the market for green opportunities wherever they may find them.  In case you’re wondering, the servers at iPage run on electricity — however they buy wind energy credits to offset all the power they use.

They are a great fit for small to medium sized websites, but if you’re looking for something for a really, really large and complex site, this might not be your best choice in a web hosting companies. However we know most don’t need that much power or size.  So, iPage nicely covers most people’s web hosting needs and the reviews from customers back this up.

Who knows there may be a program in your state which rewards working with green companies with tax breaks in April?  It doesn’t hurt to have your accountant investigate the matter, and of course you can sleep better at night knowing that you’re helping to keep our planet nice and healthy.

iPage offer an Anytime Money-Back Guarantee

A huge advantage of iPage is their ‘Anytime Money-Back Guarantee’. If you are familiar with the hosting industry, you should know that the majority hosting services only allow 30 – 45 days trial periods. However, with iPage, you can claim a full or pro-rated refund when you cancel your account anytime during the subscription period.

In other words, you have no risk at all when subscribing to iPage. Anytime when you find something you dislike with their service, you can simply cancel your hosting account and ask for a refund.  Now how good is that?!?

Of course, having said that we know that you’re not going to have a problem with this company other wise we would not endorse them.  However, getting that kind of guarantee just makes it a lot easier to hit the buy button, since buying hosting for the first time can be scary indeed.  This takes all the pain out of the process.

Customer Reviews of iPage Website Hosting

ipage review

There are email limits…watch out.

I was not fully satisfied with the email service over at iPage, for a while we had server errors and emails where not arriving properly, and when they did they were often marked as spam.  That’s poor STMP.  Also, the accounts have size limit which cannot be modified (only 250MB).  They do have nice features…a super web site grader and some other things but I want my emails delivered properly, I can’t run my business without that.”

ipage reviews

Price doubled after first year.

Well, I just got my bill from iPage and my costs have doubled!  I was paying around 50 bucks and now it’s over 100 bucks, which I did not know was going to be the case, I wish they had been more upfront about this when I signed up with them.  Some of there scripts aren’t the best either.  But, their uptime was good and I never had any major problems with their servers and their customer service is good, when I needed them.  So all in all I do think they have good servers and service which seems to be what everybody is looking for anyway.  I give 4 stars.”

Great company…but…

If you think that you’re getting that FREE domain for life you’d be wrong, it’s only for one year, if you get the right promo.  So, I guess I was misled or I feel like I was misled, maybe I didn’t read the fine print, anyway I was a little bit bummed about the fact that I had to pay the 12 bucks this year to renew the domain.  But, whatever, they are a really good web host, never had any problems with there servers, and I’m a techie so I never really have any support problems.  All in all, pretty darn tight…but I’m still a little bummed.”

ipage review -another 4 star rating from a cool cat

I’m picky and these guys are good…

To be completely honest I’m pretty picky and I have changed hosting companies in the past at the drop of a hat.  In doesn’t matter what the problem was, if it was serious I dropped them, it could have been something having to do with the uptime, database problems, php scripts, whatever the case many be, if I felt the hosting company was to blame I got rid of them when the time came.  At iPage I am not having any problems at all, seriously, it’s quite a change.  There cpanel is super user friendly and I can fix any issue myself, which is amazing.  Anyway, a close friend turned me onto iPage and I’ve been with the company for around five months…I plan on staying if all goes well, impressed.”

ipage reviews - 3 star, good but not great

A good host, no real problems…

This is truly a great web host, I’ve used a few, and still do use some others, I have to diversify my IP’s, but iPage is really good, reliable, all that good stuff.  The price is right and you get quite a bit for your money, I would know as I have several web hosts running at the same time.  There are great tools and uploading files and managing your sites is easy and intuitive, unlike some of the other guys I’ve seen.  Service has never been a problem and I realize that’s where a lot of these companies drop the ball, not here.  Their upload manager is a really cool tool, I give iPage the thumbs up. I do like FatCow better so I won’t give this company the full props, but they are good.”

ipage review - 4 star customer rating

No issues thus far…

I am a new customer of iPage, switch over, like a lot of people when I had a bad experience with another company.  It’s sad but true, right?  Well the set up was really easy and fast, which was nice because I really needed to get my sites up and performing very quickly.  I had questions, of course, which they handled really well, and support was fast enough, very reasonable.  No trouble.  My use of iPage and the sites is basically as a landing page for my iPhone applications, the site gets some pretty big traffic, which I do not want going down, lets say.  Haven’t had any downtime, and I’m happy, the cpanel is laid out very well and user friendly, even though I am technical, I do appreciate that because it speeds things up tremendously.  No complaints so far and I would definitely recommend this company to people, good luck.”


As you have noticed there are a few good reviews and the ocassional iPage review that is not as good.  This is pretty normal for a hosting company and you simply cannot satisfy everybody on the planet.  If you want to save a little extra money with iPage use the iPage coupon above ore check back for more a more recent iPage coupon code soon. Also, consider checking out our Top 10 Web Hosting Picks for more great web hosts to choose from.

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  1. 180
    Simon Says:

    Perfect for hosting a small business website like mine. The website is now hosted at Ipage after my previous web host increased their rates by over 3 times the amount and I’ve left them. Moving over my site was very easy as I already had the domain registered at Namecheap and didn’t need to change the registration, just update the name server settings. Ipage tech support gave me some good advice on how to move the files to their servers more easily. For a host that charges only $3.95 per month his is a really good deal for me.

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  2. 179
    Joel Says:

    As of right now I use Ipage to host a relatively small e-commerce website with a Magento installation. I needed a good system to power the site but I’ve heard certain hosts had issues running Magento as an e-commerce platform. For the moment everything has gone well. I’ve set up my website, added the products and it’s now receiving traffic normally. The price is very inexpensive and I get all these services while paying less than $5 a month for my website. To get good quality e-commerce hosting like this for such a low price leaves me quite satisfied with their services.

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  3. 178
    Sylvain Says:

    Ipage has interesting prices and is a good place for blog hosting according to me. Setting up a WordPress blog and having all the things ready was very quick. If you’re looking for a good WordPress hosting provider then I definitely recommend Ipage. It’s been 3 months so far and there haven’t been any signs of problems yet. I just have one blog hosted with them, so I will admit that I don’t know how well they’re going to perform if you have more advanced needs. But I like their service for my blog so far.

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  4. 177
    Ryan Marquis Says:

    Okay, so now I know why this is so cheap. Ipage is the worst web host you can ever find on the net today. Absolute zero and I mean a total zero. Nothing works the way it’s supposed to, especially not their staff. I was having nearly constant problems with their servers. This company doesn’t know how to run their hosting servers properly and it shows. Actually, I’m not even sure if they have their own servers or if they rent space at a cheap data center somewhere. I guess it’s the latter, since whenever I report something, it takes days for it to be checked out and this looks like it has to go through 5 different people before someone actually does something about it. Their employees are rude and lazier than union workers for the government. I’m now trying to back up my files and to take everything some place else. Yes, Ipage is very cheap but if you build a WordPress site you will get all kinds of weird error messages with no way of resolving the problem.

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  5. 176
    Patrick Crawford Says:

    Unfortunately I was among those who got lousy service from Ipage. I just wished I had read some of the reviews here and on other sites before. It seems like there is a number of people who got negative things to say about them and these are usually those who use their site for business. I asked their support if I could host a site that’s running OS Commerce. They said no problem everything is supported and everything is unlimited. My website gets about 30 visitors a day and 2 or 3 sales out of these tops. Ipage went on to deactivate my website saying that it’s for a violation of the terms of service. At first they did the classic thing and didn’t even want to tell me what went wrong. Then they said that my site would remain closed because it was using too many resources and that they don’t host ecommerce websites that have too many products. Another lie, my site has about 50 products, it’s not anything big. Now moved everything to HostGator and it’s running absoutely fine with no complaints from them. I give Ipage a total zero for ecommerce hosting.

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  6. 175
    Grigori Says:

    When searching for a cheap web host I saw an ad for Ipage. I tried exiting the web site and then I got the promotion that many hosts give when you try to close the page: 50% off on the hosting. So now I pay less than $3 per month. They’re actually not bad for a cheap web host or a 3 dollar web host. Functionality is there, the control panel works fine, though may be a bit sluggish at a few times. Uploading the files necessary for the website went well. No other problems to report about them.

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  7. 174
    Bill Morton Says:

    Good web hosting for such a low price. Cheapest web host if you have an Ipage coupon that saves you money when you sign up for the service. Recommended.

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  8. 173
    Tom Caldwell Says:

    The service is very inexpensive and the interface is really good, however Ipage can make more efforts to improve their web page load time. The load time is about 5 to 6 seconds now. Not entirely happy with that. It should be around 3 seconds for the home page as it’s a very simple WordPress blog. Other than this, Ipage performance is good. There aren’t any major interruptions of the service that I know of. Only once or twice have I seen that the site was down for 10 to 20 minutes. If they just improve their load time, Ipage could be the best web host here because of their low prices.

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  9. 172
    Liam Says:

    I left ipage after their prices have doubled to over $130 per year. Not acceptable. They give very cheap o rates to new clients and don’t care about retaining new clients. Bad business on their end. I asked if I could get a lower price and they replied with 2 words “no sorry”. Well I just canceled my service with them and will never use them again in the future.

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  10. 171
    Leslie Says:

    I needed to switch my web hosting service away from Mac as the service is being discontinued quite soon. I looked for an affordable web host as I can’t pay too much for hosting at the moment. Ipage looked good and I have an ipage coupon that gave me a better price when I signed up. I transferred things over within a few hours after registering and it works very well now. My site isn’t too complicated to set up, but in any case it’s nice to see a web host that works very well. I was working on making some changes to my site and made a mistake by accidentally deleting some files. I sent a ticket to their support on Sunday and it was repaired within just a couple of hours. While it was a simple request too, they show that they’re great on support for their users by responding and fixing the problem very rapidly.

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