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IXwebhosting review of the many choices
$3.95 Month

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IXwebhosting Review

IXwebhosting has helped more than 500K sites since 1999 and they are known for providing reliable service in many areas of hosting. They actually started in the living room of a home and have grown to a company with over 100,000 clients hosted on their servers. This means they are not going anywhere and you don’t have to worry about changing hosting companies when you choose IXwebhosting.

As of right now IXwebhosting is considered to be one of the better hosting choices out there. Whether you need shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting IXwebhosting can provide you with the package that you can afford.

Currently IXwebhosting offers a shared hosting package as low as $3.95 and they have packages to fit any price range. Business hosting, blog hosting, and personal hosting are all made easy with IXwebhosting. Don’t forget to use the coupon codes right on their website to help you save a little more money by clicking below.

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Don’t forget to look into the potential addons along with all the different hosting options for your website or blog.

Dedicated Support (Our IXwebhosting Review of Their Support)

The Top IXwebhosting Review of Support

One thing you will find that is very different when you choose IXwebhosting is the type of support they provide you. They provide a very personalized and unique type of support that will give you the ability to use just one person for your support each time you make that phone call. They assign you a support agent to work with directly if you ever have any issues. Most companies will make you call and sit on hold, while you wait for the next available person.

IXwebhosting Review of Their Technology

Many hosting companies can only become successful if they actually have the right technology to help them move forward. They have to be able to keep their customers’ websites up and running properly 99.99% of the time. With IXwebhosting you get the power of a Tier 3 n +1 redundant data center to help give you the maximum amount of up time.

Whether you choose a shared hosting package, VPS package, or a dedicated server from IXwebhosting you will get the technology you need to ensure you are getting the most possible up time. This will give you the peace of mind and allow you to relax when it comes to your hosting.

IXwebhosting Review of Their Cloud Services

With cloud hosting becoming the most popular type of hosting for many different things it is important to have this option whenever you are working with a new hosting company. IXwebhosting offers cloud hosting services to give you the most flexibility and control. They give you the performance you need along with the up time necessary.

They provide clients with root level “white box” access, which means you can install and manage everything you want with your websites, blogs, and anything else you keep on your cloud. They are backed by solid SLAs and contracts to ensure you get everything you need.

What the IXwebhosting Review Can Provide for You

IXwebhosting does not specialize in just one type of hosting like some other companies. They can provide you with a variety of different types of hosting from shared hosting packages with unlimited space and bandwidth to the dedicated server hosting packages necessary for larger websites. Whatever your hosting needs are you can find an affordable package with IXwebhosting.

Customer Reviews (IXwebhosting Reviews)

IXwebhosting review - 5 star rating


“Have been with them for years. I couldn’t ask for more from this web host, and whenever I’ve needed help with technically setting up things as a budding web designer, their tech support team is there to help. Thank you IXWebhosting I am a life long customer. Best regards Lyle ”

ixwebhosting review - 5 star rating

“Best web hosting ever…”

“I have been hosting my website with IX for almost 3 years now, and the support has been outstanding! Even when my website is down, when I called in their support line, someone will always pick up the phone and help me with my problems. I would highly recommend this website to everyone!”

ixwebhosting review - 5 star rating

“IX Webhosting – Cost Effective – Fast – Superior…”

“IX Webhosting is a very superior web hosting company which is cost effective and most of all they are quick and helpful in their customer support. I previously had an account with Mocha Host and they sucked in customer / tech support. But IX Webhosting people take me by hand and make sure that all my concerns are addressed properly. I would recommend IX Web Hosts to anyone who’se looking for a superior service without any headaches :-)”

ixwebhosting review - 5 star rating

“Live Chat…”

“Potential customer. I had a million questions. I received great help from a customer service rep named Elena Druzhinina. She was very patient with me and answered all one thousand of my questions very well. Therefore, I am moving my company web page to your company. I am glad somebody hired her. Great work guys and gals!!”

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IXwebhosting Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

46 Responses to “IXwebhosting Review – A Variety of Choices”

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  1. 46
    Steven Savoie Says:

    I’ve been hosting my sites with IXwebhosting for over a year now and everything about them is absolutely terrific. One of the things I found the best about their hosting is the IXwebhosting web building application. I needed to create a second website but wanted it to be a bit more simple and basic. The web builder available in the cPanel allowed me to do that.

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  2. 45
    Kit Says:

    IXWebhosting is much more reliable compared to all the rest of the hosts here. That’s their best advantage.

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  3. 44
    Nicholas Bastien Says:

    Its great for WordPress hosting too. I have 3 blogs hosted right here at IXwebhosting. One of the best web hosts of all times in my opinion. Today its getting a lot more harder to find a web host that has reliability at all times and that has good prices at the same time. With IXwebhosting I got both. No down time ever. My website visitors never reported any problems with the blog. I had no trouble making WordPress work the way it should, even after installing several additional themes and plugins to keep the site running. So for everything that they’ve done, I want to simply give them a big two thumbs up. Recommended and they deserve to be placed on top position in the best web hosts list.

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  4. 43
    Manuel Ortiz Says:

    Good host. Not the best out there because there’s sometimes some service delays. But for the basic site IXwebhosting should do.

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  5. 42
    Sammy Says:

    I’m a web designer and worked with IXwebhosting on a few occasions when I was making changes to a client’s website. Something went wrong with the server and it kept returning error messages when I was uploading a file via FTP. The tech support guy took care of the problem immediately and so it was fixed within minutes. After this everything worked fine. Great support they have at IXwebhosting and their actual service works very well all the time too.

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  6. 41
    Richardson Says:

    IXwebhosting is one of the rare web hosts that offers a free trial. We took the trial with their unlimtied pro plan and were very satisfied with the level of hosting received and decided to stay. Durign the times where we needed some help to keep the website running IXwebhosting support was there to assist even though the problems were mostly with Drupal itself and not anything wrong with their server. Their dedication to helping their customers is something that other online businesses should do as well but very few actually practice.

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