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JaguarPC review of VPS hosting
$4.95 Month

  • Bandwidth Unlimited
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  • Support 24/7
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Jaguarpc Review

JaguarPC hosting is most well known for the stellar support they provide. They have won several awards for their support since they opened up their company in 1998. As you know, here at Webhostingmasters.com we take support very seriously and the hosting companies with top-notch support always earn our recommendation.

As of right now JaguarPC is considered to be a top pick for hosting. Whether you are looking for blog hosting, website hosting, or business hosting, they have a hosting package for every need.

Currently JaguarPC is offering VPS Plus Hosting packages on Linux servers starting as low as $6.33 per month and on Windows servers starting as low as $9.66 per month. These deals will not last forever, so take advantage by clicking below and using the coupon code “2MOFREE”.

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Also, make sure to look into the VPS addons offered by JaguarPC hosting and the dedicated servers they offer.

The Bottom Line (Our JaguarPC Review, It is all About Support)

One Of Our Editor’s JaguarPC Review

When it comes to support these guys take the cake. They are well established with over 10 years of hosting experience and they offer VPS hosting on very reliable servers for a fraction of what others charge. For only $6.33/month you will get 3,000 GB of bandwidth, 512 MB of RAM, 2048 MBBurst RAM, and Equal CPU (1 core minimum).

24/7/365 Tech Support, Proactive Monitoring, Free Managed Services, and Control Panel (All a Part of the JaguarPC Review)

Even though the best feature of the JaguarPC review is the support you also get many of the features offered by the bigger and more expensive hosting companies. If you need proactive monitoring, managed services and a control panel, then VPS hosting with JaguarPC is the right choices.

The best part is with VPS hosting from JaguarPC you can upgrade whenever you need to. This means you get the benefits of growing your business with your hosting instead of paying for a larger hosting package than you really need, to get started.

Having support any hour of the day and any day of the year will give you the necessary peace of mind to concentrate on your project and not fixing your hosting. They are very quick to respond and offer a Ticket System, Email, Chat and Live Phone support.

Unlimited Inbound Bandwidth (Necessary with any VPS Hosting – JaguarPC Review)

All VPS hosting packages from JaguarPC website hosting will include unlimited inbound bandwidth. This is a necessary feature if you plan to have plenty of visitors coming to your website. Without unlimited inbound bandwidth you will struggle to get your website off the ground and reach the goals you have in mind.

One of the main reasons customers are deciding to go with JaguarPC website hosting is the price. They don’t try to get you with a high rate like many other companies. Instead, they keep the price low and allow you to customize your VPS hosting package with the add-ons you decide you need. No longer do you have to pay for features you will never use.

JaguarPC is not a smaller hosting company or a fly-by-night company like many of the choices out there. They have provided solid and reliable service since 1998 and are still going strong. Even with the few complaints out there they are still providing great service to the millions of accounts they host.

We have heard they can suffer on the side of up time, but they guarantee 100% up time or they will give you a 10x credit for network problems. Sometimes when a hosting company is going through a few growing pains they can suffer a little bit, but we believe JaguarPC hosting is well past any issues they were having.

Customer Reviews (JaguarPC Reviews)

jaguarpc review - 5 star rating

“I’m not a Pro, but they make it too easy…..

First: I’m using the VPS – Discovery Plan with a few extras.

The Quick and Painless: I love my VPS. I haven’t tried a ton of different hosts, I haven’t ran my own hosting company for 72 years, I’m not a professional server admin. I’m just a guy who’s hobbies include running websites.

JPC makes this way too easy, and for a damn good price. Ive seen a few cheaper, but Ive also seen lots of bad shit happen with those hosts. JPC Is well worth an extra couple $.

The Longer more in-depth: Ive been using JPC for 5 months now. Ive had to ask some really stupid questions to their Customer Service Dept. Not only are their replies swift(seriously, almost every reply is within 2 hours) but they’re ALWAYS polite and extremely helpful. Ive never encountered Customer Service like this ANYWHERE. Ever.

Their customer service is like when you’re at a restaurant and the waiter is always watching to see if your drinks are full, if you want to order something else, how your food is, etc. Only without the creepiness factor 😛

Don’t let all this CS talk think that their actual service is sub par either. In the 5 months Ive been with them, my VPS has gone offline 0 times for a total of 0 minutes. Ive got 2 monitoring programs watching my sites 24/7.”

jaguarpc review - 5 star rating

6 years of pleasing service….

Right off the bat I have to agree that JaguarPC’s backup policy isn’t the greatest. But since the days when they were Aletia, we have loved the speed, service, and features. We now have three domains on two accounts with them. Having recently had the chance to administer a Hostmonster account for a non-profit, I newly appreciate the benefits of JaguarPC. It’s just a much more personalized, trusting experience. I have no plans or thoughts of switching.

Biggest Pro: Speed, support, service
Biggest Con: Backup policy

jaguarpc review - 5 star rating

“JaguarPC is by far the best hosting company we have ever dealt with…..

They respond timely to tickets and do not stop until we are 100& satisfied. Their phone support is also excellent.”
(By: Marissa Smith)

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Always make sure to check back for new specials and JaguarPC Hosting discounts and coupon codes.

jaguarpc Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

7 Responses to “JaguarPC Review – VPS Hosting At Its’ Best”

  1. 7
    Max Laverdure Says:

    I know that you have the choice of many hosting companies and the competition has literally exploded as of late but if you want your website to work well then one thing you absolutely must have is a high quality web host that will allow your site to grow and run the way you want it to. Originally I signed up with JaguarPC to use their shared hosting package. This was last year. My website grew a lot in the past year as many new members started joining it. Therefore I upgraded my service plan to their VPS web hosting type service. I’m now using it and can tell you that it’s absolutely perfect for what I need. Both the shared web hosting and the VPS web hosting solution have been great with JaguarPC. And let’s not forget the element that will make all of the difference with a host: the support level done by the company. JaguarPC has never let me down not even a single time. This is why I firmly stand in my beliefs that they’re the best web host.

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  2. 6
    Simon Says:

    I have a vps web hosting solution with JaguarPC active right now. It’s the server at $19 per month. I pay $7 extra for management and Cpanel, but there’s other options if you want like the direct admin panel or the Pleask interface. I could have installed my own software and all, but I’m already familiar with Cpanel so I chose to pay extra for it. For the server quality it’s really great. Every time I work on my vps web hosting server it does what it’s supposed to. Transfering data is done very easily and there is no slow downs. I used shared web hosting before but I ran into too many problems with hosting companies promising everything but then trying to hit you for more money or kick you out when you use too much of the service that they supposedly sold as unlimited. JaguarPC doesn’t do that, they give really really good hosting. They have shared web hosting too for those that are interested but I recommend them more for the serious user who wants more power from a vps or dedi service.

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  3. 5
    Kenneth Muller Says:

    Tried to order a Windows VPS hosting at JaguarPC, but I couldn’t 🙁 The website says that the servers are out of stock at the moment. That’s too bad as I was willing to sign up with them. JaguarPC needs to improve the availability of their services as I know they got a good reputation for VPS web hosting. I really need Windows web hosting to run some Windows applications that don’t have a version for Linux. Now I guess I will have to shop around to look at what others have here.

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  4. 4
    Brian Says:

    JaguarPC is the greatest web hosting I’ve ever seen in a couple of years now. I needed a dedicated server hosting and took a look at some of the cheap hosts. They didn’t look too reliable and upon reading their reviews I quickly found out that they indeed weren’t good companies at all. Checked out JaguarPC, but it looked really expensive. Then checked their section of bargain servers which wasn’t advertised too prominently. I now pay only $70 per month for a server with 500 GB of storage and AMD dual core CPU. No setup fee either. What surprised me is that they guarantee 100% network availability or they give you a credit of 10 times your hosting fees. This shows that JaguarPC dedicated web hosting is the greatest that I could find so far. This is really a perfect company and their website shows they’re very friendly and down to earth people. This was once again proven true when I talked to them just to test their responses when speaking to their sales people. I’m glad that your site let me find such excellent hosting. They have other hosting kinds like shared web hosting too if you need that but if you’re building a serious website that’s going to make you money I recommend that you get dedicated hosting from a very good company such as JaguarPC, you really can’t go wrong.

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  5. 3
    Marty Says:

    Completely agreed with the information you have here about the JaguarPC web hosting service. I’m surprised they’re not more popular online. Maybe they’re simply going after the “smart” users and don’t want to waste time answering questions like ‘How me can makes websites?’ Only ads I saw for them were on technology and IT specialist sites. They’re runnign an excellent business if you ask me. Never overloaded servers, never any down periods of time, never any hassle when I needed to ask them a question about one of their services.

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  6. 2
    James Says:

    I purchased VPS web hosting service from JaguarPC after reading some reviews and getting more information from your site. This was 1 month ago and now I’m very happy with what I’m getting with them. Right now, I’m paying approximately $30 for my service each month and I’m getting exactly the service that was promised to me. I was with a cheap web host based in Romania or something before simply because I couldn’t afford anything more for a server. But was getting too many problems and an admin who was unresponsive and couldn’t even understand basic English. So you can see what kind of nightmare that was when something went down. JaguarPC is the exact opposite. Very well managed and very well run for all of their service. So far I didn’t need any help from them as I’m an experienced web master who worked on websites for over 15 years. Not too sure if they’re good for newbies but if you’re an expert like me it’s all good. I’m just glad to be dealing with intelligent people who know how to run their data center correctly and not a few dudes that look like they’re running a server in their basement.

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  7. 1
    Bill Says:

    JaguarPC is the best VPS web hosting that I’ve ever used in 10 years! Their hosting services are not targeted towards those who just want something cheap and who know nothing about running a site. They’re the company to go to for serious webmasters who like to customize their servers. I get the basic Linux VPS hosting package for $19 a month with JaguarPC web hosting and this is on a 1 month term. Went with their service after I found out that all the other hosts were downright misleading in their ads. They offer you a low rate of around $20 a month but then you find out right when you’re about to make your payment that you’re required to pay for 1 year, 2 years or more! Sorry, but I don’t pay my phone bill, cable bill, etc. 1 year in advance so why would you do that for hosting? Everything is great with their service. Only thing to mention is that the lowest price of $19 a month just gives you the bare OS without any control panel. If you want Cpanel you can get it for $7 more. Otherwise you can install any other software on your server. Works like a charm.

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