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Jumpline review of VDS hosting
$4.95 Month

  • RAM 256mb
  • Disk Space 30gb
  • Bandwidth 200gb
  • IP Addresses 2
  • Power Panel Virtozzo
  • Support 24/7

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Jumpline Review

Jumpline has been around since 1997 and they are one of the oldest privately owned hosting companies in the world. Jumpline hosting has provided top-end hosting for over 150,000 businesses over the past 14 years and they continue to provide the best service and support you can find in a hosting company.

Jumpline hosting strives to be the best in all categories and they make it their mission to provide you with the best possible hosting and the best customer service. From highly trained and knowledgeable technicians providing you with top support to the system engineers making sure you have the most uptime, Jumpline hosting will give you the hosting experience you deserve.

Currently Jumpline hosting offers three shared hosting packages ranking from $7.96 and up along with three VPS packages all under $50 a month. With an annual contract they are offering three months of free hosting, which is a great value. Click below to find out more about Jumpline hosting.

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Don’t forget to take a good look at the VPS packages offered by Jumpline hosting. They are a great value for the low price and the features provided.

Jumpline Review of the Features

The Full Jumpline Review

Since Jumpline hosting uses Dell servers and Cisco Networking hardware, they are set up on a great foundation to provide all customers with the most reliable hosting and service. You can get a large amount of storage space for a price that can fit any budget. The best part is they give you a large amount of monthly transfer capabilities.

You get a minimum of 50 email accounts with your Jumpline hosting account and with the right package; your email capabilities can be unlimited. Customers can even use the packages provided within this Jumpline review to get a dedicated IP address for their business.

Every package includes the Dell Power Edge Servers and the redundant Cisco Networking for a high level of security. Jumpline hosting is also well known for using IBM Backup Utility, which gives you a three tier backup every single day. They store these backups for up to 15 days giving you the necessary peace of mind to know your data is protected.

The Jumpline Review of Their Support

Support is vital to any web hosting package and there are a few issues with the support at Jumpline hosting. There have been some complaints about long hold times and representatives that simply cannot answer the questions asked. However, the online chat support has been rated very high and as long as you have a bit of an understanding of general hosting you should not need this service anyway.

Jumpline Review of Their Uptime

The uptime at Jumpline hosting is like any other hosting company. They promise 99.99% uptime, but that is just something people say. The servers at Jumpline hosting run quite fast and they are quite reliable. Compared to other hosting companies the uptime seems to be about the same as any other large hosting company with many accounts.

The Bottom Line with our Jumpline Review

When it comes down to it, the fact that Jumpline hosting has been providing hosting for over 10 years and many of their original business clients are still hosting with them, is a good sign. Even with the few complaints about slower support and service, they are reliable enough that it should not matter. If you need to use their support just choose the online chat option and you will not have to wait on hold for more than 10 minutes.

Customer Reviews (Jumpline Review)

Jumpline review - 5 star rating

“Good Solid VPS Hosting…”

“Jumpline has provided good hosting to me so far. I was looking into being able to have full control over my hosting with a lot of RAM and the ability to reset my server. Jumpline provided both of those and their custom server control panel makes it really easy to manage my VPS. I can install and uninstall stuff on my server and thats really a good feature. I don’t have to have things that I don’t need like programming languages or modules that I don’t use. They allow you to install Image Magick and other cool image modules so if you are a programmer its a real plus. You can configure your PHP settings too. Their support is good. I usually have gotten a response within 1 day whenever I needed help with something or if I had an issue. If you want a professional host or control of your hosting environment I would go with Jumpline. They are not cheap but they aren’t too expensive either.”

Jumpline review - 5 star rating

“I have been a customer of Jumpline.com for about 9 years…”

“I have seen other companies come and offer better deals but one thing has kept me a loyal customer to them, a 800 number that I can call and get someone. I am a reseller through them and have over 30 websites. I am extremely satisfied with Jumpline.com service, support and applications. The only thing that i wish they offered is the ability to host my own server. I HIGHLY recommend them.”

Jumpline review - 5 star rating

“Not just another cheap VPS hosting…”

“This is my new VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), and I am very happy with the services which Jumpline offer. I applied for “Standartd IP VDS” plan, and in a few hours I received my Customer-ID and password for accessing their services. Now I host my personal web site on a VDS and have full control over the server and its features.

Jumpline VDSes offer the power of Redhat servers and cutting edge software like: Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl. I was happy to find that they offer a web interface designed to ease my activity on the VDS. With “Standart IP VDS” plan I receive one dedicated IP, 20GB of disk quota, 200GB/mo traffic, 32 virtual hosts for my domains and 200 email accounts.

The only biggest con is that learning to use their web interface is time consuming.”

Visit Jumpline

Make sure to look into the amazing deals they have on VPS hosting packages.

Jumpline Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

5 Responses to “Jumpline Review – Great VDS Hosting”

  1. 5
    Jay Says:

    They’re my second choice for hosting as I also have an account with Hostgator where I keep one of the VPS servers for my website. I don’t really like to compare the two as they both have positive aspects but as a general rule Jumpline is slightly superior in terms of response time of their support and general reliability.

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  2. 4
    Tim Says:

    Great prices for great hosting. Jumpline is the most recent host that I’m using right now. I know all the other hosts, as I’ve been with about 20 hosting companies, starting with Geocities free web hosting around 15 years ago. Jumpline is among the best in terms of the standard of service they offer to their members. There are many other good web hosts out there and of course some bad ones too. Jumpline may not be famous like Go Daddy or 1and1 web hosting but for those that find them, it will probably be a good experience as they offer everything you could want to have in a web host.

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  3. 3
    C Behring Says:

    Jumpline was my choice for VPS web hosting. Finally I’ve made a choice that I won’t regret anytime soon. Plenty of allowance for RAM, disk space and bandwidth. Had no problem handling 3 of my larger sites that I moved to them. If you have a question they usually respond within a couple of hours. Great to do business with these people and it would have been better if I started out my hosting directly with them. I know it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

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  4. 2
    Al Park Says:

    Jumpline is very performant for blog hosting. Installation of WordPress hosting, additional themes and several plugins has gone very well. All done within minutes. Adding content to the site now and thus far it functions properly at 100%. Tested with severl visitors and they can all see my site well.

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  5. 1
    Jackson Waters Says:

    Jumpline is great. They don’t oversell their services and actually put a limit on the amount of resources that you can use. Wake up everyone! The unlimited web hosting is a lie. No company is going to give you a shared web hosting account and then let you fill it up with 900 GB of data for just $3 per month like some hosts want to claim in their advertisements. Stacked package at Jumpline gives access to 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth per month which is good for basic use. Attention, they are not the cheapest web host but they should NOT be cheap either. All the web hosts which claim they give 3 dollar a month hosting will jack up the prices once your first term expires and they will also oversell their servers resulting in poor performance for you. Glad to notice that Jumpline doesn’t do such garbage to their hosting clients. After spending just 6 months with them I wouldn’t want to go to any other host. Jumpline web hosting has monthly web hosting rates too so you don’t need to stay with them longer than you actually want to.

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