Price $3.45
Domain Free
Disk Space Unlimited
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Support Not Rated
Top Pick 2011
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$4.95 Month

  • Price $3.45
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • Hidden Fees None!
  • Domain Lifetime Free
  • Domains Unlimited
  • Emails Unlimited
  • Space Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Unlimited
  • Technology MySQL, PHP
  • Technology Ruby, SSL
  • Technology Perl, FTP
  • Technology CGI

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JustHost Review

Just like many other web hosting companies competing in this industry JustHost does a great job of focusing on three things, great support,customer service, and cheap pricing.

Affordable pricing, ultra secure servers, technical support 24/7, and some of the most professional web hosting on the planet — that’s Justhost.  All the features you’re looking for in one low price.

JustHost has just become the most recent website host to join our best website hosting list.  JustHost might be the host that is expanding the quickest on the Internet right now — can you say cheap web hosting?

Quality Cheap Web Hosting

You can get hosting for just $3.45 each month! However, here is our bottom line first impression of this company — in this case you tend to get what you pay for.  Since this hosting company is so cheap their service tends to suffer, as we have found time and time again in our survey and research.

That’s not to say that JustHost isn’t improving their systems, it’s just that we’re hearing negative feedback and we like to report the good along with the bad.

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Prices as of Today:

$3.45 each month for 3 years with our Coupon

$4.95 each month for 2 years with our Coupon

$5.95 each month for 1 year

An Expert Analysis of JustHost

We have not come across a new significant web hosting service in some time. Today, though, we are pleased to provide an analysis of a new and affordable web host known as JustHost.

Offering a Full Refund Policy

As we examine web hosting services, we search for one feature that makes that particular host different from their competition. One feature that jumped out at us is that they offers a full refund policy that lasts forever. The majority of hosts only provide a 30-day guarantee, so JustHost’s policy is simply incredible.

It’s clear that JustHost believes in their service and that they have heard some of the negative feedback we’ve been hearing about too.  They are definitely putting their money where their mouth is, and we can respect that.

You Get a Free Domain Name

For just $3.45 each month, you can get all the disk space and bandwidth you need, in addition to a domain name at no extra charge.  We believe that many start-ups and small businesses are looking for that FREE domain because they’re only going to have one domain, most likely.  Plus, most small businesses and start-ups are brought up on a shoe string budget, so saving $10 bucks on a domain can certainly help.

In addition, JustHost provides unlimited emails, bandwidth, and domain hosting (should you want to add on a domain or two).  Sometimes adding one or two domains is a smart move for a small business because the owner can brand their name with a domain (i.e. or something).

That’s nice because when you’re building a business a lot of people are going to “Google” your name.  They will “Google” your name, your company name, and more. When they find your name as the domain, along with helpful information on your website, they won’t feel the need to move onto one of your competitors.  That’s how fast business decisions are made these days.

JustHost is a good company, and we are more than happy to provide an analysis of this up and coming web hosting service.  We’re looking for them to keep improving, proving that cheap hosting can also be reliable with great customer service.

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Reading what actually customers are saying can be a bit confusing, but it is an important part of the decision making process.  Below you are going to find both a positive and a negative JustHost Hosting review from a few customers and you need to make sure you read the entire review.  Some of the negative reviews out there about any company are isolated experiences.

Customer Reviews of JustHost Hosting

justhost review - three stars, good, but something lacking

After the initial intro period is up…watch out!

Their customer service was really good, but it wasn’t like I was pushing the limits of the servers over there, and the beginning price was really good!  The first year of the contract came out to only around $60…which is sweet.  I got all the space and traffic I wanted for one low price, and they do offer a free domain which you don’t have to renew…this it’s free for life.  But, you have to be very careful with this hosting company because the fact of the matter is that they will charge you about double your first year’s contract…and it will be completely automatic.  There will be no warning and no explanation whatsoever.  They charge your card even though you don’t really see it coming and your card can’t pay you’ll be dumped with like two weeks.  So, great service and great hosting but they are kinda of sneaky in my opinion.  The whole no added fees thing is BS…”

justhost reviews - 2 stars, not good, something very flawed


I would sincerely avoid this company, their hosting and service were pretty solid, but they are shady.  I missed unchecking some box during the checkout period and got this added thing that I didn’t want.  After trying to reason with these guys and repeated emails they did not resolve the issue or refund my money.  I have to do dispute on all three credit card bureaus…pain the ass.”

justhost review - 5 stars, best of the best

I love this company!

When we selected JustHost as our web host we did a lot of research did a lot of research, and we finally decided on them….we couldn’t be happier.  What you get for the pricing is just amazing, all the features and apps, their cpanel layout is the bomb.  There are scripts on there that we don’t even use yet, but probably will someday, it’s nice to know that they are there if we need them…and there is no additional fees.  It’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth to you when you’re trying to figure out what web host to go with, I hear ya, but we just love these guys and we have recommended them to serveral of our vendors who needed help with changing their hosting plans.  Once we had a technical issue and (I know they all say this)…but they actually delivered and solved the problem.  It’s ultra scary when you have a technical problem that you can’t fix and your site is down…when they help you it’s like the cavalry have arrived for sure.”


Free Trial offer??

Free Trial?  WTF!  There was no free trial they simply took my sites and put them on the servers without even telling me.  I chose another web host in the end but I’m still getting bills from Justhost…this sucks.  They keep sending my bills and I keep telling them I didn’t want to use your service.  This is turning into an all out war!  I have send multiple email complaints, multiple and it gets me absolutely no where.  In fact, my credit card was just charged for two years of hosting with Justhost, I mean, come on guys.  This is ridiculous.”

justhost review - only 3 stars, middle of the road

Good up until recently…

We’ve been with Justhost for around two years I believe it is and we’ve been relatively happy with their service and product overall.  Then we got into a bit of trouble and all hell broke loose.  One of the higher-ups in the company, you know the type, wanted some extra spam protection, so we signed up for this new filter that was around twenty dollars for the year, really cheap.  It looked good.  On paper.  But since then our entire company is not getting their emails!  Well, that caused quite a ruckus believe you me.  But the thing is that the folks at JustHost just haven’t been available…well, they are by email, but not by phone.  And I would consider this to be a pretty major issue, wouldn’t you?  The managers aren’t around, the tech support isn’t around, except via emai.  We honestly ended up using one of our people’s little brothers to solve the problem, we had to remove the spam filter and it turned out to be pretty easy for this kid, but I would never have know what to do.  If he hadn’t been around we would have been up the creek without a paddle.  Now, I know no company is perfect, but I’m starting to think that we need to start looking elsewhere for hosting, even after two years of good service, it’s just not worth it to have our company on the brink of shutting down because of our hosting and email!”


Very professional company…

I really find this company to be very good, we’ve never had any problems whatsoever, I can’t speak for anyone else’s experience, only ours and it’s been very good. No major issues at all.  The customer service is fine, the billing is good and they don’t try to pull a fast one on you, we’ve had great uptime and no issues with our site going down.  I have seen some bad JustHosting Hosting reviews, but I don’t truly believe them, probably made up by the haters from other companies.  We have found them to be very professional in every way.”

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As you can see the JustHost reviews are pretty split.  Some customers have had a great experience with the company and others have posts a negative JustHost review.  It is ultimately your decision and if you are concerned due to these Just Host reviews from customer, then you should compare the company to other companies in the top ten hosts on our site.

176 Responses to “Our Comprehensive JustHost Review”

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  1. 176
    Joel Therios Says:

    As a long time Justhost customer I have nothing but praise for them. Cpanel interface very easy to use. Time to create website was very quick as I already had my files ready. The web builder tool was too clumsy for me to use and I didn’t want to pay to upgrade. So I would tell you that the Justhost web builder is not the best but you can download free simple web building apps everywhere online and even find web based versions so this wasn’t really a concern for me. My primary concerns is that both my email and my website are operational. Since they are, I’m happy with what Justhost offers me especially at such a low price of $3.95 a month!

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  2. 175
    Michael Says:

    Was using the hosting service of my internet provider for my business website but they started shutting down the service and moving all their subscribers over to one of their partners who charged exorbitant rates for very little, even though a simple one domain hosting was included in my mobile internet package before. Looked online a bit and I found JustHost through your site or maybe a similar looking site. I’m just here to leave a comment as requested about the experience. After making the sign up the account access was ready in a couple of minutes. Downloaded the RAR file from the previous host and re uploaded it here at JustHost via FTP. Made a few changes to the domain configuration settings. This took a while but this was mainly because my internet provider’s staff didn’t even know they had a web hosting service and I had to talk to 4 different reps over there to get it repaired. Not JustHost’s fault at all. Two days later the website is back to normal. Since the move to JustHost there hasn’t been not a single minute of interruption or delay. Just checked my email to see if I can send and receive using my domain that wasn’t purchased from JustHost and it works at 100%.

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  3. 174
    Jerry Borden Says:

    JustHost is Just Awesome! I had opened a new business, so needed to have a site that looked profiessional with its own domain name. With a combination of using WordPress as the content engine and customizing the code by hand my site looks really great as of now. JustHost has everything you could need from a hosting services provider. The reliability is there and the overall value is present too as you get a valuable service at a budget price!

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  4. 173
    David Jones Says:

    Justhost was really good for me when I used them a year ago. Don’t need their service anymore as I’ve moved all of my websites to my own cloud server. When I used them to host a basic website that was simple to maintain, everything was going quite ok. The price offered by them was really cheap around $2 per month if I signed up for 2 years. All the other things like email and statistic counters worked extremely well in their control panel. Support was available at all times with the live chat. Didn’t call them so I’m not sure if they have phone support all the time, but when I chatted with Justhost tech support they answered my questions completely without hesitation. If you’re looking for a cheap web host and your website isn’t too powerful I would definitely recommend the services of Justhost.

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  5. 172
    David Phelps Says:

    Not the fastest web host in the world but it will do if the site you’re using doesn’t require too many resources. Currently on Justhost I have a real estate site hosted that has quite a few high resolution pictures. The loading speed is a bit lower than what I would expect but it’s not as terrible as some may claim. I think some of the comments here are a bit exaggerated though. Justhost isn’t probably the best web host in the world but for me it just did the trick for such a low rate.

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  6. 171
    Michael Says:

    Chose Justhost because of the very low price promotion coupon they had available. Just set up my website. Set up was fast and easy and testing confirmed that the website is functioning fine for now. If there is anything going wrong with them later will report back.

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