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LunarPages Review – 2011 Web Host Report

Lunar Pages is a mid sized web hosting company which does a lot of things right, and that’s why they have over 150,000 client accounts, however, they are not in our top 10 hosting picks because of reports that they do not deal with problems well.  In this industry, trouble shooting is the name of the game. You will find out very fast as to why they are not in the top ten. There are lots of reasons as to why they are not on our top ten list so just be careful if you are hosting with them.

Main Features:

1500 Gb Space
15 Tb Bandwidth
11 Domains On 1 Account
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Databases


Bonus Features:

Free Domain For Life
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Support

Overall Performance & Business (LunarPages Review – Editor)

While it’s certainly true that, for the most part, the people who write reviews (customers) are either elated with their web host’s service or truly had a bad experience, you have to read in between the lines and find the overarching themes.

Unfortunately in the case of LunarPages, we have heard a lot of problems reported, a lot more bad than good, we’re afraid. You always want it to be the opposite with this kind of site because you should be reading more reports that are good because it’s your website that is at risk and business so just keep that in mind whenever you are trying to decide what company is the best one.

Customer Complaints (Problems – LunarPages Review)

The security and servers over at Lunar Pages are rock solid according to most reviews, although we have heard of some down time problems from a few folks as well.  For the most part though, the complaints are not about the servers, and that’s a good thing. However, you should stay up to date and continue to read the complaints if they have a lot of bad ones and make sure that the complaints about the servers do not change and make sure that people don’t start complaining about those as well because you never know when that can happen if the hosting company does not have a high rating.

Before you decide to go with a hosting company you really need to compare and read both the good reviews and the bad ones. Sometimes they might seem bad to everyone else but they might not be bad for you and so despite all of the bad reports the hosting company might be exactly what you need. However, if you decide to go with a company that does have a lot of bad reviews then precede with caution and know that they might not be the best and you might encounter some problems from them.

It’s nice to know that your data is safe and secure and that down time will not really be a problem, however, the problems start with Lunar Pages when there is a problem, so to speak.  It’s their customer service that gets very poor marks from a lot of customers.  We’re hearing too many reports of not replying fast enough to complaints and getting the run around.  Unfortunately this is the kiss of death for a web host, because support is absolutely critical to being one of the top hosting companies on the block. You have got to really pay attention when you hear a lot of bad reports about a hosting company because there are so many out there that has good reports and so be careful if a company for hosting has bad reviews.

More About This Company (LunarPages Review)

The company is based out of California, and has server farms in CA, NV, and AZ, it offers Microsoft exchange email (a unique feature), and offers IT management services, as well as a decent site builder.  Personally, however, we think that many of these web host site builders are fairly limited, a small business or newbie is better off going with a free WordPress template and getting it adjusted by a designer rather than using a generic site builder.

Lunar Pages call center is located in Anaheim, CA, perhaps it’s too laid back of an area to get great support, we don’t know, but, we do know that this company has a growing reputation of poor support. If you are just starting out and happen to be brand new to hosting online then the one thing you might learn fast is that you should go with a company for hosting that has a good reputation with customer support. The reason why is because there are times when something happens and you might suddenly need help and it could take them awhile for them to reach you then in that time you are waiting you could be losing out on potential customers. If the support is really good then you will never encounter this kind of problem because they will get back to you fast and you won’t have to worry about losing anyone and in time that can make a big difference so it’s always important to know about the customer service before you decide to go with a hosting company. You can always test them by calling them and seeing how they respond to you on the phone and find out they communicate with you. Just because a hosting company might be bad for awhile with support doesn’t mean that they will stay that way forever but if the reviews are new then there is a high chance that things have not changed.

They offer different hosting packages including — a basic plan (shared hosting), windows hosting, business hosting, VPS hosting, and lastly, dedicated hosting — so their offerings are diverse and wide, which is nice.  They do offer some nice sign up bonuses and are of the cheaper side, so a very small business might opt for this web hosting company, if they clean up their act with regards to their support issues.


Please, check out our top 10 web hosting picks, if you believe LunarPages is not a good fit for your hosting.

LunarPages Review

2011-08-18 12:42:23

4 Responses to “LunarPages Review”

  1. 4
    Samson Says:

    Just want to give a heads up to everyone here and congratulate Lunar Pages for a year of problem free hosting. Also Sam from technical support is a great help when he restored files from backup after I made a mistake. Thank you Lunar Pages for making my hosting experience good. Best web host I’ve used in a very long time!

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  2. 3
    Ray Arthurian Says:

    I like the LunarPages web hosting services. I got a free domain when I signed up though the ad was a bit confusing as I found out that for the rest of the domains if you have more then one you will need to pay for them. But still this isn’t a big problem as I understand now that this is how the web hosting services work. With 7 websites hosted on my account I don’t have any problem. I use the Drupal hosting option for some of my sites and there wasn’t any trouble with the databases. Previous host kicked my site because they were saying my site was using too many SQL queries or something like that. I now have several Drupal websites with custom themes and plugins over at LunarPages and nothing has ever gone wrong. I believe firmly that with a great hosting company like this there is very little that could go wrong. Congratulations to LunarPages for all of their good work in their hosting services.

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  3. 2
    Max Says:

    Lunarpages is just awesome 😀

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  4. 1
    Freddy Says:

    We use LunarPages for blog hosting. Certainly the best blog host we found so far. Installation of Joomla was very easy and straightforward. We use their service to host 3 blogs on the account. It’s not unlimited but the limits offered are very generous however.

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