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myhosting review for beginners
$4.95 Month

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Myhosting Review and Why We Recommend MyHosting

Myhosting has been at it since 1997 and they are considered one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in nearly every new market they enter. They are one of the world’s leaders with over 50,000 clients worldwide. Providing excellent service and support has been their mission since the beginning and they have numerous awards to back them up.

Beginners will find the Myhosting interface to be very easy to use. This is a plus and for the price anybody starting off with hosting cannot go wrong since they provide you with all the tools necessary to put up your own website or blog.

Currently Myhosting is offering three levels of shared hosting ranging from $4.95 to $18.95 per month and VPS plans starting as low as $15.95. These prices are highly competitive for the service they provide and the award winning support you get from Myhosting. Click below to find out more about the awesome deals offered by Myhosting.

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The Myhosting Review for Beginners

Our Editor’s Recommendation for Beginners – Myhosting Review

We highly recommend Myhosting for beginners because of the tools they provide starting with the website templates. If you are not sure how to design a website and you want a fast and easy way to make your site look very professional, then using one of their templates will allow you to do exactly that.

All the templates they provide are free with every hosting package and there are hundreds to choose from. Finding the perfect template for your personal or business website has never been easier. The best part is you can even customize any of the templates to fit your business or whatever your projects is. It is important to actually note here that you want people to come back to your website. This is done in lots of ways and one way that it is done is with having a very nice design. If you don’t have a design that looks nice then they might not come back again. All of the templates with MyHosting look professional. They have been done in such a way that the visitor won’t even notice that the template is for free and you will be impressed with all of the templates that MyHosting has to offer.

Beginners looking to start a blog get the ability to do so on one of many popular platforms. Included with every single hosting package are the tools to use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other blogging scripts. This makes it so much easier for a beginner to get the start they are looking for with their online website or blog. You don’t want to work with a system that is complicated when you are first starting out because then you might not want to do blogging anymore. In this MyHosting review you will actually find out and learn just how easy it is to have a blog.

Myhosting Review of the Beginner’s Hosting Packages

Myhosting offers three hosting packages and our Myhosting review will break down all three. Starting with the most affordable at $4.95 a month you will get everything you need to put up a website or a blog. This is called their “Personal Website” plan and you will get a free domain name and free email account with the package. Having a free email is a big deal because when it is free that means you give it out and look professional. It is always better to give out your business email instead of your private one and the email that you get for free can be used as your professional business email address.

The mid-level package is called the Myhosting “Business Hosting” package. Our Myhosting review claims this is the most popular package and we can see why. With this package, you get everything you need to put up more than one website or blog with unlimited domain hosting and a dedicated IP address. The dedicated IP is a big deal for SEO purposes and for security. You get all this for only $9.95 per month. If you stop and think about it you will realize that this amount per month is not a bad deal because you do get a lot of things at once and you save much money because of having unlimited domain hosting. If you had to have a hosting package per domain then think about how much money that might cost you. Lets say that you had 20 domains that needed hosting then you might have to end up paying $9.95 x 20 and that is expensive and so now you can see as to why this is a wonderful deal and how much money you can save from it

The best shared hosting package in this Myhosting review is called the “Ecommerce Hosting” package. This is the perfect choice for a small to medium business in need of a shopping cart. You get everything that is included in the mid-level package along with the SSL necessary for your shopping cart along with many other business tools. This package is only $18.95 and if you are going to choose shared hosting you cannot go wrong with this high-level package.

Upgradable – Myhosting Review of Their VPS Hosting

Just the fact that Myhosting offers VPS hosting is a good thing. This means when the top shared hosting package is no longer enough for your business needs, you can upgrade without switching hosting companies. They offer both Linux and Windows VPS hosting and it starts as low as $15.95. When you find that getting many of the benefits of a dedicated server without the high cost, is necessary, then choosing VPS hosting from Myhosting is a great way to go.

The Overall Myhosting Review and Recommendations

If you are a larger corporation in need of many dedicated servers, then Myhosting is not the right company for you. However, for those just starting off or looking for a very reliable new hosting company, you can find a new home with Myhosting. They have a package that will fit any budget and the ability to allow any small to medium sized business to put up multiple websites and blogs on the same hosting account.

Upgrading is easy and they offer many add-ons to help you enhance the package you choose. The best part is the tools Myhosting gives you and any beginner will find this hosting company very user friendly. They have very reliable servers and fast support backed by many awards they have won over the years. You simply cannot go wrong with Myhosting if you are a beginner. However, there are plenty of things that people who might be advanced can do and that’s a great thing. You can change things around as you learn more about blogging and have a lot of fun with doing it. MyHosting has done it in such a way that both the beginners and skilled can easily advance and move forwards without having any problems. If a problem does come up then they can always contact customer service and they will be happy to help you with solving that problem.

Customer Reviews (Myhosting Review)

Myhosting review - 5 star rating

“Being with My hosting over 15 years…”

“the support has always been excellent the system is intuitive and easy to use. The few times i have needed a customer service representative they have been professional and knowledgeable.”

Myhosting review - 5 star rating

“I have used MyHosting.Com for almost ten years…”

“in all that time I have never experienced an outage or availability-impacting event. Additionally, I can only think of a few times where I needed to contact MyHosting.Com for technical support, all of which was to correct a problem I had created. Each time my problem was resolved in 24 hours or less. To say I am “extremely pleased” with MyHosting.Com is a huge understatement. ”

Myhosting review - 5 star rating

“Web sites hosting and email Hosting are easy to manage…”

“and myhosting.com offers the best solution! Everytime I had a problem, I just email my question to support and I got a good answer within a few hours.”

Myhosting review - 5 star rating

“My early problems were resolved quickly, intelligently and courteously…”

“Since the service has been nearly flawless which is exactly what I wanted in a Microsoft Exchange service. It has been even more reliable than my experience at Microsoft! More importantly their customer service grasped the problems quickly without me having to go over and over what the nature of the problems were. I do a lot of troubleshooting myself so this is important. Tech support calls with other companies are invariably unending discussions where they completely ignore the information I give them, and instruct me to run ridiculous tests that are apparently in a script their reading.”

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Don’t forget to check out all the amazing addons they offer for all hosting packages.

Myhosting Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

7 Responses to “Myhosting Review – The Perfect Hosting for Beginners”

  1. 7
    Matt Roberts Says:

    I saw your recommendation for the Linux VPS at MyHosting and joined them 2 days ago. The server was set up almost instantly. I’m now in the process of uploading some of my files to the server. So far so good, there’s no problem. Keeping my fingers crossed but it looks like MyHosting will do a great job.

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  2. 6
    Brent Says:

    Good hosting for beginners in my opinion. Myhosting is very helpful when you have an issue and they helped our site get off the ground.

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  3. 5
    Richard Watterson Says:

    The business hosting at Myhosting is very good. Some limitations, such as a limited amount of databases and email accounts, but if you have less then 3 websites this should be OK for you. The price advertised is $9.95 per month but this is only good if you take a long term contact with them and pay it all in advance. Otherwise yo will pay $14.95 per month. Still not a bad deal considering the excellence of tr web hosting service and the fact that you pay no set up fee at all. Many other hosts charge you set up fee for business web hosting if you don’t take a contract but Myhosting does not. Never had any contact with their technical support people so I can’t really give them a rating for that. But their website is well made and explains clearly to you what you get with your hosting and some of the additional things you can add if you want them. Overall, I’this is a quality host that I’m very glad to be doing business with at the moment. I want to thank them for their service to me .

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  4. 4
    Lionel Says:

    Myhosting is a great host.

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  5. 3
    Indio Says:

    Myhosting is the perfect VPS hosting solution. Perfect plans and reliability is 100% until now after trying them with various websites and applications running on the VPS server with them.

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  6. 2
    Fred Says:

    Myhosting is the best for VPS web hosting 🙂

    Cheapest web hosting for quality VPS services that could be found anywhere. There are lots of solutions available for those who need a VPS server. It is always possible to ask their sales team to explain their advantages and help you choose. Interacting with them is always a positive experience. Funny logo with the smiley thing 🙂 Myhosting is a company that is really friendly to its clients and so deserves it well. For those in search of the best VPS web hosting look no further as you can find hosting that is both affordable and works excellent.

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  7. 1
    Roger Says:

    We do some projects that require testing web based applications. No need for a dedicated server, but we need a reliable environment to run the apps in. Currently got the LAMP VPS web hosting from Myhosting. Its less than $18.95 per month if you can find a Myhosting coupon than you can also save a few bucks. Everything works fine. Only thing is that you need to pay on a 1 year term for that VPS server. At least its not a 2 or 3 year term like other companies require now.

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