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$4.45 Month

  • Diskspace Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain 1 Free
  • Support 24/7
  • Adwords $75 credit
  • Facebook Ads $50 credit
  • Yahoo/Bing $25 credit

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Netfirms Review

Those looking for hosting that will help them put up the website of their dreams should look at Netfirms hosting solutions. They host over a million websites all over the world. Netfirms hosting has been in business for over 12 years and they have been trusted by many for hosting websites, blog, or anything else necessary.

Netfirms hosting offers a package perfect for the beginner or those just looking to put up a simple website or blog. If you are looking for hosting for many websites, a high traffic site, or a business, then this may not be the best choice for you. However, those on a tight budget can get hosting from Netfirms hosting for a very low price.

They offer one package and it is unlimited shared hosting. You can find out more about this package by clicking below and if you get your package soon enough you will be able to take advantage of one of the lowest rates on the internet. If you want to get your ideas online, then you want to start looking into hosting like what Netfirms hosting offers.

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Make sure to look at all the extras offered within the Netfirms review.

The Unlimited Part of the Netfirms Review

Our Editor’s Honest Netfirms Review

When you need beginner hosting on a budget, it is all about price. Netfirms hosting offers one of the lowest prices for shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. The only issue is you won’t have the ability to host more than one site with this type of package. If that is all you need, then it is a good choice for your hosting.

They will give you everything you need to get your site up and they boast the ability to build a site within 11 minutes. This is due to the great site builder they have and the ability to get what you need in a hurry. User friendly hosting is the name of the game for Netfirms hosting and if you are a beginner you should pay close attention to the Netfirms review.

Netfirms hosting has so much confidence in the one package they offer that they give you a full 30-day money back guarantee. This gives you the ability to try them out for a month without any commitment. When you are trying to find the best hosting you need to have a guarantee that will help you try out a hosting company like Netfirms.

Your Free Domain from the Netfirms Review

Another perk you get from the Netfirms package is a free domain name. This is not for just one year or for the package, you buy of hosting right now. You will be able to keep and use this domain name for free as long as you host it with Netfirms hosting. This will give you a bit of an extra value every single year.

You also get to choose from any extension you want. Some hosting companies limit your free domain name to the cheap extensions, but with Netfirms, hosting you can get a dot com, dot net, dot org, or any other extension you want. This means you don’t have to give up the possibility of being ranked high in the search engines.

Free Marketing from the Netfirms Review

There are many benefits you get from the inexpensive package of hosting from Netfirms hosting. Not only do you get the free domain name, but you also get $75 in advertising credits with Google, $50 with Facebook, and $25 with Yahoo and Bing. This means you can start getting the word out without spending any of your hard-earned money.

That is not all, either. With Netfirms, hosting you will also get access to all the Google webmaster tools, which will help you with tracking and marketing. Finally, you will get a listing on yellowpages.com, which means more traffic, more branding, and the ability to get your website in front of many more people.

Customer Reviews (Netfirms Review)

Netfirms review - 5 star rating

“Long time Satisfied customer…”

“Netfirms has hosted my site for about 5-6 years now. I have near zero complaints. Yes, you have to wait on hold sometimes for 5-10 minutes but the advice and professionalism and knowledge make it worth the wait. They have been most easy to work with. I would and have recommended them for any small business.”

Netfirms review - 5 star rating

“These reviewing sites tend to attract people who have a complaint…”

“and not those who have had good experiences. I’ve been with Netfirms for about 3 years, where they host a number of websites that I maintain.

The sites are monitored with SiteProbe, so I get a notice within an hour of a site going down or up. I’ve had 3 outages in the last 10 months, and none have lasted more than an hour (that’s how often SiteProbe checks, so it’s probably less than an hour). So, I don’t see an issue with reliability.

I’ve only had to call Netfirms support once or twice, and I have had to wait quite a while to get through to someone (something like 20 or 30 minutes).

Pricing is fair – not the cheapest, but far from the most expensive, and for what you get, it’s very reasonable, in my opinion.

I would recommend Netfirms any day.”

Netfirms review - 5 star rating

“The did some sort of “migration” and our site was left down…”

“I’m not an expert in this field and use iweb and my mobile me account. I was glad to speak to customer service. The answered quickly (even at lunch time), were very nice, and solved my issue in about 3-4 minutes. Will stay with Netfirms for some time to come. They will help you stay up!”

Netfirms review - 5 star rating

“Reliable Host for my Business website and Blog”

“Netfirms had me up and running with a Website and Blog in literally minutes. Servers were fast, setup was easy. Whats really cool is their Grid Hosting feature which I understand they were amongst the first to develop. I bought the Netfirms Business hosting plan which includes toll-free customer service, 5 free domains and Windows and Unix hosting features all one on plan. I used their support services to get help on domain transfers and spoke to a friendly rep who pointed me to the right spot on the control panel. To top it all off, the included 5 free domain name registrations are free for as long as you host with the Netfirms Business plan. I moved 3 domains over using the Control Panel. I give them a 9/10 for overall value.”

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Netfirms Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

6 Responses to “Netfirms Review – Unlimited Hosting for Beginners”

  1. 6
    Bill Curt Says:

    Highly satisfied client of the Netfirms hosting right here. Reason why I’m so happy with them is because their web hosting services are a cut above the rest. I came to them from one of the local hosting companies in my area after I wasn’t happy with them. Prices were over $10 a month and the support was only available from 10 am to 4pm with frequent down times requiring that you call them and wait on hold for 30 minutes only to be told what you already know; that the service is interrupted and that they’re working on fixing it today. I didn’t really know what to expect when I joined up with Netfirms, but I immediately saw an increase in the quality of the services I got. No more slow website or unavailable support team. Anytime I needed to get in touch with them, day or night, they were available to speak with me. Customer service is very polite and professional with me at Netfirms.

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  2. 5
    Max Peters Says:

    For the low price they have for business web hosting services I didn’t expect to get too much from them. At the start everything was working great. Traffic was coming in steady to the site and email web hosting was operating fine just like it was supposed to be working. Only had one problem. They were switching some web servers around and it looks like they didn’t reinstall some of the sites correctly as out site was inaccessible for some time. The problem didn’t go away after a few hours so I called them. They answered quite fast and took the issue seriously. It was repaired in less than an hour, they said if I called them before it would have been found faster. The way you evaluate a hosting firm should be not by what they promise in their packages, as all hosting firms have almost the same thing now. But rather it should be about how they handle a problem that you report. I expect a fast solution and one that fixes the problem. Netfirms web hosting did this so I consider them a good provider.

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  3. 4
    David Kelly Says:

    Netfirms is very inexpensive and a good, professional web hosting company. The good thing is that you can pay for just 12 months, so at $4.95 per month this comes to less than $60 that you pay when signing up. There’s no fee for set up or activation or anything. Just be careful and uncheck the options you don’t need when signing up. They try to sell you the domain privacy, backup and security, but I didn’t need this. Hate it when a company tries to select these as default when you’re signing up, but I see that all hosts now do this. My website has been in operation now for over 2 months. The control panel that Netfirms has took a few minutes to get to understand as I wasn’t used to it, not like my old host. But once you explore around finding what you need from it gets much easier. I didn’t call them for anything as I was able to do everything online myself so I can’t give any ratings for their support quality.

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  4. 3
    Morin Says:

    Used NetFirms indirectly for a few weeks when I was building a website for a client that runs a small shop. Looks like they’re a great choice for small business owners that want to get online as they provide a lot of services to make this easier for them. I’ve worked with maybe a hundred different web hosts (some were resellers though) and NetFirms would be among those in the top ten web hosts award list for sure. Good service, simple interface and reliability was present at every moment. When uploading large files, no trouble. FTP connection worked well. Usage instructions provided were clear and provided a simple explanation for all needed procedures. While I didn’t use them myself as I already have a server for my own business, the client reports being satisfied with the site I built for him and didn’t state any problems with the host so I guess I would give them an “all good” rating.

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  5. 2
    James Baron Says:

    The Netfirms host powers my business site. I have a small computer store here and I’ve used Netfirms for the past 3 years. Didn’t notice any trouble with them. Don’t know how support is as I’ve never contacted them. Price seems ok. Maybe there’s cheaper out there but I’m staying with them just for the sake of their good service.

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  6. 1
    Mark Says:

    I’m visiting your site to check the different hosts out and noticed there wasn’t much reviews for Netfirms. It’s been about 4 years since I last used them and I used their free web hosting package for 2 websites. These were very small businesses so I didn’t really mind that it was a free host. Not sure if they still have a free hosting plan but their regular plans seem good. Only thing I’m a bit disappointed with is that they don’t offer a plan where you can just pay by the month and not have to pay for an entire year in advance. I don’t really like paying for a web host in advance so I guess I will need to go with a different host. But for those that don’t mind they seem like an attractive site hosting company. Back when I used them, even though it was just the free service I never had a single time where there was any trouble with their service or any down time. So if a company is able to provide a free service and still make it so good I guess they would be a good web host.

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