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Omnis review of cloud hosting
$4.95 Month

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Omnis Review

Omnis hosting was started in 1999 and they originally were like every other hosting company out there. However, they have since evolved and now specialize in cloud hosting that won’t break your budget. They offer some of the most affordable packages for cloud hosting packed with great features. On top of their hosting, they also offer many other web services to help you get your site up and running fast.

With Omnis, hosting you will be able to get a cloud hosting account on either the Linux network of servers or the Windows network of servers. The packages start as low as $5.95 a month and are all under $10. This is their one specialty, in the hosting world, and they do it quite well.

Currently if you pay for a full year of cloud hosting up front you can get it for $6.95 per month with Linux or $8.95 with Windows. However, if you commit to a two-year plan you will save a dollar a month on each and every month. This is some of the most inexpensive cloud hosting you will find and it comes from a very reliable company with a proven track record. Click below to find out more about Omnis hosting.

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Don’t forget to add a Dedicated IP address for better security and search engine optimization.

The Omnis Review and Cloud Hosting

Our Top Editor’s Omnis Review

The Omnis hosting network is what is known as a Tier 1 network. This means you get super fast loading times with fiber optics supporting your website or blog. They are located out in California in the most connected building on the western side of the United States. On top of great speed, you also get the support of Cisco networking for even better reliability.

With cloud hosting from Omnis you will not be disappointed. They will give you everything you need for personal or business use including all the tools of either the UNIX network (Linux servers) or the Windows network for your cloud hosting. This is simply one of the best choices if you are on a budget and want to gain all the benefits of cloud hosting.

Easy Scripts from the Omnis Review

If you are a blogger or you simply need a top-level content management system, you will be happy to know Omnis hosting will provide you with over 40 choices for your content management system. They include all of these CMS choices with full support for your forum, image gallery, shopping cart, and much more.

Bloggers get the power of the most popular CMS, WordPress, with every cloud hosting package from Omnis hosting. Directly within the account control panel you can install WordPress or any of the other content management systems securely without any struggles. This means you have the ability to create a website, blog, or even a forum.

Omnis Review of the Features

When you decide you want cloud hosting from Omnis you will get a wide array of features. They include a free domain name, unmetered disk space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited subdomains, free site builder, shared SSL2, and even unlimited domain aliases. This gives you all the power of a shared hosting account, but with better speed and security.

On top of all the features that are already included with your package they give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try their hosting for a full month, get a feel for whether it is for you or not, and then you can either keep it or get your money back. In addition, they will let you add on a dedicated IP, Private SSL, and a premium site builder to your account.

What Cloud Hosting from the Omnis Review Really Gives You

The power you get with cloud hosting cannot be matched for the inexpensive price charged by Omnis hosting. They simply have the best value packages for cloud hosting around. For under $10 a month, you can be a part of one of the most powerful networks with some of the fastest load times. If you want to be successful online you need to have the speed provided by a cloud hosting company like Omnis hosting.

There are many hosting choice out there and you can stick with the traditional shared hosting or go with something a little better like VPS hosting, but cloud hosting is the new best thing. It is very inexpensive, but still provides you with top speed for your site and the best security you are going to find for under $10 a month.

Customer Reviews (Omnis Review)

Omnis review - 5 star rating

I have been with Omnis for a long time…”

“I have experienced some horrible customer service from them in the past, with someone actually hanging up on me twice. However, in the past year or so they have really improved. I prefer to use their Live Chat service on the omnis.com website. It seems that the guys there have really gotten better about being patient and understanding that the average site owner may not be a genius web developer and we might have to ask some stupid questions to get up and running. Their backend functionality is pretty user friendly. I really like the monthly billing instead of one hugs hosting bill all at once. They have server issues occasionally, but I think its just part of the business. I would definitely recommend Omnis to a new customer or someone just transferring domains.”

Omnis review - 5 star rating

OUTSTANDING “Technical Support” — Extremely User-Friendly…”

“Their reliablitiy is Un-matched! I’ve never had any downtime in the ten years I’ve been with www.omnis.com — EVERY ISSUE (usually self-inflicted by me) has been diagnosed & fixed either instantaneously or within 24 hours. I’m so proud of the service they render & features they offer, I’ve signed up two additional clients I represent. Competitors have offers ‘cheaper/better service’ (their pitch)….But I’ll Never Leave Omnis.com.”

Omnis review - 5 star rating

“I was reading the posts about omnis and at one time i would of agreed…”

“However things are changing maybe it’s the times i don’t know. But my service has vastly improved within the last year. Omnis is on it’s way back up to the top and there deals currently are the best in my opinion. And the customer service was actually helpful and i would recommend you try them out, in this time saving money is a absolute need and omnis fits my budget as well as assist me in my needs. Old posts are just that, old posts and times as well as things do change and omnis is changing for the better. If your just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot of money i would say go with omnis you wont regret it.”

Omnis review - 5 star rating

I have been hosting with omnis for a few years…”

“I actually have a few different websites with a few different web hosting companys (just to be safe). Well today, Omnis was able to solve a problem with a hosting account that was hosted on a competitors server! Kudos for them going above and beyond helping me with a frustrating issue I have been having for a while. I am now in the process of transferring my other accounts to them.”

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Omnis Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

6 Responses to “Omnis Review – Cloud Hosting at its Best”

  1. 6
    Jared Says:

    I got the Windows cloud hosting at Ominis. Even though I pay a bit more I needed a host with Windows hosting as some of the scripts I have run better with their Windows version and I’m more used to working with it compared to Linux hosting. I don’t know if it’s the cloud hosting or just the way Ominis runs but reliability has been 100% for me. This is a welcome change from all the other hosts I’ve been dealing with in the past. My pages also load a whole lot faster on Omnis.

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  2. 5
    Richard Jenner Says:

    I like this web host a lot. Omnis always worked without interruption which is a much needed change from my old company (Just Host) that had problems each and every day.

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  3. 4
    Stan Berner Says:

    We currently subscribe to the Linux cloud hosting service of Omnis. It’s $5.95 per month currently and is a very good price for cloud hosting. They give you unlimited bandwidth and the storage is also unlimited. This is rare among cloud web hosting providers. Only issue that I have with them is unfortunately they don’t provide complete cloud servers that you can rent per hour or per month. So if you need to run some applications that would require a virtual server environment or a dedicated machine all to you, unfortunately they’re not the best solution for you in that case. This is also the reason why we will be leaving them in the next few weeks. If your needs are limited maybe they’re the best web host for you. This is more close to what shared web hosting would be than a true cloud hosting solution that completely allows you to take control of your own server. nothing wrong with their service when it met our needs.

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  4. 3
    Oliver Says:

    If you are a webmaster that wants reliability Omnis is the way to go. Our site is powered by them for 1 year now and we’ve gotten nothing else then great web hosting. Omnis may be more expensive when you compare it to the three dollar web host but you will get a hosting of much higher performance.

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  5. 2
    Brent Jackson Says:

    This is the company that we use for Windows web hosting for 5 of our websites. Support at Omnis is far superior to all the other web hosts that offer the Windows hosting service. Really knowledgeable staff that resolves any question that you have within minutes as opposed to making you wait for days. You rarely wait more than a few minutes to have someone attend to your needs here too. If you consider all the great service they give, this is the best web host. Should definitely be part of your list of top ten web hosts, they’re a serious company.

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  6. 1
    Romeo Says:

    Omnis is cloud web hosting which is the best web hosting type period. More flexible and scalable than just regular shared hosting. Also found that it was much more reliable than standard web hosting and less prone to server problems. Only bad thing about Omnis is that while they offer cheaper rates than some of the bigger cloud hosting providers they require you to sign up for 1 or 2 years in advance and there is no pay per month like with others in the cloud hosting industry. Too bad because if they did offer a monthly billing option I have about 4 friends that may have signed up for their cloud service instead of going to another place. But that’s the only thing they could work on improving in their business plan. Can’t comment too much about how much support they offer because I didn’t need to speak to anyone over there about some technical issues. All the issues I’ve had like installing Drupal hosting I was able to fix by myself as they have a good guide available which tells you how to do everything.

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