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Powweb Review

Powweb hosting began providing high quality hosting service in 1999. They have established themselves as a leader when it comes to highly affordable hosting. When you choose to host your website with Powweb hosting you actually get the power of custom web hosting software designed specifically with you in mind. They continue to provide the most reliable, high performance hosting possible.

By using Powweb hosting you will get access to the newest technologies including load-balanced servers. This technology helps to ensure your account does not experience any downtime just because they have to update their software and servers. It will keep you up longer and give you a better experiences with your hosting service.

Currently Powweb hosting is offering one plan with one price. They only ask that you pay $3.88 per month for hosting with them and you can choose to pay for one year or two years up front. The best part is they provide you with value hosting that is packed with great features for an incredibly low prices. Click below to find out more about Powweb hosting and what they can offer you.

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The Powweb Review of Hosting Services

One Editor’s Powweb Review

Powweb hosting provides what is known as value hosting. This is when you are getting the absolute best value for your money in the hosting world. Many other hosting companies charge nearly five times as much for the same package you can get with Powweb hosting. They give you a ton of disk space, bandwidth, and the features you need to put up your website or blog very fast and easy.

The other great thing Powweb hosting provides you, is an award-winning company that you can trust. They have been around for over 10 years and they have a real staff monitoring the servers and the network every single hour of every single day. This means you get the reliable hosting service necessary to give you the confidence you need in your hosting company.

The Powweb Review of Speed

There are two things that help make Powweb hosting faster than other companies are. It starts with the high speed OC12/48 connection that provides reliable high-speed performance on a tier 1 provider. This will make sure you get the most reliable service out there along with the lightning fast speed you desire.

The second thing that helps to ensure your hosting is super-fast is the use of load-balanced servers. This type of server allows the company to make updates without interrupting your service even for a second. IT also allow the servers to be set up in a way that they are not overloaded with accounts ensuring you get the most speed possible from your hosting.

Security Within the Powweb Review

Since Powweb hosting uses their own servers and are not providing you with reseller hosting from another company, they can secure these servers in the best possible ways. With an experienced team they are able to provide you with the best security possible without slowing your service down at all.

Even if you do have some type of issue they have a friendly technical support stat ready to help you any day of the week and any hour of the day. They provide phone and e-mail support whenever you need it and they are always working to upgrade the security so that you don’t have to worry about being hacked.

Powweb Review for the Blogger

If you plan to set up a blog or a network of blogs, then you need to know about this Powweb review section. Bloggers need platforms like WordPress and Joomla to make putting up a custom blog and managing it much easier. You get both of these scripts along with many others with your package from Powweb hosting.

They provide you with the tools necessary to get your blog up and running in no time. They also give you everything you need to manage your blog, grow your blog, and become the successful blogger you want. This is very important and if you plan to start a blog or a network of blogs you should certainly consider Powweb hosting for your foundation.

Customer Reviews (Powweb Review)

Powweb review - 5 star rating

“Their uptime is ecstatic, almost always up to 100%…”

“Their server’s connection and response time is also in shipshape.

One of the features I love most is the greylisting of email. This blocks spam from mass mailings and zombie units. It actually trimmed down my spam by approximately 97%.

Powweb hosting service is highly recommended not just for professionals, but for everyone; even those who are just starting up and in need of a good hosting company.”

Powweb review - 5 star rating

“Three of my websites are hosted by Powweb…”

“and I am deeply satisfied with their performance. When I began, Powweb was already on top of the list when it comes to their features and capabilities. Their active forum may be their ace because members get to share their know-how and assist other members in fixing their simpler problems. Forum members are really, very friendly.”

Powweb review - 5 star rating

“I have no problems with PowWeb…”

“I have 3 websites with powweb and have had no problems at all. Support has been great and fast response every time. The price is great for the first year but after that it almost doubles.”

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Powweb Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

5 Responses to “Powweb Review – Friendly and Reliable”

  1. 5
    Carolina Traversy Says:

    Use PowWeb for one of my business. Their advertising materials are correct: they’re both fast and reliable.

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  2. 4
    Alonzo Says:

    For 4 months I don’t have any problems with Powweb. Switched my site from a company in my country that is charging $15 a month for just 250 MB of hosting which was really a joke. Good unlimited hosting and Magento ecommerce hosting installation was done easily in the control panel.

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  3. 3
    Stanley Says:

    I can’t say that I would recommend this hosting. Just had too many problems with them. It looks like Powweb is trying to do something good with their hosting but the results for me were just not there at all. At first the trouble started when I signed up. After several hours my account still wasn’t set up and I couldn’t log in at all. Had to call technical support twice to get the whole thing fixed. Then a few weeks after I joined the down time started. Almost every 2 or 3 days there would be a an outage of more than 15 minutes on my sites. This isn’t good for SEO and it isn’t good as it may lead visitors away from my site as they think it’s not working. In the last few weeks this seems to have stopped and during the month of April I only had about 20 minutes of down time in total. Maybe they’re actually doing something that will improve their services but I wouldn’t be too quick to say that everyting is going well here. I think that there’s plenty of shared web hosting providers better than Powweb.

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  4. 2
    Will Says:

    Another great host among the collection of all hosts I’ve been using in over 15 years now. Powweb is my web host of choice for the last 10 years. Since 2002 they got a good customer service, technical support services and great options to build your website from the ground up. Right now I’m up to 4 websites on my account with them. They’ve been online since 1999 i think and so they’re a reliable web hosting company. You shoudlnt’ have any relliability issue with them at all.

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  5. 1
    Joe Says:

    Powweb is the best host according to me. Saying these just because they have 100% reliable. Not once did I see my site slow down or even worse go down. Cheap web hosting can be good if you go with the right hosting and Powweb is definitely one of the good hosters here.

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