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Singlehop review of hosting
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Singlehop Review

If you are not familiar with Singlehop hosting, then you might want to become familiar. With over 80,000 satisfied customers, they are quickly becoming one of the top choices for dedicated and cloud hosting. They provide hosting in over 100 countries worldwide and they have over 5000 servers that they currently manage.

The power is in the server and with Singlehop, hosting you will have a powerful solution to your hosting. The Singlehop review will introduce you to all the hosting options you get to choose from along with why this is one of the best choices out there for your hosting. The best part is they will even manage your server for you.

Currently you can get a dedicated server set up and ready for you in less than an hour. They start a $99 per month or you can go with public cloud hosting, which is ready in 15 minutes starting at $50 per month. It is up to you and you can find out more about both types of hosting by visiting their website below.

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Don’t forget to look into the managed server option from the Singlehop review.

The Dedicated Solution from the Singlehop Review

What our Editors think about the Singlehop Review

When you are searching for hosting and you know dedicated is the way to go, Singlehop hosting is the choice preferred by many. They can provide you with top-notch servers from $99 and up per month. You have the choice of a dedicated server, a dynamic server, a managed server, and even a specialty server, for your dedicated server needs.

A dedicated server is much more secure than using shared hosting or even VPS hosting. This is why Singlehop hosting specializes in dedicated hosting and will give you the option to choose from many different types of servers. If you want the best type of hosting you can possibly find, then you will want to look into dedicated hosting from Singlehop.

We rate Singlehop hosting as the top choice for dedicated server hosting and they will even manage your server for you. If you don’t have the staff or the money to pay an IT staff, you can pay a little more every month and have Singlehop manage your server for you. This will free you up to work on the more important things.

Choosing Cloud Hosting from the Singlehop Review

Another choice from Singlehop hosting is their public cloud hosting option. This starts at $50 per month and can go as high as $670 if you need a large amount of resources. This is one of the newer types of hosting and it can be the right solution for your website. If you decide to go with cloud hosting, then you will get instant scalability along with many other benefits.

Not everybody is ready for or can afford dedicated hosting. This is why Singlehop hosting offers great cloud hosting to keep you from having to settle for shared hosting. You can use one of the fastest performing types of hosting instead, and give your website a real chance to succeed.

What Makes the Singlehop Review Different?

Located in Chicago, Illinois Singlehop hosting is well known for hiring only the best and the brightest to help you get what you need from your hosting. This includes the support staff and they will be there to help you from day one with around the clock and year round support. You will have someone there to help you whenever you need it.

Support is vital to your success and if you choose the managed hosting option from Singlehop hosting you will be able to get your site up and running in no time. The time it takes for Singlehop to get your server ready is minimal and much faster than other companies. You can be ready to go in less than an hour.

Customer Reviews (Singlehop Review)

Singlehop review - 5 star rating

“I’d like to say that SingleHop has provided me with excellent service for over three years…”

“I began with their smallest dedicated server package and have upgraded/migrated several times – I currently have an ‘enterprise’ level solution and I couldn’t be happier. The SH tech support staff is available 365/24/7, and I have had nothing but first -rate service any time I’ve needed or requested their help.”

Singlehop review - 5 star rating

“I just signed up with site hop yesterday…”

“They had my server up and running within the hour. As well, today I made a bad mistake on the server, and had to enter a support ticket. They responded very quickly, and just as quickly took care of the problem for me. Overall, I cant speak to the long term value in this company, but so far i’m very impressed. I never write reviews, but felt inclined this time. Recommend it!”

Singlehop review - 5 star rating

“Our company has been a dedicated server customer for 6 months and we have experienced no downtime…”

“I remember the tech support team being very helpful when setting up our server, even when some of our questions were beyond their responsibility. I really appreciate that.

I’ve toured inside one of their two datacenters and the redundant connections are all there. SingleHop seems to be always open to suggestions and also has a handful of proprietary admin applications to keep things running smoothly.”

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Singlehop Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

4 Responses to “Singlehop Review – Our #1 Dedicated Hosting Choice”

  1. 4
    Yan Dumont Says:

    Good cloud hosting at Singlehop but even better technical assistance. Exceeded all of my expectations. I had a problem getting a certain app to run on my cloud server with them. I kind of expected the support to just say that it’s not their problem but to my surprise they took a genuine interest in helping me out. It took them a couple of minutes to figure out the issue and reconfigure some things on their end. Now everything is working for me again. Cloud hosting is getting really popular as of late and so you will find a lot of hosting services that will be offering. But if you want my advice go with one of these providers that can actually help you in times where you need them. You will see it will make a huge difference.

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  2. 3
    Sany Says:

    For cloud web hosting, Singlehop is a very good choice. I really like their plans and the way they’re structured. It still remains affordable considering the services you will get from them. Full support is included and they’ve helped me run some apps that weren’t provided by their service. I love their dedication to helping the customer take full advantage of their web hosting service rather then just seeking out clients that will use the minimum and never bother them. Support response times were very fast with them too.

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  3. 2
    Zen Minaj Says:

    Great Cloud web hosting. Not the cheapest web host but it’s really the best for cloud hosting if you need it.

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  4. 1
    Landy R Says:

    We needed a service provider that offers cloud servers and also good hosting capabilities. The software that we use can sometimes be a bit demanding on the resources of the server so that is why we went with Singlehop. They have a good reputation for cloud services. They’re not the cheapest but the reliability and good support is there. There were a few times where things slowed down, but things got working back up after a few minutes. No complete interruptions or major slow downs of the server in the last year means they know how to run things at Singlehop.

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