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$2.75 Month

  • Price $2.99
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Domain Free
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Space Unlimited
  • Domains Unlimited
  • Cstmr Service Amazing
  • Data Center Brand new
  • Guarantee 30 Day

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WebHostingPad Review

Having been around since 2005, these boys have the experience and the veteran knowledge to get things done and deliver on providing the two things we all want — great service and great servers.

WebHostingPad just leaped into 3rd place on our list of best web hosting sites! provides a reasonably-priced website hosting plan that comes with a domain at no extra charge. You get website hosting for just $1.99 each month!  Make sure to read the full review below to find out more.

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Prices as of Today

$1.99 each month for 3 years with the coupon above

$2.75 each month for 2 years with the coupon code above

$4.95 each month for 1 year

WebHostingPad Offers a 99.9% Up Time Guarantee

Yes, it’s true, a lot of hosting companies talk about 99.9 percent up time, but WebHostingPad puts there money were their mouth is and guarantees it.  If you’re even slightly web savvy you can keep tabs on the up time and if they drop the ball, you can call them on it.

The deal is that they won’t be letting their servers have any problems with this type of guarantee, and, of course, we’re all looking for reliable web hosting.  We want our sites working for us 24/7/365, and we don’t want to have to worry.  Our incomes are on the line, so remember to choose a web host that not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. :)

The Service and Support They Offer

We’ve all been there, right?  We’re working on our site at 3:00 A.M. and something goes wrong, and we blow a gasket!  If you can’t get your web host on the phone any time day or night, like RIGHT NOW, you’ve picked the wrong company!  WebHostingPad has superior customer service, so when things go wrong, you won’t have to wait until they arrive at their office to get them on the phone.  You don’t want to skimp on customer service, unless you enjoy stress and nightmares.

The Lowest Pricing You will Find from a Good Hosting Company

WebHostingPad grabbed our attention and keeps getting better rankings on our list all the time. You can get website hosting with WebHostingPad at a very low price. They offer probably the lowest hosting price of any service when they are offering a promotion, and they have become popular because of this low price.

You will discover that opinions on the Internet through the hosting reviews and the service they provide are nearly always positive. Clients think that WebHostingPad is excellent, and a lot of opinions talk about their wonderful customer help and affordability. In my opinion, there is only one hosting package that could be a negative for certain users, but generally this host is excellent.

Customer Reviews of WebHostingPad

webhostingpad review - 4 star rating customer reviews

I’m what they call a Newb…

And I actually helped a friend upload files to this web host.  Sure, the process is easy for someone who knows what the heck they’re doing…not me.  But I ended up uploading everything just fine using their proprietary software for FTP.  I didn’t have to mess with something like Filezilla…which again is probably easy for somebody that knows what they’re doing, but it just intimidating for me.  We had to delete some file, the default.htm over in the public html folder in order to make things run smoothly, this sound hard…but it turned out to be not such a chore after all.  So, anyways.  Love their software, seems to be a really good company.  No complaints whatsoever.”

webhostingpad reviews

“We got a wonderful deal on pricing.

Switching over the Webhostingpad was honestly one of the best business decision I’m made over the past few years, bar none.  I guess maybe we got fleeced by our old web host, but our prices came down about three times and the functionality and servers are just as good, if not better.  Customer service seems to be a dream, but to be truthful we haven’t really had to use it much as all.  That’s a good thing, right? :)

Extremely satisfied.

My partner and I have been with Webhostingpad for about a year and half, and although we’re not experts in the industry (not technical people) we believe that nobody in this marketplace is better.  This company helped us get out online lead generation operation running smoothly, and while we thought this arm of the business might only account for something like 30 percent of sales, it turns out to be more like 50 percent.  All hail the internet age!!”

webhostingpad reviews - 5 stars, highest rating

Totally solid..

When I was first looking for hosting (a couple of years ago)…I did a ton of research, enough to wear myself out, in fact, I pretty much overkilled it, but it all worked out because I found webhostingpad.  I thought they had great pricing, which they obviously do!  But, also it seemed like they wouldn’t be some cheapo option that would suck, that’s what I was thinking.  And I was right.  I tested them out to, I opened up a sales ticket and saw how fast they responded, it was like around twenty minutes…I was sold.  I transferred over the domains I was hosting on Hostmonster, which were from way back when, not that I hated Hostmonster, just wanted to try something new.  Anyway, my sites load fast and are always up, no problems.  I like.”

web hosting reviews - webhostingpad - 4 stars

Thanks for help with the domain transfer…

Ok guys, I signed up with this company around one month ago.  Definitely had some troubles transferring my site over to Webhostingpad from iPower (not a fan of them AT ALL)…if you’ve used them, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?  A guy from Webhostingpad named Scott gave me a ring and was very helpful indeed, he got the transfer situation all worked out, no problem.  I just really love this company now, and I can get ahold of them pretty much anytime that I need to.  It’s awesome.  Thanks guys!”

web hosts

Didn’t like the uptime with the shared hosting…

You get what you pay for, these guys are cheap and you don’t get crap.  There uptime guarantee is total BS, my sites were down all the time, seriously.  They were probably down more than they were up, don’t get my started, not happy with the uptime at all!  I have had problems on almost every shared hosting account that I have ever bought, which means that shared hosting will probably have problems with uptime…well, they should tell you that upfront!  Is that too much to ask.  I’m upgrading all my hosting to VPS immediately, I’ll pay for quality uptime, I don’t know if I’ll stick with Webhostingpad, I will probably have to give another company a chance again, transfers are pretty easy, so what the hell.  If they have good uptime on their VPS I will stay, maybe I will give them a try…we’ll see.”

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With all the positive WebHostingPad reviews it is no wonder they have hopped so far up our list.  There is the occasional WebHostingPad review that is not perfect, but this is to be expected from time to time.  If you want to use this company just click on one of the links above to take advantage of one of the WebHostingPad coupons or, check out our Top 10 Web Host Picks for 2011 and choose a different company.

188 Responses to “An Honest WebHostingPad Review of Their Services”

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  1. 188
    Jane Belen Says:

    Certainly the best in the business! WebHostingPad is the top number one web host you can work with. The key element here is consistency: WebHostingPad’s services are number one every day. Every minute of every day you will get the best. This is why I highly recommend that you go with WebHostingPad if you need a new web host.

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  2. 187
    Jolanta Says:

    Since making the move to Web hosting pad I’ve received nothing short of the best web hosting services from their team. After having a very bad experience with uncaring and often unavailable support from another cheap web host it is refreshing to be with Web hosting pad for three websites that I own. If you’re not satisfied with your current hosting arrangement I would urge you very strongly to make the move to Web hosting pad. You won’t regret this at all!

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  3. 186
    Daniel Savard Says:

    To give my honest comments about the WebhostingPad service, I will tell you that I remember one server issue where the servers were undergoing maintenance and had to be taken offline for about an hour. I was quite new to web hosting at that time so I didn’t really understand fully that web hosts occasionally have to do maintenance and that it may cause small disruptions. Now I know that and even YouTube or Facebook sometimes go down for half an hour or so even if they’re hosted on the most state of the art equipment managed by hundreds of professionals around the clock. My other comment is about their support service reps. I had questions about getting Drupal working on my service with WebhostingPad. The agent Gabriel from technical support answered my email in less than an hour and offered to follow up on the issue to make sure my service would work completely. So if any of you are really in search of a professional quality web host at the price of the cheapest web host you can locate I say go with WebhostingPad. You won’t regret your decision. I know I didn’t regret mine.

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  4. 185
    Matt Says:

    Web Hosting Pad is an honest and very high quality web host. I asked some detailed questions about what the limits were in terms of database size, number of tables and total inodes in one account. All of my questions were answered honestly and rapidly. This is much better service than the other hosting companies I’ve been dealing with in the past, as I’ve been lied to by many web hosting providers who kept insisting that their services were all unlimited all the time, but as soon as I put more than 2 websites under the account they kicked me out saying I used too much of their resources. Good to see that this isn’t the way that Web Hosting Pad works. At such a low price, they’re quite simply an excellent host and the very best I’ve done business with so far.

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  5. 184
    Arthur Says:

    I don’t remember having any important problems with WebhostingPad at all, except one small billing problem. I forgot to update the credit card that they had on file so my account got suspended as I didn’t pay too much attention to the email I gave for billing. Had some trouble logging into my account to fix the billing info and needed to contact their support. The log in info was reset in a few minutes and I was able to get my website back up and working in under an hour. This simply means that they have great support at WebhostingPad. Everything was quick to be done and the instructions provided were accurate.

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  6. 183
    Alberto Di Pietro Says:

    WebhostingPad does a good job generally. There are a few things about them that get quite annoying though. Most of it is during the sign up process. They try to get you to sign up for many services that are costing extra like a backup, directory listing, private domain and more stuff. Then when I tried to sign up it sent me to another page where they tried to sell me even more things. I was about to just close the whole thing and go somewhere else to be honest. They also have plenty of ads in their control panel. This kind of reminds me of Godaddy and it really gets annoying. I just want to use my web hosting service and not get solicited to buy more and more and more and more things. I understand that this is business and they want to make more money from their clients but there’s a limit somewhere. The reason that I’m staying with them is because of their server quality. For a cheap web host at $2 per month their hosting service is very good. When I called technical support once at night, I was also answered immediately by a gentleman that spoke perfect English and understood all the questions before resolving the problem I got with some of my files not uploading right. After speaking to him the problem went away and never returned. I recommend them because of low price and good service but please watch out what you sign up for in the beginning as you’re going to have to really be attentive so that you don’t accidentally buy something you don’t need. Trust me, this happened with another company and I had to get a lawyer to send them a letter just so I could get my money back.

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  7. 182
    Alex Gould Says:

    Webhostingpad functions extremely well for out business web hosting needs. As soon as we were done uploading all the files to their server our website was live right away without any sign of trouble. It’s now been over a year that our company is hosted here at Webhostingpad and it’s just great.

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  8. 181
    Jack Smith Says:

    Very good service was received from Webhostingpad. The rep provided good explanations on how to solve a problem with WordPress files not uploading correctly. For WordPress hosting and blog hosting of all types they’re the host to go to. The blog I built is live since 2010 and is going good.

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