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The Wix Review of Hosting
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Wix Review

Wix is not a hosting company, per say. They do offer the ability to host your flash website on their free server, but this is not always the best option. Another thing you can do with Wix is connect your flash website with your domain name. Many have used Wix to design their own flash website for free and you can do the exact same thing.

This is a flash website builder and it was founded back in 2005. It is very user friendly with an intuitive drag and drop editor making it very easy to build your flash website quickly. Creating a flash website can be a very powerful thing and Wix gives you all the tools you need for free.

Not only can you create a great flash website with Wix, but you can also make sure it is set up with perfect search engine optimization. This will ensure you have the best chance to get all the traffic you need to your new website. Why not give Wix a try since the Wix review is very positive and it is free? Click below to find out more about the Wix flash website builder.

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Free or Upgrade? The Wix Review and Recommendation

Our Editor’s Choices from the Wix Review

With the Wix flash website builder you can create a fully customized website with widgets, banners, flyers, and so much more. It is a very powerful and very simple to use platform that does not even require a download. You won’t need any programming knowledge and you can literally have a website published to the World Wide Web within just a few short minutes.

All their websites are compatible with the search engines and will give you the ability to optimize for higher search engine rankings. You have the choice to use a free Wix domain or you can actually link your new flash website with your own domain name. It is always recommended to set up a website on your own domain name for better SEO.

You get hosting from Wix free of charge and you can create many different things once you have your website ready to go. Even though you can use the Wix flash website builder for free, you can also choose from one of the four premium upgrades to give you even more power and more options for your new website.

The Wix Review Upgrade Plans

There are four plans you can choose from called the Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and E-Commerce plans. The cheapest one is the Connect Domain plan and it starts as low as $4.08 per month on a yearly agreement. This plan will give you the ability to connect your domain with your flash website along with 500 MB of storage and bandwidth to host your site.

If you need more options, you can go for the Combo plan starting at $8.25 on a yearly agreement. This will give you everything the Connect Domain package offers and you won’t have to display any of the Wix branding or mobile ads on your website. You will also be given a full 1 GB of storage and bandwidth with the Combo package.

The most popular plan from Wix is the Unlimited plan starting at $12.42 per month on a yearly agreement. You will get everything the Combo plan offers, but instead of just 1 GB of storage, you get 2.5 GB of storage and you get unlimited bandwidth. This is best if you plan to see a large amount of traffic to your website.

The final plan you can choose is the E-commerce plan, which gives you everything the Unlimited plan does except you don’t get unlimited bandwidth. However, you do get a full 5 GB of bandwidth and this is the only plan that will give you access to use the shopping cart software. If you are trying to set up an online store, then this is the choice for you.

The Wix Review and Support

Every single upgraded plan is backed by premium support around the clock. They are known for having a great customer service staff and taking care of their clients. If you are looking for a way to build your website, host it, and get great support, then Wix is a good choice for your needs.

Customer Reviews (Wix Review)

Wix review - 5 star rating

“The Solution to my hosting issues…”

“When I started making different types of video games for the PC I was really just sitting around waiting for them to magically take off and become popular. I realized it wouldn’t work, so I tried to find a webhost. I didn’t know much about web design so Wix was like a little oasis. With it’s incredibly user-friendly GUI and the amount that you can add, and alter what you are putting on the page is INCREDIBLY helpful. You can make a really custom and professional looking page, in flash too, in all of no time!”

Wix review - 5 star rating

“This is the Best FREE Web Domain…”

“I have used Wix and still am and it’s the best so far. The graphics that it allows you to use are great. It does get complex at some points because it has a lot of stuff you could personalize but otherwise it’s great. You could start out with an already built designed website or a blank one. It’s free, so it’s not such a big deal to try it. I was about to use weebly, but on weebly you can’t really personalize anything as much as you want. Wix has improved much since the last time I used it and not that long actually very good, quality program!”

Wix review - 5 star rating

“I can’t figure out why people are against WIX…”

“First of all it supports flash and is seo compatible. Literally no knowledge of programming required. A simple drag n drop mechanism. I created a site for a friend within 2 hours. Everything out there has a glitch be it any other provider. The shopping cart has a few problems I experienced but apart from that it’s an Ok product.

$15.99 per month is a negotiable while keeping in mind the work that goes to put a website up so fast.

I grade it a B.”

Wix review - 5 star rating

“Pretty flash website…”

“Wix is the place that I made my web. I have a web store online to sell my product and I use wix.com to do that. Wix has a lot of good templates, and they have many templates that are very pretty. I am actually not good at making flash websites, but I am not worried, because with wix I can create my flash websites so easily, also free. But if you want to upgrade, it is a little bit expensive.

I think wix is a very good place for newbies to create a flash website.”

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Wix Review

2011-08-18 12:28:34

6 Responses to “Wix Review – The Top Free Flash Builder”

  1. 6
    Christian Says:

    I have one of my websites hosted at Wix for the last couple of months. This is a web host specialized in flash hosting. Created an interactive website with them very easily and it was published in just a couple of hours. I do admit that they can be a bit restrictive as far as bandwidth and disk space and all but this is why I also have a hosting account with GoDaddy where I keep my regular websites and just use Wix for the flash site. The website builder at Wix is very intuitive and was easy for me to use even though I’ve never built a flash website before. Sent one email to their support and was replied completely in just about an hour. If you just need any host they may not be the best solution for you. But if you see the advantage of creating your own flash website easily without coding or using complicated tools they’re worth checking out.

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  2. 5
    Mohammad Al Faysal Says:

    Wix is fine if you need a hosting platform with a built it flash builder. Not too many web hosts offer that. I was disappointed by the other web hosting companies in that their software for web building, even those that you have to pay premium for, often left a lot to be desired and produced websites that really looked like they were made in 1995. At least Wix web hosting is different. They have a much more powerful web building application. It loaded well for me even though I have a crappy computer. Site was done within 2 hours and is being hosted by them now. A big thank you goes to them for their excellent application.

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  3. 4
    Demarr Says:

    There are some elements of Wix that are excellent, but there are others I would like to see improved significantly. Yes, their web building tool is excellent. It lets you create Flash websites easily and without needing any technical knowledge of how Flash works. I did a few Flash games before, but for building a website I would rather have something automated. The prices are affordable, about $15 per month for the e-commerce plan and you can pay each month without a contract if you choose. But there are some rather severe limitations in bandwidth. First, for the e-commerce package, you only get 5Gb of data transfer per month. My site is small for now and we get about 40 visitors per day, but still it uses about 3.5 GB of bandwidth each month. So I will need to move it to a different host if I want it to support more visitors. They also don’t provide an email service. Even a simple email interface like RoundCube or Squirrel Mail would have sufficed. So they’re good if your needs are rather small. But the bandwidth limitations are really getting to me. Their hosting is indeed reliable the vast majority of the time, although I did find that loading a flash site on Wix takes longer than it would on another web hosting service. It’s just 4 or 5 seconds more, but I was able to still notice it.

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  4. 3
    Charles Millar Says:

    The Wix service has a really good flash builder tool. I’ve used it and I was satisfied. Only little problem is that it would sometimes freeze up for a few seconds when you were doing something, but maybe that’s just because I had too many tabs open in my browser at the time. But otherwise, I would give them 10 on 10. Website was built in a few hours and is now hosted with them.

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  5. 2
    Maxwell Says:

    Very cool host that’s really different from the others. If you need a multimedia flash site then Wix web hosting is the top choice. They’ve been around much longer than the rest of the flash web hosting services. For me their service is simply and purely excellent. Submitted a ticket to their support at one time and they resolved it within 2 hours. Can’t ask for anything more from them, just great.

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  6. 1
    Pablo Says:

    Wix has free flash web hosting and also a paid option. For now I’m using their free service as I’m still checking to see if my business is going to pick up. Very good interface to use and makes everything simple. Free flash hosting works extremely well without any server errors or down time. Tried making a flash site manually but it was just too tedious to do from scratch. The tools available for free download on other sites are either clumsy to use or give you a site that looks like it was made by a 6th grader. Glad there’s a good flash hosting service available like Wix!

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