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best ftp hosting companies and reviewsFTP stands for file transfer protocol, and refers to a method of moving files between a computer and a server – it can both upload and download files. When a transfer of files is considered, FTP is considered the fastest and the most secure way of making that move.  A lot of folks are looking for good FTP hosting, which means they want a web host with an easy and powerful FTP protocol.

The important fact about FTP hosting is that it allows the transfer and the sharing of very large files without any limitations regarding the size of the files. For this reason it is especially beneficial to businesses that frequently deal with large data files.

Once a webmaster creates a website, the site will need to be updated continually with different types of information and files in order to maintain and even increase the flow of traffic to it. Maintaining and increasing traffic flow to the website is the ultimate goal of every webmaster because massive traffic flow  is needed to increase the business’ bottom line.

The updating and the maintenance of the site involves the continuous transfer of data and files from the webmaster’s computer to the web hosting company’s server where the site is hosted. This transfer is made possible by the FTP process.

An easy FTP system makes things a lot easier for newbies and even veteran webmasters as well, because an easy and intuitive interface will simply save a ton of time.  Here are our picks for best FTP hosting…

The Best FTP Hosting Picks – Top 10 Hosting Narrowed Further

FTP Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Hosting Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Databases
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts

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FTP Hosting

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Name
  • Simple-to-use site builders
  • Easy online store tools
  • Blogs, photo galleries, etc
  • Legendary Support

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FTP Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Hosting Space
  • UNLIMITED Site Bandwidth
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
  • SSH Access (Secure Shell)

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FTP Hosting

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site-Building Tools
  • FREE Online Store
  • Yahoo & Facebook Marketing Credits
  • GREEN – Powered by 100% wind energy

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The best FTP hosting is an important consideration for a business and it needs to be a secure process to assure the security of all business transactions.

The FTP hosting process provides the uninterrupted transfer of files and supports all types of files including images, video files, audio files, multimedia files and many other kinds of files regardless of the size of the files being transferred.

For a business, this transfer can provide a reliable method to exchange information with business vendors and customers by means of the Internet.  FTP hosting providers will set aside free server space for the storage of information that a business needs to share with its associates as a part of its normal operation.


WebHostingPad provides a varied number of hosting features that include:

  • Unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, subdomains, MySQL databases, email forwarders, hosted domains
  • Free domain name, website builder, website marketing credits, website transfer, script library with over 50 free scripts
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Remote support available
  • Remote computer administration
  • Assistance with File transfer
  • SSH access
  • SSL certificate
  • Remote hands-on support
  • High Secure connection
  • Hosting fees as low as $1.99/month based on a 5 year contract, or $4.45/month for a year hosting
  • Award winning cPanel control panel
  • Log files and site stats
  • Spam protection
  • Weekly backups
  • Four OC-48 fast connections
  • 24/7/365 security monitoring
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • 99.9% uptime server guarantee
  • eCommerce shopping carts and encryption

What to Look For In Your FTP Hosting(Best FTP Hosting)

  • Regular server backup
  • Web based File Manager
  • Control panel for FTP  site management
  • FTP  Software support
  • Fast uploading and downloading of files
  • Remote administration and 24/7/365 technical support
  • Unlimited online storage space
  • Secure transfers using tools such as  SSH, SSL, and others
  • Money back guarantee
  • Acceptable uptime server guarantee
  • Competitive pricing of FTP  hosting package

Issues with FTP Hosting (FTP Hosting)

  • Security – Security is of the utmost importance with the transfer of business files to its customers and vendors.
  • Although the FTP process provides an easy way to make file transfers, it is done with the knowledge of possible security issues present in the system.  Most of the files and data being transferred are done in a text format that renders the information vulnerable to intruders. This could create a problem if the  unauthorized visitors are hackers. A hacker would repeatedly access the transfer process until he could gain access to the site’ profile, at which time he may attack it.
  • To prevent this from happening, the use of logins will safeguard the FTP process and will prevent unauthorized entry. The system could grant access only from specific IP addresses and also to specific users of the system.
  • Security measures are enabled by setting up a secure FTP account for authorized users whose access is controlled with a user name and password.
  • Each business will be allocated a specific account on the FTP site and the business has the option of creating additional unique ids and passwords for access to different folders and files on the site.
  • File sizes – With adequate file transfers the need to break up large files into many smaller files and then attempt to send them through an email communication is no longer necessary.
  • FTP hosting services will resolve that problem and allow you to send large files with no problem over the Internet. The sizes of the files allowed will however be based on the amount of space allocated on the FTP server, so that space must be adequate to the business’ needs.
  • File types – Files of many different file types can be easily sent through FTP. A common problem faced when uploading or downloading files, is the difficulty encountered with large multimedia files.
  • Businesses involved in the creation of online media will have a very difficult time if they should attempt to send such files electronically. Sending such data through the mail is not a good option because of the high cost involved – since they would have to transfer the data to many discs and then mail all to another city location.
  • Again attempting to transfer such files through email is problematic, but the FTP process handles the transfer with no problem. Files varying from simple text format to audio, graphic images to large visual presentation files are all handled efficiently.
  • FTP Hosting Account – With an FTP hosting account a webmaster would also need access in the form of a login id provided by the hosting company – this includes the URL or IP address, a username and a password. Also needed is a third party application, known as an FTP client, before he can access the server on which his site is built. There are many such clients freely available online and Filezilla is an example of one such client that can be used.
  • With this information and access at hand, it would now be possible to access the files from a computer and be able to upload them to your website. The cost of this process is essentially free when compared to the cost of sending files through the mail in the form of discs.
  • The use of FTP hosting service is a secure, efficient and affordable service for many users. It provides the best option available for the transferring of files over the Internet because it is efficient and also because of the built-in security measures. T he best FTP hosting services today will provide an affordable fast and secure service at an affordable price.


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