Finding a Top ColdFusion Web Hosting Company

best coldfusion hostingColdfusion, for those of you who may not know is a full enterprise level integration scripting language with extremely rich internet applications.  It has its own scripting language that is both similar to html and different from it at the same time.  It is a more advanced coding language that can perform functions much like php, asp, and jsp but is its own separate language.

A lot of web developers like the power and flexibility of Coldfusion technology, and it has certain advantages over other website development applications.  There are certain specific web hosts who specialize in working with Coldfusion as the servers must have certain capabilities in order to perform up to par.

Coldfusion was first written in 1995 as a way to integrate html pages with a database in a simple and powerful way.  It worked so well that it was updated the following year, becoming its own scripting language.  Over the next fifteen years many upgrades to the application have been made making it a powerful software application.

Our Favorite Choices for Coldfusion Hosts

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Especially Suited To Ecommerce Websites

Since Coldfusion is a language that allows for extremely rich media and so much server side manipulation, its perfect for large ecommerce sites.

People who want to buy something online prefer lots of images and interactivity on a website, which this markup language excels at.  Flash media and special customized “widgets” can be used to stunning effect, making buyers buy.

Anyone getting started in the world of ecommerce should consider hiring a Coldfusion programmer and some Coldfusion hosting, as it is an excellent fit.

The problem in the past has been the lack of true players in the Coldfusion arena, but that is slowly changing.  There have been a lot of fly by night web host companies that have entered the business only to shut down within a year.  Going with a lesser known and lesser established web hosting company for this type of hosting is a big mistake.

Thankfully, our picks are established and provide great value to their clients and customers.

When considering ColdFusion hosting, you should ensure that the hosting company you select will provide the means to maintain a high level of uptime for your site. In this way your site will always be accessible, and also the host must provide all amenities needed for its application development tasks.

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The web hosting company considered must have the ability to support ColdFusion’s creation of dynamic webpages. The host should supply database support that would meet the software’s needs. It is important to know which edition (Enterprise of Standard) of the software is installed on the host, and that your planned set up will not be at odds with the host. Does the host provide upgrades to the software or is it expected that the client should?

As time passes and the resource needs of the business changes, will there be adequate upgrade options for the business to select from. You must look at changes that may need to be made in the future, and those changes must be easily satisfied by the host you select.

The ability of the host to provide 24/7/365 technical support to its clients is an important feature that the company you select should have in its plans. The highest level of support should be present, where the support team is readily available by telephone, by email and by chat session. This is a critical consideration that will ensure that you site remains accessible at all times, otherwise customers will not gain access and that will affect the bottom line negatively.

The price that is charged for hosting should not be the main consideration when selecting a hosting company. Although a cheap rate will save you money in the long run, you may end up paying heavily because of the lack of all the proper resources and features that may not be available to the client. The important approach is to choose the best balance of price, support and functionality offered by the host.

Adobe Takes Coldfusion Over

Since 2005 Adobe is the vendor of all Coldfusion products and applications.  2010 saw the coming of Adobe Coldfusion Builder 1.0 making the language even simpler and easier to use for programmers and developers.  So, there is bound to be a spike in application usage with this well needed improvement.

Some advantages to using Coldfusion are client side graphing and reporting which can be customized to fit very specific parameters; server clustering can be used which is good for performance and spikes in traffic.  Task scheduling can be implemented so that daily and weekly tasks can be scheduled in advance, running without any human interaction.

The database interaction and access is very easy to use and manipulate, which is a large part of running a website on the server side.  The GUI is easy and intuitive to use and client side coding can be highly customized, offering flexibility to the developer and the website owner.

We see a large demand for Coldfusion web hosting moving forward into the next five or ten years, and we believe that our picks will emerge as power players because they have the expertise and the capital to compete and flourish.

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