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It is easy to be a web hosting reseller as long as you understand what is involved in the job description. If you are interested in being a web hosting reseller, you will need to purchase bulk internet space from a large server company and then resell smaller amounts of space to other companies in need of space for their own websites.

Starting A Cheap Web Hosting Reseller Business

When starting a cheap web hosting reseller business, begin by considering several web hosting firms and who of these companies can offer the best deal. This research will also offer you valuable information in regards to other companies’ business practices, which can help you choose your target market. Create a name for your web hosting reseller business that makes clear the services you offer, along with a domain name, which needs to be registered with a domain provider.

After completing these tasks, continue to the legal formalities that are necessary to start a business. Next, after registering the name of your web hosting reseller business with the Secretary of State in your state, you will need to open a designated bank account for your business. At this point, you may also consider incorporating your business.

After taking these steps, next you should choose and make contact with the hosting provider of the space you want to resell. Hosting your own website with the chosen company is a great idea that many web hosting reseller companies don’t think of, and by doing so you learn much about how the company operates and the level of quality in their services.

Taking Your Web Hosting Reseller Business To Market

The last thing to do is to begin attracting companies to your site by taking your new web hosting reseller business’s website live. As important as the other steps of this process are, perhaps the most important is the creation of your website as this is what will ideally allow for ease of signing up for business, as well as build confidence in your prospective clients in regards to the web hosting reseller services you offer.

Starting A Web Hosting Reseller Company


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