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  1. First, buy WordPress website hosting from BlueHost or HostMonster
  2. Sign in to your CPANEL hosting account
  3. Once in CPANEL find the icon entitled “Simple Scripts” and click on it
  4. Find “WordPress” and click on it
  5. Find “Install Now” and click on it
  6. Instructions will be given for you to follow
  7. After WordPress is on your system, you will be able to download one of several wordpress themes at no charge
  8. Sign into WordPress using your administration account and change what you want Best WordPress Hosting Service:

You will be able to host a WordPress site for just $3.95 each month. For those of you searching for the WordPress website hosting product, we recommend you go to one of these hosting sites.

The first is HostMonster.

You might be wondering exactly WordPress is.

WordPress.org wrote this definition to aid users.

In 2003, WordPress initially debuted with under 20 users who were employing a product with a single bit of code to greatly upgrade the typography of normal writing. Soon after, it began to develop into what is now the biggest self-hosted writing instrument on the face of the planet. It is used by thousands of websites and is viewed by millions of Internet users on a daily basis.

Because WordPress is available to anyone, a great number of users are developing it at any given time. (commercial platforms don’t have this many people working on them). Because it is an Open Source product, you are able to employ it at no charge to develop any kind of website you desire.

Here is a suggestion from the editor: WordPress is an ideal product for those of you who want to develop a professional looking site but do not want to shell out a bunch of cash on web hosting products. You might also be interested in our instructions on installing WordPress.

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