The Top Dedicated Web Hosting For You

best dedicated hosting -- dedicated hostingDedicated hosting is often thought of as the grand-daddy of web hosting packages. In addition, it most certainly is that, but you pay for it. This type of web hosting package is only for a select few big players in most industries. Most folks can get along with shared hosting, VPS, or perhaps cloud, which are all traditionally cheaper web hosting options.

However, when you’ve got a high end, complex business (and website) or very large ecommerce site, eventually you’re going to need to bite the bullet and go for dedicated hosting, but in the end it’s worth it.

There is no web hosting plan that provides more raw power, resources, security, and reliability than a dedicated server.

What is Dedicated Website Hosting?

In dedicated hosting, the entire hosting account is given the use of the entire server. As already mentioned, it is the top of the line in web hosting and is the exact opposite of what happens in the more common and popular shared hosting plan, where a number of different hosting accounts are sharing the space and resources of one server.

Having other websites share the same server and resources as your website, can present itself with many disadvantages. One major disadvantage is the fact that all the websites on the same server will share the same IP address, so if one of these websites should become de-indexed, for any reason, the other websites on the same server will suffer the same fate.

Also, should your website be located on the same server as porn or spam websites, your site by association could suffer the same boycott they may experience by the search engines, because the search engines show its displeasure by blocking an entire IP address.

These are quite severe risks to have to face as a result of sharing a server with other websites, but the risks are real, and they are not experienced by dedicated hosting plans. What this comes down to is the ability to control your own environment and that results in a more reliable, stable and secure server space to operate your website.

Dedicated servers are definitely more expensive that the much cheaper shared hosting, but they have a unique IP address, they provide faster load times for the website, and a much better experience for its customers.

The Best Dedicated Hosting Companies for 2013

Host Gator (#1 Top Hosting Pick!)

best dedicated hosting
  • Price $174/month
  • Setup Fees None
  • Contracts None
  • cPanel Windows, Linux
  • Plesk Included
  • Support (24/7 telephone support)
  • Servers Reliable and Fast

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best managed hosting
  • Price $199/month
  • Monitoring Sonar
  • Server Secures Ultra
  • Support Heroic
  • Data Centers Multiple
  • Best Service In Industry

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What Is The General Cost Of Dedicated Hosting? (Cost – Dedicated Hosting)

Well, it’s going to cost you. But, if you need a dedicated server for your site or sites it’s so worth it. Many dedicated hosting packages cost from around $150 to $200 per month. Which is a big jump from shared hosting, right? Huge jump.

But, these web hosting packages are for big players. We would say, if you’re web site or sites are pulling down 10K or more per month in revenue, well, it might be time for a dedicated server.

Custom Scripts

Just very quickly, we’d like to point out that complex and customized scripts will run much better and you will have much more control on a dedicated server. Yes, we realize a lot of you know that already, but we are here to inform a wide variety of folks.

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Many large businesses will utilize proprietary software and customized scripts they will only be able to run in their own dedicated space. For this reason a dedicated server will allow the business the space it needs for the running of its proprietary scripts – needed for the proper operation of its websites.

Dedicated Servers — Protect Your Assets

A dedicated hosting plan protects your vital internet assets from down time and security hazards, and as we all know those are a webmaster’s worst nightmare. Even just an hour or down time during a critical time of the day (let’s say the hour right after dinner, or right before bed) could cost a website hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue.

For those of you who are are ready to step up to a “dedi“, we probably don’t have to prove to you the merits of these types of web hosting package and plan deals. But, allow us to give you a quick word of warning. And, no, we are not trying to steer you towards any one web host (that would be bad netiquette)…but, the fact is that you do get what you pay for in this world. Buying cheap dedicated hosting can be a big mistake.

As always, the trick is to find a good overall price and value. There are a few great options out there for you. Our top 10 web hosting picks above are a few.

Managed Or Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting?

Where dedicated hosting is concerned, there are two options, managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. When business opts for the unmanaged category of dedicated hosting, that business will be provided with the basic services such as the installation of the operating system, and the maintenance of the server hardware, but it will be fully responsible for the installation of its security tools and their maintenance and update, as well as the installation of all application software and its updates and their patches applications.

Getting Managed hosting is the bomb. All you have to worry about is the site’s content and kicking some booty…no hassles. Does it cost a little more? Eh…not much, and we feel it’s worth it to most of our visitors. Focus on your core business not your web hosting!

However, if you’re a techie or you have a techie on your staff and you feel like you’re golden, then perhaps Unmanaged hosting is the way to go. If you like control, and we know some people do (we won’t name names) then definitely go the Unmanaged route.

Remember, dedicated hosting is only for big sites, you’ll know when you need one. If, in fact, your business is big enough to require a dedicated server, the benefits of having a dedicated server will by far outweigh the cost of acquiring one.

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