Best Shared Hosting – 2011 – Top Hosting Picks

best shared hosting for beginnersThe shared web hosting option is the ideal and affordable solution especially for webmasters looking to start their first small businesses, but it is also suitable for a variety of different businesses.  This type of hosting is the most sought after for a wide variety of business and personal uses. In shared hosting a number of different websites are hosted on the same server and they all share the features and the resources of that server.

Why is it so popular?  Well, for one reason — it’s cheap, it’s the cheapest web hosting that a person can buy, with the exception of free hosting, which is garbage.

And for many people, this type of hosting is sufficient, however, for others shared hosting isn’t going to cut it, larger sites, and more commercial site or even multiple sites will often outgrow shared hosting packages.  But, that’s another story, these are our shared hosting picks.

The Best Shared Hosting Pick for 2011 (PacificHost #1)

Shared Hosting

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Name
  • Simple-to-use site builders
  • Easy online store tools
  • Blogs, photo galleries, etc
  • Legendary Support

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Shared Hosting
Pacific Host
Pacific Host

  • FREE Site Builder
  • Tons of Great Scripts
  • FREE Transfers
  • Awesome Shared Hosting
  • Very CHEAP, Good Hosting


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Shared Hosting
InMotion Hosting
InMotion Hosting

  • Top Technical Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Easy to use and Feature Rich
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Green Hosting
  • Top Business Hosting

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Shared Hosting

  • UNLIMITED Hosting Space
  • UNLIMITED Site Bandwidth
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
  • SSH Access (Secure Shell)

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On a shared host,  several accounts are located on the same server and the clients share the resources of CPU, bandwidth and disk space with others for a nominal monthly hosting fee. The web host is responsible for monitoring, maintaining and supporting the server. This leaves the website owner or the webmaster the time to manage the tasks of the website and to plan for its development and growth.

Best Shared Hosting – Pacific Host – Specifics

New to web hosting, PacificHost has 2.5 million hosted domains since 1996, and is growing very fast. It’s a Linux based platform and its unlimited plan offers unlimited add-on domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and free domain at sign up, all for a hosting fee of $6.99 monthly.

Cost Effectiveness

PacificHost accommodates its clients by offering a variety of options to help clients new to web design get started. The award winning cPanel with a free website builder, Softaculous, is provided as well as over 175 auto installer scripts, and free assistance with installing any script.

Customer Service

Support is reachable online through chat, by email and through toll-free phone access with 24/7/365 availability.  Level 3 techs are available for escalated issues.  The ready availability of technical support is often a deal breaker for a webmaster or business owner when he is looking for a good web hosting company. This makes it possible for the website to maintain a smooth operation and to be running seamlessly well for its customers, who will always have access to it at any time of the day or night.

PacificHost also provides an extensive FAQ covering commonly asked questions for quick reference.


PacificHost utilizes the quad Opteron servers and offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and an anytime money back guarantee to its clients. The use of its LiteSpeed technology enables faster loading speeds. This up-time guarantee is vitally important for a website since any downtime will prevent customers from accessing the site and will make the site appear to be unprofessional and unable to provide for its customers. This may  turn customers away and lead to a decrease in the business’ bottom line.

Going the Extra Mile

Special assistance is given to those moving to PacificHost from another host – database transfers, account transfers and scripts transfers  are all offered totally free of charge from the old host to PacificHost. Website Migration assistance is done with just the completion of a transfer form.

Possible Issues with Shared Hosting

Limited Resources – The fact that the websites in a shared hosting plan share the resources on the server they reside on, means that they will get fewer and fewer resources for each website over time as more accounts are created on the same server.

IP Address Issues – Also, the websites will share the same IP address on the server and that could potentially cause problems. An IP address plays a critical part in the life of a website because it is by that means that it is known to its targeted visitors and also by the search engines.

If a website runs afoul of the rules and regulations of the search engines, it is possible that its IP address could be de-indexed by them, and this will also affect the other websites on the server since they share the same IP address. This is a very real and serious problem, but the efforts of hosting companies to enforce their hosting rules and regulations as well as the rules regarding the nature and quality of the content on their hosted sites, has gone a long way to prevent the problems that may arise from the sharing of an IP address between its many clients.

It is also possible for a website to become associated with other websites that may have an unsavory reputation on the Internet, simply because of the fact that they are sharing the same server and IP address.

Technical Issues – In a shared hosting plan, it may often happen that the performance and the security you receive may not be on par with that received by other hosting clients (such as the dedicated clients) of the host. It is possible to receive decreased performance and slower website loading times because of the burden of a number of websites sharing the same server.

With a limited bandwidth and pages freezing, your visitor experience may not be as optimal as any webmaster would want. Visitors to the site may become irritated and may decide to go elsewhere for their needs. A good web host will stay tuned to these issues and seek to remedy this situation as soon as possible. For hosting companies, shared web hosting is an economical use of their server space and hopefully the host you select would strive to keep it a win-win situation for both the host and his hosting clients.

Shared Hosting Solutions

PacificHost shared web hosting offers features of leading shared web hosting companies today and, in addition, several other unique features of its own. Selecting web hosting must be done after considering your site’s needs – consider PacificHost for its overall hosting features and customer friendliness.