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best virtual server hosting for more speedWhat exactly is a virtual server?  A virtual server is also known as a virtual private server or VPS and is created from a physical server that has been divided, using software, to create several virtual server machines.  It may sound complicated but it’s really not, simply realize that it gives you the power of a dedicated server for a fraction of the price.

Most webmasters will start their website hosting with the standard shared hosting plan. Especially if they are running a business, the limitations of the shared hosting plan becomes evident very soon. The business need for greater flexibility, greater customization, and for more resources becomes greater as the business grows, and generates more traffic to its website.

Switching to a VPS hosting plan will provide a more stable and reliable hosting environment for the business. Each machine so created can have its own operating system and can operate independently of the other virtual servers. The benefit of this is that the happenings on any one virtual server will not affect other virtual servers.  Each virtual server, in addition, will have its own resources separated from those of other virtual servers. These dedicated resources include bandwidth, disc space, memory and CPU.

The quantity of resources allocated to each virtual server will vary with the particular hosting plan that is selected by the hosting client. Since each virtual VPS is allocated its own CPU memory and disk space, any compromising or stealing of another’s allocated space or memory will not be possible.

The separateness of the individual virtual servers accounts for the stability that VPS hosting is able to provide, and it is what sets it apart from the traditional shared hosting plans. With the isolation that each virtual server experiences from others similar servers, you will no longer have to be concerned that the server may crash because another hosting customer is running a script in his hosting space that seriously affects the server’s operation. VPS isolates you from such unfortunate happenings.

There are a few good web hosts for VPS (Virtual Server Hosting) but we like Fatcow best.  They are our number one top 10 web hosting pick, and our best virtual server hosting pick as well.

The Best Virtual Server Hosting Picks From Top 10 Hosting Choices

Virtual Server Hosting

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Virtual Server Hosting

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Virtual Server Hosting

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Virtual Server Hosting

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Virtual Server Hosting
InMotion Hosting
InMotion Hosting

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The web host controls the hardware of the server, while the webmaster maintains the control of the operating system and the software in virtual server hosting.  A VPS system can be run on either a Windows based or a Linux based platform and that gives it a greater appeal to many people.

Because of its independence from other servers, the VPS is often regarded as a type of dedicated server that enjoys the pricing of a shared server.  If you are on shared hosting you will enjoy the benefit of upgrading to a VPS server plan where you will no longer be sharing the server with other accounts.  Also, you will be able to build as much customization as you need for the benefit of your website.

A crash on another server will not affect your website’s performance that is under a VPS plan, and your uptime will be much better since you are not impacted by other accounts on the server. The VPS system provides greater website performance as a result of the dedicated resources each virtual server enjoys.

The virtual server not only has a specific amount of RAM available to it, but it also has Burstable RAM that  can be accessed when a surge of traffic hits the site and the guaranteed RAM allotment will not suffice. In this way a sudden spike of traffic is easily handled and the website will not crash making access to it impossible.

Since with a VPS system, you have your own separate operating system, you will have the flexibility for root access to your account and to exert full control of your assigned server. If need be and you have to reboot the server from the control panel, you can do that without affecting another virtual servers.

The operating system is protected by certain security measures of the VPS server that makes it difficult to bypass. Traffic and mail security are also in force in the VPS server.

A disadvantage of a VPS lies in the fact that the webmaster will have to maintain the operating systems in all the virtual servers under his control. Each one will have to be handled separately and patches will need to be applied individually in each operating system. This can consume quite a bit of  time.

What to Look For In Your Virtual Server Hosting Plan


Fatcow provides state of the art services that include:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited POP mailboxes
  • Free domain name
  • Free website builder
  • Free Script Barn that supports WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and others
  • Free $50 social networking marketing credit
  • 24/7/365 customer support available by phone, chat session and email
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable hosting starting at $56 a year paid annually

Top Marketplace Products (Virtual Server Hosting)

  • Drag and Drop Site Builder – allows the creation of professional looking websites that even a novice can manage in just minutes.
  • SiteLock – System that recognizes all vulnerable opportunities for identity theft.
  • SSL Certificate – Protects clients’ private data by providing an encrypted connection.
  • Google $75 Marketing Credit – Provides a jump start to marketing campaigns with Google AdWords advertising.
  • Site Backup and Restore – Tools used to create backups of crucial files to prevent loss of data.
  • SEO Services – Assistance given in the creation of massive traffic using the search engines, Bing, Yahoo, Google and many others.

VPS hosting has become well established as a premier hosting solution. Much of this acclaim is because it provides almost the same functionality as a dedicated hosting plan would as well as the fact that is very affordably priced. Overall, virtual server hosting provides many hosting advantages including the ability to customize the server in whatever manner suits the website.

The many advantages of a VPS makes it good for a webmaster looking for a better alternative than shared hosting that has outlasted its usefulness. Resellers, webmasters, and businesses favor the VPS plan because the maintenance costs are low when compared to dedicated hosting, and because if provides a wide range of quality features. For them, VPS provides the upgrade they need and they pay very little more than the hosting for a shared server.

The virtual server hosting disadvantage of maintaining the operating system and providing patches is only a minor inconvenience requiring a little of your time.