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JustHost or Another Hosting Company?

Many bloggers have found a new home with JustHost, but is this a wise choice? You need to know what the right process is if you want to find the best blog hosting for your blog. This is your foundation and without the right hosting company you may be in trouble. This means you need to take the time to decide wisely about the company you are going to choose.

JustHost is a good blog hosting company and they offer many of the same features as the other blog hosting companies out there. If you decide to go with JustHost you need to make sure are you are confident in your decision. This means you have to go through a specific process of comparing hosting companies and reading reviews.

Below you are going to find a five-step method to find the right blog hosting for you. Whether it is JustHost or another hosting company this method will lead you to the right choice much faster than trying to do the research yourself.

The Blog Hosting Decision Method for JustHost and Others

Step #1 – Find 10 Top Blog Hosting Companies

The first thing you need is a few companies other than JustHost to look at. You should be shooting for ten choices and if you use the top blog hosting list on this site, you will have a head start. Once you have ten companies that you think are good choices you want to move onto step number two.

Step #2 – Cutting the List in Half

Before you go any further you are going to look at one specific aspect of each of your ten hosting choices. This is the blogging platforms they offer. If they don’t offer any or they don’t offer WordPress or Joomla for you to use, then you need to cross them off. Usually you will be able to eliminate nearly half of your list by doing this.

Step #3 – Cutting Out More Companies

JustHost should still be on your list because they do offer WordPress and Joomla, but this is not all you need. Now you need to eliminate any of the hosting companies that you cannot afford. Some will ask you to pay for more than one month of hosting up front. If you cannot afford their hosting packages it is a waste of time to even look at time.

Those that know they need a monthly fee for hosting and want to pay only monthly should look at HostGator. They are one of the few hosting companies that will actually allow you to pay on a monthly basis. Most others will at least want to you to pay for a year of hosting up front.

Step #4 – Reading Reviews

Now you should have a short list of three to five companies to start looking at. You want to read real customer reviews like the ones in the comment section under the reviews on this site. These are real people that will tell you all about their experiences with JustHost and other hosting companies.

Make sure you read a handful of these reviews because any hosting company that is actually big enough to handle your hosting will have some negative reviews, even JustHost has some. If there are many negative reviews talking about the same issues you may want to cross that hosting company off your list.

Step #5 – Testing the Support

You will find out more about a hosting company by testing their support than anything else. You should test the support of JustHost and all the other hosting companies on your list. This is the final step and after testing the support you should know which hosting company is going to provide you with the best foundation for your blog.

A Few Final Thoughts About JustHost

One of things you will notice if you look into JustHost for your hosting is they don’t offer any type of hosting other than shared hosting. This can present an issue because you may need to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting when you start to see more traffic. If you think this is going to be an issue simply don’t choose JustHost.

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