Unlimited Webhosting Plans – Why the Cons Outweigh the Pros

You’re looking to build some websites and it’s time for a new webhosting plan. You’ve found the solution – “unlimited”. What a deal! All the space you’ll ever need for a low monthly price. It must be your lucky day.

Maybe not.

It could just be that unlimited webhosting is not what you want it to be – especially if you’re looking to build a variety of web sites.

Make no mistake, unlimited webhosting is a hot seller. That’s why the webhosts love it. They understand that it’s tough to say no to all the web space you could ever need plus unlimited data transfers, all for one low monthly price. It’s perfect! Or is it?

“Perfect” might not be as ideal as you expect

The unlimited plans might actually border on imperfect when it becomes apparent that your web host needs to cut corners in order to offer the same plan to everyone. After all, the web hosting companies are in business to make a profit. Unfortunately profit can mean cutting corners in the form of less overall server space. That can mean slow loading times for your websites. Now that’s not particularly appealing!

The big guy doesn’t have your back

To the contrary, the guy with the huge, video and image laden website is actually taking up all the server space. It’s a fact – there are only so many resources. When those resources are unevenly distributed, you can end up on the short end. More specifically, your short end becomes a sudden stop. So much for site speed.

Sudden stop does not work well at all with a shopping cart. If you’re using a self hosted shopping cart, what are the chances your customer will wait for the spinner to stop? Web shoppers are looking for fast, not slow. The last thing you need is for slow sales to be the result of a slow shopping cart.

You become the big guy?

If your website content begins to overpower what you’re sharing with other customers, you’ll soon discover that “unlimited” isn’t as “unlimited” as you thought. What are the odds that you can hold onto those monthly rates if your fellow customers are complaining about speed and loading times? Chances are, your unlimited web host will side with the majority. For you, that means either limiting your sites or saying farewell to those low monthly rates. Suddenly, “unlimited” is not the bargain it appeared to be.

Kirsty LaVier is editor for Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website.

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