What is the Fantastico Cpanel and How does it Work in your Favor?

When you are going to become a blogger you will need to have the Fantastico Cpanel. This Cpanel contains two specific things that you are going to need if you want to be a top notch blogger. These are the WordPress hosting platform and the Joomla hosting platform. You only need one of these, but the Fantastico Cpanel gives you both of them and more.

These two platforms are the most important thing you can have to help you with your blogging. They are the administration area and the dashboard that you will use to make your blog function the way you want and also allow you to post to the blog. These are important functions and when you have the Fantastico Cpanel you get to choose whichever platform works best for you.

The WordPress hosting platform is probably the most popular and the major reason bloggers go with the Fantastico Cpanel. However, if you are a bit more advanced with the actual coding of the blog you will be able to do a bit more with it if you use the Joomla hosting platform. Beginners will not want to use the Joomla hosting because it is more advanced to work with.

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How do you Get the Cpanel with Fantastico for your Blogging

If you want to have the Fantastico Cpanel you are going to have to get the best blog hosting you can get. This is not a hard thing to go about getting, but you will need to do some research and some comparison in order to make sure you get your blog hosting from one of the top web hosting companies. This will ensure that you get what you really need out of your hosting.

Hosting is the foundation of your blog and without good hosting you are going to struggle to survive as a blogger. You have three options you can use for your hosting as far as the basic type and many choices when it comes to the company. Here is a bit of information about the three blog hosting choices that will give you the Fantastico Cpanel.

1. Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting option will give you the Fantastico Cpanel to use for your blogging, but it is also going to be the most expensive hosting you can find. It is great hosting and it is the most secure, fastest, and the largest amount of resources you are going to be able to get, however the price may be a bit too much for your blog hosting right now.

Basically with dedicated hosting you are going to get a server all to yourself. You can rent a server for $150 and up from a top web hosting company or you can purchase your own server for $1,500 and up. If you want to rent a dedicated server you are going to want to read the HostMonster review because they offer very good dedicated servers with the Fantastico Cpanel.

2. VPS hosting

VPS hosting is probably the option that is most popular for serious bloggers. You are not going to spend nearly as much as you do for dedicated hosting, but you can get some of the same benefits. This type of hosting gives you a partition of space on a server and this will help you with security, space, and speed.

VPS hosting starts around $5 a month for a very small partition and will go up to about $100 a month. It is very much based on the amount of space and resources you need. The good thing is you can start off very small and you can build your hosting resources as you need more space for your blog or blogs.

3. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest website hosting and where most bloggers start. This hosting is not going to give you a partition for yourself or a server for yourself either. When you get shared hosting you will share the resources of a server with many other websites and blogs. This is not an equal sharing, but instead an “all you can eat” style of sharing.

When you get shared hosting you will have the Fantastico Cpanel to work with and this is a big deal for a blogger. This will help you to get started and do more than you can do with free hosting for your blog. You will be able to get good shared hosting from $3 to $20 a month and you can read the BlueHost review to find out more about good shared hosting.

Choosing the Right Hosting Company for Your Cpanel Options for Fantastico

Those that need the Fantastico Cpanel need to get it from a top web hosting company. This means you need to know how to get the right hosting company to help you with the type of hosting you decide you can afford. This is important and you want to make sure you compare at least a few choices to help you find the best one for you.

Start by finding one of the top ten hosting company lists that you can use. Then, you want to go through all ten options and find the ones that offer the Fantastico Cpanel with the type of hosting you would like. After you do this you should have a handful of different choices for your blog hosting.

After you compare these hosting choices and read the review you will be able to find the right hosting company for you. If you are unsure of where you should start you can read the HostMonster review, the Bluehost review, and the FatCow review to get you start with choosing the right blog hosting with the Fantastico Cpanel.

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