Boost Your Wireless Router Signal For Free

Many people are not satisfied with their wireless signal and they think you cannot boost your wireless router signal for free, but they are wrong. You don’t have to go buy a better router to get a better signal if you know the different ways you can boost your signal. If you are sick of spotty connections and dropping your connection, then you need to know how you can boost your wireless router signal for free.

With a variety of products and devices in the home requiring some kind of signal to operate correctly, it’s not unusual for Wi-Fi signals to get afflicted by the sheer volume of signals diffusing our houses nowadays.

But what can be done if your Wi-Fi signal is weakened due to cell-phone and digital signals? Fortunately, there are a couple of things. The very first thing to try doing is moving your router to a central position in your house. The signal from a wireless router is projected in a circle so having it found near an exterior wall at the front of your house may be sending over 50% of the available signal out and away from your PCs and other wireless-compatible devices. If you continue to receive weakened signal coverage after moving your router, try running a broadband speed test to see precisely how snappy your connection is. It is sensible to run this type of test at various times of the day to get a precise reading. The top time for web use is dusk so if you notice that your connection is slow from 5pm till seven or 8pm, this may reveal why.

You may also change your router’s channel to determine if that’s got a positive affect on your signal. There are free tools available on the net that may scan your wireless signal channel and tell you what number of other routers close by are ready to that channel. If there are a large amount of routers employing the same channel, check the manual for your router to discover the correct way to change your router. Have you checked to determine if there’s a firmware update available for your router? Just like PC programs and operating systems, on occasion the software for routers is updated to run more effectively. Visit the site of your router manufacturer and see whether there are any updates available for your router model. Frequently these updates are just fast fixes to insignificant problem, but enhancements to connectivity aren’t unusual. Install and restart your router and you might see your wireless has considerably improved.

It is not as hard as you might think and there are many ways to go about getting a better signal. Instead of blaming your internet service providers, since it is rarely their fault, you can fix the problem yourself. Don’t waste your money on heavy-duty equipment meant for much larger buildings. Try the following few fixes for free, first.

5 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Router Signal Without It Costing Anything

Boost your wireless router signal for free

1. Update

The first thing you should always try when dealing with a router is updating it. If the router has not been updated in a while, you can update the firmware and this may be all you need to do. All you have to do is log into your router on your computer and select the option to upgrade the firmware. The router will search and see if there is a new version of firmware. If there is it will update automatically.

2. Wireless Drivers

Now, if updating the router did not boost your wireless router signal for free, then you can try updating the wireless drivers. This is also very easy to do and in many cases will fix your problem for you. Usually this is done automatically, but if you have ignored the update a few times, it could be what is causing your issue.

3. Change the Location of the Router

Another way to get a better signal is to physically move the router. This can actually be a very quick fix if you have other electronics in your home or you are living in an older building. Lead paint along with other metallic items can block the signal from getting to where you want it. Cordless phones and other electronics may also be the culprit blocking your signal. Find a place in your home where there are fewer walls in between the router and your computer. This could be the only thing you need to do to boost your wireless router signal for free.

4. Switch Channels

If you have ever had a CB radio, then you know exactly what this means. You may be getting interference on the current channel frequency you are using and it is time to find a new channel for your router. Many times routers from the same company are set up to choose the same frequency. This can cause an issue for you and you can solve this by changing the channel.

You can download a software called inSSIDer to help you with this task. You will be using the column called “channel” and you want to select the lowest traffic channel you can find. This should do the trick if nothing else works for you.

5. Don’t Laugh, but Aluminum Foil

Finally, there is another fix that is not guaranteed to work, but many have been successful with it. Sure, it may seem like a MacGyver solution, but aluminum foil can work for you. There is even a video found on YouTube that you can watch to help you boost your wireless router signal for free by covering the antenna with aluminum foil.

One Final Thought to Boost The Wireless Router Signal Cheap

If you have gone through the steps above and you have tried everything with no success, then it may be time to get a better router. However, if you have not updated your router or wireless drivers, have not physically moved it or switched channels, and your antenna is not covered in aluminum foil, then you may want to try going through the ways to boost your wireless router signal for free before you spend your hard-earned money.

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