Proper Email Encryption for Full Protection


Why Email Encryption is Important

What would happen if you wrote an email to your mother or to someone you love and you did not use email encryption? There are many details you may not want anybody to see, but the person you are writing it to. This goes for your personal life and your business life. So, who can see your email if you don’t use any form of email encryption?

Your email could be read by anybody at your internet provider that chooses to do so or anybody at the recipients internet provider. Also, those that work or use the internet between you and the person you sent it to could potentially get ahold of the email. Even though many think email encryption is only for government and big corporation this could be how your secrets get out.

You need to make sure your secrets are safe whether they are personal or business related. If you don’t encrypt your email you could have your information stolen, which could hurt your business or lead to serious embarrassment. Imagine if your competition was able to get ahold of your biggest secrets and they completely stole your ideas. This could be devastating.

How You can Protect Yourself with Email Encryption

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You can start with a software solution to your problem if you want to go with one of the easiest ways to use email encryption. PGP or Pretty Good Protection is one of the oldest and best choices for encryption. They use a 128-bit encryption and it will take out a lot of the hassle. Most of the software is automatic and once it is set up you will not have to do much else.

Another choice is to go with what is known as a client-based protection solution. This will give you the ability to actually send and receive emails that are encrypted. The best choice is Microsoft Outlook because it uses a digital ID to help protect your emails. This will give you the ability to control who is able to read your emails and who is not.

Most email providers have a way to allow you to encrypt your emails. You need to take the time to look into the options offered by your current provider to see what they can do for you. It may not be the cheapest thing to do, but remember you are buying peace of mind and knowing nobody else is reading what you are sending is a very powerful thing,

A Few Other Email Encryption Options

If you don’t use email encryption you will certainly lose some of your information, but there are other ways you can help protect the emails you send out. If you don’t want to deal with encryption you should make sure you split up your personal and public email accounts. This will help to keep you protected.

Also, make sure you don’t use any type of personal name in the email you are using for the public. This is going to be the email you use for subscriptions, forums, and other things you are not trying to protect. Your personal email should only be for a small group of friends and this means you can make it more of a personal name.

Don’t ever send any emails that contain information you don’t want the entire world to see because this could happen. Also, if you receive an email from someone you don’t know don’t open it because it could be a virus or it could be something you don’t want to deal with.

Finally, if you choose to stay unprotected and not use email encryption you need to make sure all you incoming and outgoing messages are scanned by antivirus software. This will help to keep you from getting a virus that could take down your entire computer and you will at least be protected in a small way.

The bottom line is emails are not protected and you need to be careful what you are putting out there. Anybody can potentially get a hold of your email if it is not encrypted and cause you trouble of some sort. It is recommended that you always use email encryption, but if you don’t at least follow the above security tips.

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