Freelancer Employment – The Direction Many Companies Are Taking


What is Freelancer Employment?

Freelancer employment is when a company hires an outside source to handle a task for them. This could be writing content, designing a website, helping with search engine optimization, or a number of other things. It used to be very uncommon for a company to hire outside sources, but freelancer employment is becoming very popular.

Many online companies are counting on freelancers to help out with their blogs, websites, and overall business strategies. This is usually cheaper than having someone on staff to handle the tasks because they are not considered an employee. Instead, they are a freelancer that has been hired for a job and the company does not have to provide them with benefits or any of the extras they may have to provide an actual employee.

Freelancing has also become very popular due to the economy. Many people are sitting at home collecting unemployment and are using this to survive. However, in the meantime, they are finding ways to earn money like writing online, designing websites, consulting, and do many other tasks they can handle from home.

What Freelancer Employment Means for You

Freelancer Employment

There are two sides to freelancer employment. It does not matter which side you are on there can be a very large benefit to using or becoming a freelancer. If you are a company looking to hire a few freelancers, the major benefit is you are not hiring employees. This means when the job is over you no longer have to pay them. You also don’t have to fire them because they know up front the job is going to end at some point or another.

As a company, you have quite a bit of flexibility with freelancer employment. If you hire a couple of writers for your blog you can start off with a large amount of posts and work for them, then when you are ready to cut it back you just let them know a few weeks in advance and you can cut back. This gives them time to line up other jobs to fill the void and allows you to keep your business strategies within the budget you are working with.

On the other side, as a freelancer, you have many benefits as well. You don’t have to count on one person for your pay, you can pick and choose the jobs you do, and you can get paid daily, weekly, monthly, and however you prefer. It is like your own business and you will have to file taxes on your income at the end of the year, but you can be free to work as you please.

The major reason many are becoming freelancers is because of the economy. A freelancer is free to work for anybody they want and they work the schedule they prefer. They take on projects, assign a deadline, and complete them. Typically, the client will pay half the cost up front or some type of deposit, then the rest upon delivery. As the freelancer, you can set these rules and collect however you please.

There are many skills you can market as a freelancer and get paid for. Writing, design work, consulting, speaking, making videos, search engine optimization, and many other online skills are needed. If you can find one skill you can provide, then you can become a full time freelancer.

The best part for the freelancer is you are also free to work on your own projects. If you want to you can split your time between working for others and working on your own website or blog. This means you can work on building your own income from a website or blog while you are working for others on their projects.

How to Become Involved with Freelancer Employment

Whether you are looking to hire or be hired there are a few major places you can go to find freelancers or to find work. You can start with,, and These three sites will help you to hire a freelancer or find work.

Another great way to find work is to advertise your skills and what you can provide in a top forum. If you are going to provide any skills necessary for internet marketing you can find a top internet marketing forum and place a classified ad with your skills, experience, and rates. There are many places to find freelancer employment and this is a great way to make money or outsource a task you need done.

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