Top 3 Ways Remote Access Makes Solving IT Problems Easier

With the rapid growth of remote access tools that allow users around the world to quickly take control of a computer without regard to its physical location, the life of the IT Tech Support guru has become much easier.

RealVNC, a premier provider of remote access software solutions, estimates that this is one of the fastest growing segments of software development. If you’re still rushing into the office to fix a bug in the middle of the night, convince your IT shop’s management to implement a remote access policy by explaining these benefits:

1. Saves Time and Money

Your best argument with any IT shop’s upper management is to prove that a new methodology saves not only time but money. With ever-tightening budgets, those in control are always looking for ways to trim the fat. Whether a user is experiencing a technical problem or requires a software upgrade, it’s much more efficient for the repair technician to connect to the problem machine to provide an immediate solution.

Not only does this save time for at least two employees, it also increases job satisfaction and reduces frustration levels. If the number of man-hours saved by the effective use of a remote access tool were totaled over the course of just one month, most IT shops would more than make up for the initial software cost. Just imagine how much could be saved in a year!

2. Eliminates the Need to Travel

If your IT department is responsible for supporting a distributed network of locations that span the country or even the globe, travel expenses can quickly affect your company’s bottom line. Whether you’re spending a fortune on plane tickets or a lesser amount at the gas station, this is money that could easily be reallocated to projects that will attract new customers for increased revenue.

In addition to planned maintenance, remote access tools also make life easier for the support staff on a daily basis. Instead of driving into the office when you’re on call, it’s much easier for everyone if you can simply connect to a user’s computer to solve their problem from the comfort of home.

3. Removes the Language Barrier

How many times have you tried to understand a user’s computer issue, but they just don’t know the right terms to effectively communicate their dilemma. Once you take a trip over to their desk, the answer is clear with one quick glance at the screen. On the other side of the coin, you frequently run into the computer novice who doesn’t understand the simplest steps to solve a problem no matter how many times you explain it.

Usually, the problem arises because you’re just not speaking each other’s language. With remote access tools, this language barrier doesn’t quite disappear, but it becomes a much lower hurdle. There is no need to explain when you can simply connect to the user’s device and fix the problem for them. Not only is this process easier for you, it’s also easier for the user!

By saving time and money, while easing frustration levels, remote access tools make tech support easier for everyone!

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