Occupy Flash – Ending The Adobe Plug-in Tyranny


What is Occupy Flash?

We have all heard of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, and the numerous other Occupy something’s out there, but Occupy Flash? This is a bit different since it does not have nearly as much to do with the financial world and what is going on in our world right this moment. However, it is just as important and is a small step towards something better.

Finally, the Adobe Flash plug-in is falling upon harder times and this is something many wanted to see. After they announced they were going to halt the development of their mobile version of Flash they ran into Occupy Flash. This is a group that has decided to try to put an end to the Tyranny of the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Has Occupy Flash Killed the Flash Player

Occupy Flash

Adobe is a huge operation and they have many highly intelligent people working for them. Therefore, the question remains, is the Flash Player really dead because of Occupy Flash or is it simply halted for the time being. This group is certainly trying to kill it with statements like, “Flash Player is dead” and “Its time has Passed”, coming from the Occupy Flash manifesto.

Some of the reasons this group is taking on Adobe are probably personal, but they are right about many things as well. They have called the Adobe flash player a fossil, which it is, and they have stated that it is buggy, crashes quite a bit, and is always in need of security updates. None of these statements are false.

We all have experienced the irritating issues of trying to view something online and finding that we either need the Adobe Flash plug-in or we need an update for it. Our computer remind us nearly every other day about these updates we need and that can become very annoying very fast.

They are also stating this is a left over plug in from a time when unilateral corporate control of web technologies was being allowed. The biggest issue they have are with the websites that rely on Flash. These websites often have a very inconsistent experience because of the issues with Adobe Flash.

Another big issue is the fact that Flash is not available on a mobile device or on many of the tablets. With many people switching to this type of browsing it causes many issues that they simply cannot do anything about because of the monopoly Adobe has created with Flash. This is an issue and it needs to be solved.

Even though the late Steve Jobs was not part of Occupy Flash he may have started all of this before he passed. Back in 2010 he started a spat with Adobe calling them lazy and later he published a very lengthy post on Apple.com about how bad the plug-in was and what he hated about it.

What is Next for Occupy Flash?

Occupy Flash has admitted that their beef with Adobe may be irrelevant since the company abandoned the development of the mobile flash to focus on HTML 5. However, they still have a very clear goal in mind and this goal is to encourage anybody using the Flash plug-in to deactivate it on all of their computers.

Will this work? It is hard to tell because many people will get irritated with the web content they cannot see without Adobe Flash, but who knows? Occupy Flash may have something here and even if it is not a huge success any small hit will be noticed. They are certainly getting a good amount of internet news coverage and just like all the other “Occupy” groups Occupy Flash may not quit until things change for good.

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