Users to Follow to Help With Your Pinterest Addiction

Pinterest has taken the internet by storm. But with the whole Pinterest universe at your fingertips, how can you sift through the boring sections and get to the good stuff? Here are the 21 most unique users to follow to help appease your addiction.

1. Luce de Luce

This user offers over 45 boards containing great art and photography. Luce de Luce’s photography is awe-inspiring and some of the best we have seen on Pinterest.

2. Ben Silbermann

Containing nearly 100 boards, Ben Silbermann specializes in gadgets and gift ideas.

3. Jessica Colaluca

Jessica is a user that focuses on color inspiration. Having just over 40 boards, she brings out the beautiful colors in everything she posts.

4. Glitter Guide

For all of the “girly girls” out there, this user shows you how to not overdo it with certain styles.

5. Bonnie Tsang

This user shows you beautiful ways to set up your home and living quarters to give you more space and a calmer feel.

6. Evan Sharp

Focusing on architecture, Evan shows you the beauty of building. Some of the structures he posts are simply incredible.

7. Leah Dent

Making her way onto the list, Leah Dent offers the perfect amount of quirkiness to brighten up your day.

8. Style Me Pretty

If you are in the need of styling for your future wedding, look no further than Style Me Pretty. This user can help make your special day even more special than you could possibly imagine.

9. Abby Adams

Abby Adams brings you the joy of traveling without having to leave the comfort of your home, showing you beautiful places from around the globe in picture perfect fashion.

10. Christine Martinez

If you’re a dog person, then you will certainly love this user. Christine Martinez brings you a barrage of photographs featuring man, (or woman’s,) best friend.

11. Steven McGaughey

Featuring outdoor gear, Steven provides you the helpful insight on how to be both athletic and fashionable while working out.

12. Chad Syme

Showing off his artistic talents, this Pinterest user brings you his latest designs. Featuring simplistic, yet enticing graphics, Chad Syme is a user to constant check in on.

13. Jane Wang

Jane Wang provides Pinterest viewers with some of the best modern art and designs around.

14. Mike D

While specializing in no particular subject matter, Mike D still manages to bring creative and interesting content often.

15. synapse

Similar to Bonnie Tsang, synapse shows you how to open your place of living more homey and warm.

16. Paula Deen

Known around the world, Paula Deen brings some of the most mouth watering food photos to ever grace the internet.

17. n &n

This user is similar to Mike D, in that you will never know what will show up next. Keep your eyes on this interesting user.

18. sfgirlbybay *

Keeping company with Bonnie Tsang and synapse, this user gives you great tips for your home and how to make it better for cheap!

19. fitsugar

Fitsugar shows you tasty, yet incredibly healthy ways to make meals that will help keep you in shape.

20. melaniexeinalem

Having some of the best fashion advice on Pinterest, this melaniexeinalem can give you new ways to show off your style.

21. Joy Cho : Oh Joy!

Finishing off the list, this user has a simple, yet elegant, style about her that will show you the latest fashion trends.

These are just some of the users that help make Pinterest the great site it is. Be sure to check out these users for all of your Pinterest needs!

With the plethora of interesting users to follow, Pinterest proves to be a growing social community and 2012’s hottest social networking website. Get your Pinterest Invite today and start pinning!

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