Increasing The Longevity Of An SFP Module

SFP fiber modules and Cisco brand SFP Transceivers
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Cleanliness is next to godliness, and the same can be said for clean electronics. Well cared for devices typically last longer than those left collecting dust. All electronics need maintenance, especially devices used on a daily basis. When you invest thousands of dollars on a device, such as an SFP module, you’ll want to ensure the item is well cleaned and cared for. Larger computer centers use these small-form-factor devices to help transmit data, but an unclean, poorly maintained device can mean a short lifespan and an even bigger dent in your wallet.

Dust Caps

Dust caps were created to keep dust out. Every module has built-in dust caps used to ensure the receiver and transmitter remain free of dust particles that can cause contamination. The only time when a cap should be removed is right before cleaning; however, some individuals remove the caps and forget to close them, leaving a module vulnerable to dust and contamination.

Cleaning Kits

Even with dust caps, some particles manage to slip by and cause the receiver and transceiver to get contaminated. When cleaning, stay away from any dry or clean air solutions and use only approved products, such as special stick-type cleaning tools used for removing particles. All devices will need cleaning, from XFP modules to GBIC devices, and it is best to invest in a good set of cleaning solutions to eliminate dust.

Read the Manual

It may seem obvious, but hundreds of handlers of SFP devices fail to read the user manual before cleaning or removing a device. Sure, you may have cleaned transceivers before, but some devices may require special removal; for instance, Cisco compatible SFP modules may not be removed the same as one from a different company. Always read the manual before you decide to install, remove or clean the device. Failing to do so can lead to damaging the device and end up costing you a few thousand dollars to replace.

Ensure The Servers Are Well Grounded

Electrical surges do occur, and a device that uses old grounding products can damage a module. Always inspect the devices used to ground a server and a transceiver to ensure that no electrical surges will cause a device to overload and break.

Caring for a device is not difficult. It just requires patience, skill and a little bit of reading to ensure your investment is well cared for. If you want to ensure the longevity of your device, take these small steps to avoid any mishaps.

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