SmartPhone Benefits for the Blogger


Why would a Blogger Need the Smartphone Benefits?

There are many smartphone benefits out there and many different phones to choose from. These are basically phones that allow you to do more than just text and call. They will help you in many ways and if you are a blogger you must have this type of phone. However, if you are not a blogger this type of cell phone can be very beneficial to you as well.

Bloggers need to be able to approve comments, connect with fans, followers, and subscribers, and upload their thoughts at an instant from anywhere they can get an internet connection. Sure this can be done with a laptop or with a tablet of some sort, but these are not always available to the blogger.

However, in the world we live in today nearly everybody is carrying some sort of cellular phone in their pocket. If what you carry is a smartphone you will be able to stay connected in many ways also long as you are getting service from your provider. This is nearly a necessity for any blogger wanting to achieve success.

The Top SmartPhone Benefits for the Blogger

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1. Email

The ability to check your email on the go is a huge benefit for any blogger. You never know when someone is going to send you an email you need to respond to very fast. This is also a great benefit for the freelancer and anybody else that might be able to accept a job through email. Plus if your internet goes down at home you can still stay connected to your email through your smartphone.

2. Internet Access

Another one of the smartphone benefits for the blogger is the ability to access the internet anywhere and anytime, with a few limitations of course. If you can get cellular service you can browse the internet, approve any blog comments, chat with those on your social media accounts, and do anything else you need to do.

3. Social Media Apps

Have you ever come up with a perfect status for Facebook or a great Tweet, but by the time you arrived home to your computer you completely forgot what is was? No more worrying about this because one of the smartphone benefits is the ability to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites right from your money.

You can send out a status update, upload pictures or videos, and do nearly anything else you would normally do from your computer. This means you never have to miss another thing and you can always share with your fans or followers what is going on.

4. Video and Picture Abilities

Nearly every smartphone will allow you to take both pictures and video. This means you can shoot a video from anywhere and share it with the people that frequent your blog. If you are a food critic you can take a picture of the meal you are about to have or if you are a video blogger you can capture anything you think should be shared right on your smartphone.

The Necessity of the SmartPhone Benefits

Anybody working from home, blogging, or trying to make a living online needs to own a smartphone. This is a tool you simply cannot go without and if you have gone without it this long you need to step into the new decade and get the access you need to the internet and your fans. Without a smartphone you are way behind.

Above are the four major smartphone benefits, but there are many more you will discover as you get used to having this tool in your pocket everywhere you go. If you want to stay connected to the world and you really want to share what is going on, then you need to have a smartphone in your pocket and all the smartphone benefits it can provide for you.

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