Have our Televisions Become Ridiculous?

What do We Really Need for Viewing our Favorite Shows?

In a world that has many different gadgets, the television remains one of the most popular. However, one question we must ask ourselves is whether or not these TVs have become a bit more than we really need. It is a keeping up with the Jones world and if your neighbor, best friend, brother, or someone else you know gets a new and improved TV, you feel like you need one too.

LG just introduced an 84-inch television, but is this really necessary or is it overboard. This specific TV is a 3D model and will give you amazing picture in HD like no other. However, how close do you sit to your TV and do you really need such a huge screen? You will find that it is not a cheap television, as they never are when they first come out, but it will still fly off the shelves.

In a world where we cannot feed and clothe millions, do we really need to waste thousands of dollars on a television? What do you need to watch your favorite shows and is it an 84-inch television? Nobody needs a huge TV; in fact, nobody really needs a TV at all. This is a luxury item that has turned into something everybody has.

Deciding Which Television is Right for You

Huge Television

Just because we have the means to buy, a huge TV does not mean that is the best use of our money. You don’t have to rush out and get this 84-inch monstrosity if you feel it is way too much for you. Instead, you can go with the right size for the room you are living in and the right one for you. The huge TVs are better off for those that are running sports bars, have a huge entertainment room, or those that don’t really know what to do with all their money.

Most people don’t need more than a 32 or 37-inch television screen. This is perfect for most rooms and many people will find this to be an upgrade from all the older televisions they have owned. Let’s face it, most of the people that own huge televisions and sit ten feet from them, don’t care about anything, but television.

If you spend hours upon hours in front of your television, then maybe you want to get an 84 inch, 3D TV and waste your life in front of it. However, if you just use your TV for a few shows, sports, news, or just a couple hours out of each day, then you don’t need to see it in a life size way. This will just be a bad way to spend your money.

3 Ways to Spend Your Money Better than on a Huge Television

If you want to spend your money in a better way, than getting a huge television, then you could do many things. Here are three ways you could actually use your money for good and benefit your own pocketbook.

1. Take out a CD

Put that same couple thousand dollars in a CD at the bank and you will have a bit more when the 6 months or year is up. Then, put it back in the CD and if you continue this for a few years, you will let your money grow.

2. Invest in Precious Metals

Silver, Gold, and Copper are very popular and they always retain their value. Many have predicted that silver and copper will skyrocket due to gold being so high. This is a safer way to invest the money you could spend on a TV that will go out of date in two years.

3. Start an online business

Instead of buying a TV that will provide you with a new addiction and will go out of style in a couple of years, you could buy hosting, invest in marketing, and build a website or blog of your own. This could help you earn money and quit your job, if that is something you desire.

There are many better ways to spend our money than on huge televisions that we only buy to show off to our friends. It is not like they could not own one if they wanted and you didn’t go out and hunt it down. It was made, put in a store, and you simply shelled out a huge price to watch TV in a life sized fashion.

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