Which Top Web Hosts are Using the Cloud?


Using the Cloud – Good or Bad?

When you are searching for hosting and you find out a hosting company is using the cloud it is necessary to know if this is a good thing or not. Many web hosting companies are going this way because cloud hosting is very popular and has many benefits. Below you are going to find a few of the top hosting choices using the cloud.

Before we look at these top hosting choices you have to understand these are not as easy to compare as traditional hosting companies are. It is no longer as easy as looking at disk space, price, bandwidth, speed, and support. With that said these four hosting companies that are using the cloud are listed in no particular order.

The Top Web Hosting Companies Using the Cloud

using the cloud


A very long-established company with a great reputation Rackspace is using the cloud for hosting. They use more than one type of cloud technology for file storage, load balancing, and hosting. Their website has a pricing app that will allow you to track how much you are using since they do charge hourly for cloud hosting. Plus they also have many iToys you can use to maintain your account, a pay-per-use utility pricing structure, and a bootable rescue.


GoGrid is best known for offering quite a few cloud hosting services. The best part is even with more services to offer than the other choices they make all the services very easy to understand. They even have hybrid accounts that allow you to use traditional hosting while using the cloud hosting.

One of the best parts about GoGrid are the preset packages making it easier for you to understand how much money you are spending. They also feature many add-ons for all the different account types. Even if you need a 16-core CPU cloud you can get it with GoGrid.


TerreMark, like many other hosting companies using the cloud, charge by the hour. This always makes it hard to understand what the price is going to be when you are done using the cloud. They pull from a communal group of resources and they understand that use users can change quite a bit when it comes to using the cloud.

Their packages are very customizable and they offer a total of 450 operation system variants you can use. Their service is considered to be one of the more powerful choices and they are also getting a reputation as being one of the least expensive choices using the cloud.


StratoGen will actually quote you a price when you apply for their services. This has been seen in the past as a bit of a scam, but with StratoGen this is simply not the case. They go into quite a bit of detail about the technical benefits of the VMware vSphere 4.1 cloud technology they use and they offer four levels of hosting. You can get fully managed or completely unmanaged hosting with StratoGen and they have many ways to make their packages custom fit to the user’s needs.

Is Using the Cloud Taking Over the Hosting World?

It is hard to say that using the cloud is taking over the hosting world, but it is the new buzz. This is becoming very popular for sharing documents, saving files, and for many more tasks. Apple as even started to include a cloud for all iPad and iPhone users with upgrade for more space, if necessary.

If you don’t know about cloud hosting yet, you should educate yourself. This may be the benefit you need for your company to make things easier for everybody involved. The best way to education yourself about cloud hosting is to take a closer look at the four companies above using the cloud.

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