Benefiting by Joining the Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

The best affiliate marketing forums online play a big role in providing an arena for affiliate marketers to keep abreast of the fast changing trends in this online arena.

It is a place for education and profit as well as a place they can search out advice, look for suggestions and interact and joint venture with their peers.

A great deal of information is shared in these forums, and the biggest names in the industry have not only been groomed by their influence, but they often frequent them to give the benefit of their knowledge and experience. But, in addition to providing a place to network and grow, these forums also provide a great marketplace for the forum members to develop and sell their products.

Careers are launched from these forums and hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands as marketers sell their products and services.

Three of the Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

  • – This forum was founded and is run by Allan Gardyne who himself has been earning his living from affiliate marketing since 1998. The site is quite enormous and provides caters to the different levels of marketers who visit – beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketer.
  • Allan keeps the site up to date and he is particularly good at highlighting the trends in the industry and archiving threads so that they will still be available to all.
  • The site provides instructions and advice for beginners, information on affiliate programs and marketing in general, discussions on generating income, website creation and maintenance, blogs and blogging, and marketing strategies.
  • Members of this forum are able to ask each other for assistance and criticism on their projects as well as share their success stories to inspire others.
  • The Warrior Forum – Founded and run by Allen Says, this is by far the largest and the top affiliate marketing forum online. It consists of over 300,000 members and at any time of the day and night you will find thousands of members active on the site.
  • Many careers have been made and continue to be made on this forum, as many of its members make for themselves a full time income selling their products and services.
  • The Warrior Forum is a very active place and consists of several forums in one. It includes such areas as a main internet and marketing discussion forum; a special offers forum where marketers sell their products to others; a warrior services forum – where writing, video creation, article submission services, among other services are offered and ordered.
  • There is an ad networks forum to discuss CPA, CPM, CPL issues; a copywriting forum; an AdSense, PPC, SEO discussions forums; an IM product review forum; a website design forum; a forum for local meetings of marketers, for mastermind groups and also to discuss forum events. These are just some of the mini forums within the main forum.
  • NetProfitsToday – This site was created by Rosalind Gardner in 2004 to accompany her very popular ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ which made for her more than $436,000 in just one year as an affiliate marketer.
  • Rosalind created the site, a newsletter and a blog as a way for her to help affiliate marketers and to keep them up to date on the changes that were occurring in the industry.  Her blog states that her aim is ’helping real people make real money online’.
  • It provides ‘how to’ tutorials on the skills and strategy that are commonly practiced in internet marketing such as building blogs and websites, driving traffic,  creating content, doing market research, making money and tips for success. Product reviews and training are also provided on her forum.

These sites are some of the very best affiliate marketing forums available online. Marketers can learn from them and grow their businesses with the knowledge and guidance they provide. They are run and moderated by some of the most successful marketers in the industry.

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